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Welcome to the DH Marketing Conference 2010 Elaine Walsh E Comm International, Inc.

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1 Welcome to the DH Marketing Conference 2010 Elaine Walsh E Comm International, Inc.

2 “Six Secrets from Mark Twain and Apple That Will Put Money in Your Paycheck and Increase Sales”

3 “Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth and I’ll believe. Tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever. “ Indian Proverb

4 Storytelling in business It’s not your average “once upon a time”

5 Not this kind of story telling…

6 Nor this… “Let me tell you what an amazing product we have, how it works and all about our founders!”

7 Not this… In this case study, we will examine how the installation of the XPS-2800L improved through-put time 52.6% and maximized performance parameters while retaining cost-benefit ratios that are 42.8% more favorable, when compared to the XPS- 2700M, and 42.1% improved over the XPS- 2600K (9405 model only, modified for U.S. standards) and significantly (60.2%)…

8 Not this kind of story telling…

9 Not even this…

10 Or even this…. (Although this is very intriguing, isn’t it?)

11 Energize Lead Market Sell Brand

12 …provoking …inspiring …creating new ways of thinking

13 b 1. What is it? 2. Why it works 3. How to use it

14 Coca-Cola Novo-Nordisk Avaya Microsoft Apple Coors Levi Strauss Verizon AARP McDonald’s NASA GSA Southern Pacific IBM Bristol-Myers Squibb USGC Marriott Int. Wells Fargo

15 Schools Teaching Business Storytelling… Stanford Business School Harvard Business School MIT

16 1.5 Trillion URLs 175,000 One Million 1 Second 10 Seconds One Minute

17 “Seamlessly integrated…” “World’s leading provider…” “Market leader…” “Unsurpassed capabilities…”

18 According to Price Waterhouse and KPMG 60% of a company’s value is now based on “intangibles”

19 “When you’re conversing with co-workers, customers or investors, the richness and meaning of your story is what people really buy. Everybody thinks it’s the return on investment that you’re selling…but it’s really the story about ROI that an investor takes away.” Tom Durel, former CIO/SVP, Blue Cross/Blue Shield


21 “The marketplace is demanding that we burn the policy manuals and knock off the incessant memo writing; there’s just no time. It also demands we empower everyone to constantly take initiatives. It turns out that stories are a – if not the – leadership answer to both issues.” Tom Peters, “Reimagine!”

22 70% of what humans learn, in every culture, is through stories

23 “Dogs sniff each other. People tell stories.” Steve Denning, “The Secret Language of Leadership”

24 Scientific evidence proves we have three brains

25 Lizard/Reptile (Old Brain) Mammal (Lunhir/Mammalian) Intellectual (Neo Cortex/New Brain)

26 95% of our brain functioning Fight – Flight – Freeze Can’t tell imagined from real

27 Emotions, Memories, Habits Innate Know-How and Decision- Making

28 Reasoning and Rationalization

29 The mammal and the intellectual brains Represent only 5% of our brain functioning

30 We act (also, buy) on emotion Then we justify with fact

31 The brain doesn’t pay attention to boring things

32 That’s Why Emotional Words Work

33 Happy Elated Angry Exhausted Appreciated Sad Distant Proud Awed Disappointed Surprised Elated Accepted Shocked Jealous Distant Hopeful excited Committed Responsible Confident Pity Worried Remorseful Honored Stressed Timid Concerned Shocked Hopeful Disgusted Relaxed Fearful Worried Thrilled Satisfied

34 “Don’t say the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream.” Mark Twain


36 *In 40% of deaths due to drinking drivers, the drivers were illegally operating a vehicle or without a driver’s license. *Almost nine out of every 10 drivers in alcohol related collisions (87.5%) were male and 92.8% were under 25 yrs old. *In over half (58%) of all collisions involving two vehicles and fatalities, the drinking driver is uninjured or in 87% of the cases, sustains minor injuries.

37 “Everyone knows the media exaggerates” “That’s not really that bad” “Where did you get those numbers?”

38 “My big brother, Tom, had been home from Iraq for only two days and was driving to visit our grandmother, who he had not seen for 2 years. The drunk driver who struck his car had no license, was 18, with a blood alcohol level two times over the legal limit. Tom died at the scene. Tom was my hero.”

