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Brought to you Social Media Marketing 2013: The Secrets to Build Genuine Fans, Generate Leads and Close More Sales to Your Social Customer.

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1 Brought to you

2 Social Media Marketing 2013: The Secrets to Build Genuine Fans, Generate Leads and Close More Sales to Your Social Customer


4 Kathi Kruse Owner Nick Zulovich Moderator

5 Kathi Kruse @kathikruse Social Media Marketing The Secrets to Build Genuine Fans, Generate Leads & Close More Sales to Your Social Customer 2013

6 What, Why & How

7 Shift Happens ©Eric Miltch

8 Just let this sink in for a minute:

9 Targeted Marketing Relationship Building Self-Published Content




13 Social Media is Word of Mouth... Digitized


15 How do you buy?

16 Today’s customer doesn’t just buy what you sell. They buy WHO YOU ARE.

17 The Social Shift: Daily Operations

18 Be Where Your Customers Are

19 1.Clear objectives 2.Great design 3. Solid content strategy (what you’re going to post) 4. Promotion strategy (how you’re going to continually increase your fans/followers) 5. Engagement strategy (how you’ll respond to fans and build community) 6. Conversion strategy (how you’ll turn your fans into customers) 6 Elements of Social Media Marketing

20 The most frequently checked website on the Internet. 852 million daily logins 25% log in five times a day (Edison Research) 3.2 Billion Likes & Comments everyday!

21 Top Reasons People Like Your Page They’re already a fan in real life & want to show their affiliation Get exclusive deals & discounts Their friends like your page Your posts are engaging & highly sharable

22 “If I tell my Facebook friends about your brand, it’s not because I like your brand but rather because I like my friends.”

23 Greet Visitors Right: Timeline Cover

24 What NOT To Do

25 Cheap, Effective Facebook Ads Design Matters

26 Social Proof Ads Increase Conversions

27 Facebook Offers

28 Promoted Posts

29 Capture Leads with Landing Pages

30 Awesome Content Drives It All! Relevant Human Interested Helpful Teach, Don’t Sell Be Social

31 Successful Content Marketing Strategy Brand Discovery Answer These Questions: 1.Who are YOU? 2.Who is your CUSTOMER? 3.What is your GOAL?

32 Consistent with Brand? Self-Published Relevant Non-Auto Content Thought-Provoking Questions Cross-Promotion Sales & Service Specials Customer Loyalty/Appreciation What to Post:

33 2-3 Times/Day (Generally) Morning, Lunch & Early Evening Let the Audience Guide You When to Post Tools to Manage Your Time Google Reader Post Planner Heyo

34 Personal Branding

35 Twitter Marketing


37 Search Results

38 What are people saying about your Competitor ….or YOU?

39 Conversational Conversational Person to Person Person to Person Impactful Impactful What Twitter IS:

40 Facebook Facebook Broadcasting Tool Broadcasting Tool What Twitter is NOT:

41 Build Credibility & Trust Grow Followers Share Relevant Content Engage (Converse)

42 Branding Matters

43 Broadcasting. Infrequency.

44 Conversation Matters

45 Personal Branding

46 Leverage Tools Google Reader (URL Shortener) Hootsuite

47 Likable Expert Engagement Influence SEO Staff Participation Generate Leads Dealership Blog

48 Wordpress Best Blogging Platform: Self-Hosted Version Influence Comments Leads

49 Next Generation of Search Knowledge (not just information) Big Data….Contextualized Google Knowledge Graph

50 Catchy Headlines 250 to 500 Words High-Quality Optimized Content Frequent Updates Relevant Image/Videos Staff Participation Comments Characteristics of Successful Blog

51 Solve a Problem Customer FAQs Spotlight Local Happenings Employee Milestones Legacy Dealership Causes Video Blog What Do We Write About?

52 “In one month we saw 296% increase in traffic clicking to get a price. ”

53 Leads

54 Personal Branding

55 “If a potential customer has read 30+ pieces of your OWN content, you have an 80% better chance of closing the sale.”

56 Social Media & Your Online Reputation

57 Lives Here

58 “Used Car Nightmare”


60 Over 130,000 views Over 200 comments $7000 car Conflict Resolution Process?

61 Fallout over 2 years later? Video & Website still on Google page ONE Links on dozens of consumer sites Hundreds of articles online Reviews on Yelp & Google Customer active on Social Media sites

62 How much has that $7,000 vehicle cost them?



65 Negative Review...Positive Experience Leverage your already-existing Conflict Resolution Process

66 When to Respond You genuinely need to make amends They’re missing the facts When the review develops legs The person is angry with you, not just life When someone else reads it & is offended for you.

67 How to Respond Quick is 1 st priority Listen Remain calm Be authentic Speak like a person Promise to be better

68 Success: Social Media Success: Internal Process & Staff Participation

69 Community Manager

70 “In the future, every employee will be trained on Social Media. They'll produce content & build lasting sales relationships with the Social customer.” Kathi Kruse POADA Webinar 12/4/12

71 Be Proactive (Not Reactive) Awareness Train Engage Motivate Recognize Reward Internal Process:

72 Social Media Policy Social Media Policy Head Off Trouble

73 Subscribe: Kruse Control Blog

74 Kathi Kruse Social Media Coaching & Training 714.251.6440 Thank You! Facebook: kathikruse Twitter: @kathikruse LinkedIn: krusecontrol


76 TWO Flexible Warranty Options: Available for current model plus 5 years! 12/12,000 LW for cars with 0-100,000 miles 72/100,000 LW for cars with 0-60,000 miles (800) 628-4635

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78 Brought to you by More Information Bill Zadeits Managing Director 800-608-7500 ext. 117

79 Brought to you by


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