39 The Power of One

40 Please help Rufus, a homeless terrier mix puppy with 3 legs. Your gift of only $25/month will assure that Rufus gets fed and housed until he finds his new “Forever Home”

41 What happens is fact, not truth. Truth is what we think about what happens. Robert McKee “Story”

42 People buy the story that’s attached to the product, the service or your idea. They don’t buy the product, service or idea. They buy the emotion it gives them.

43 People buy meaning and emotion. Whether you’re selling soft drinks or routers, a charity or test equipment, people buy first for emotion and then justify it with fact. That’s what a brand is. Story telling.

44 The most effective messages engage the whole brain

45 The meaning of a brand is its most precious and irreplaceable asset. The brand tells the story of your company and your product and creates an emotional affinity. That affinity allows your rational arguments to be heard. Successful brands know this.

46 CreatorCraft something newWilliams-Sonoma CaregiverCare for othersAtria RulerExert controlAmerican Express JesterHave a good timeBudweiser Regular Guy/ GalBe OK as you areWendy’s LoverFind and give loveHallmark HeroAct courageouslyNike OutlawBreak the rulesHarley Davidson MagicianAffect transformationCanyon Ranch spa InnocentRetain or renew faithIvory ExplorerMaintain independenceLevi’s SageUnderstand the worldOprah’s book club

47 Two years after heart bypass surgery, 90 percent of patients do not maintain the healthier lifestyles they were urged to adopt. Given our resistance to change in the face of potential death, how can you get people in a business organization to change?

48 I’m not sure my boss will like it It’s hopeless It will never work in this department. It needs a lot more thought (or research, or study) Won’t fly Too political! It will never go over with the people upstairs We’re doing just fine as it is It’s just a fad We’ve never done it that way before We tried it and it didn’t work There’s no budget for it We have too many layers Too radical No clear mandate We just can’t take the chance I don’t have the authority It’s not my job What’s in it for me? We’ll catch flak for it Too visionary No time

49 How can storytelling be a part of leadership?

50 “The task of leaders is to simplify. You should be able to explain where you have to go in two minutes.” Jeroen Van Der Veer, Royal Dutch Shell

51 “Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal” Howard Gardner, Harvard University


53 Today we are introducing a new, ultraportable MP3 player with a 6.5 ounce design and 5 GB hard drive, complete with Apple’s legendary ease of use.

54 iPod. One thousand songs in your pocket.

55 Today, Apple reinvents the phone.

56 iPhone 3G. Twice as fast at half the price.

57 Twenty two reasons why people buy your product… And they all belong down here…. To be liked To be appreciated To be right To feel important To make money To save time To make work easier To be secure To be attractive To be sexy To be comfortable To be distinctive To be happy To have fun To gain knowledge To be healthy To gratify curiosity For convenience Out of fear Out of greed Out of guilt

58 And they are all controlled by this part of your brain To be liked To be appreciated To be right To feel important To make money To save time To make work easier To be secure To be attractive To be sexy To be comfortable To be distinctive To be happy To have fun To gain knowledge To be healthy To gratify curiosity For convenience Out of fear Out of greed Out of guilt

59 Six secrets of story telling: Easiest way to create compelling marketing messages Based on brain design & function Path to successful leadership Enables focus on the small example and the big vision Uses emotional language – best for important & ethical messages Key to navigating change


61 Your competitors, your customers, your employees, your prospects, your co- workers and your bosses all have a story about you and your organization.

62 To change anything about that, you need to take control of your story. Because it will always be the only story you truly have control over.

63 “If you’re going to have a story, have a big story, or none at all.” Joseph Campbell, Mythologist

64 “Those who tell the stories rule the world.” Plato

65 Turn your organization’s unique story into marketing that works, effective sales training and the ability to thrive in change. 520.620.0063

66 Source Material Joyce Hostyn, Experience Design “Influence Through Storytelling” “Made to Stick” by Chip & Don Heath “Why Now is the Time to Crush It” by Gary Varnerchuk “Linchpin” by Seth Godin “The Hero & the Outlaw” by Pearson/Marks “Story” by Robert McKee “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” by Carmine Gallo “Wake Me Up when the Data Is Over” by Lori Silverman “Believe Me: A Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers & Innovators” by Michael Margolis “The Copywriter’s Handbook” by Robert W. Bly “Storytelling in Projects: Transforming Project Plans Into Stories” by Andreas Munk-Madsen (University of Aalborg) and Peter Bogh Anderson (University of Aarhus)

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