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Kingston Technology SSD

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1 Kingston Technology SSD
Presented by: Lance Pandrock Field Sales Account Manager Kingston Technology

2 Agenda SSD technology Kingston SSD Family of Drives
Why upgrade to solid-state (benefits) Target Market Sales & Resource Information

3 Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Originally released in 1956 and have remained relatively unchanged With recent performance gains in processors and memory, the HDD can possible be the slowest device in the chain HDDs are based on magnetic spinning platters, a technology that has been in use since the mid-1950s. The data is written to and read from these spinning platters or disks via moving heads. HDDs are mechanical devices with many moving parts, and are therefore more prone to mechanical failures and failures due to environmental conditions such as heat, cold, shock and vibration. Just like brakes in your car – the more wear and tear they take the more they get worn down. Eventually you will need to replace them – much like replacing a HDD.

4 What is SSD? Kingston SSD’s are NAND-based 2.5” form factor with SATA 3Gbit/sec interfaces Ideal performance upgrade for desktops, notebooks, workstations, and servers Kingston SSD’s are seen by your system as a standard hard drive SSD = Solid State Drive; has no moving parts In an SSD drive, the platters and heads are replaced by memory chips, similar to common USB, SD and CompactFlash products. SSDs have no moving parts; this virtually eliminates rotational latencies associated with HDDs. Also, SSDs are less susceptible to damage from environmental conditions than HDDs. SSDs are designed to be the next generation of mass market data storage, and therefore have the same form factor and utilize the same SATA connections as current generation HDDs.

5 SSDNow Highlights No Moving parts Generate less heat with no noise
Lower power consumption than traditional HDD’s Zero rotational latency – Faster than HDD! Durability - More suitable for high shock and vibration environments..Less susceptible to damage from environmental conditions

6 Power and Cooling Impact
E Series SSD 15K RPM HDD Idle 6.8W W 59.6 kWh/year 4.4 kWh/year Idle Power 85°F Active Load 10.1W W 88.5 kWh/year 7.9kWh/year Active Load Power 94°F When a high-performance hard drive is active, it gets very hot. You could actually fry eggs on the hard drive on the right. The SSD is cooler than your body temperature. Less heat, less power helps reliability of the drive as well as the server. Kingston SSDs: Less Power, Less Heat

7 Where do Kingston SSDNow drives go?
Anywhere a standard 2.5 or 3.5 inch SATA drive does Direct disk replacement for laptops, desktops, workstations and servers Server storage: JBODs, SAN , DAS, NAS Non PC computer applications Multimedia kiosks, gaming systems, data recorders….etc JBOD = Just a Bunch Of Drives

8 SSDNow Product Family SSDNow E SSDNow M Gen. II SSDNow V+ SSDNow V
Ultimate Performance Elite Performance High Performance Great Value Target market Corporate server Enterprise notebook / desktop Consumer, Prosumer, SMB and Enterprise notebook and desktop Consumer and SMB notebook and desktop Capacity 32GB and 64GB 80GB and 160GB 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB 30GB, 64GB and 128GB Read speed 250MB/sec 230MB/sec 180MB/sec (30GB), 200MB/sec (64GB, 128GB) Write speed 170MB/sec 70MB/sec (80GB), 100MB/sec (160GB) 180MB/sec 50MB/sec (30GB), 110MB/sec (64GB) 160MB/sec 128GB) Life expectancy 2 million hours MTBF* 1.2 million hours MTBF* 1 million hours MTBF* 500,000 Hours (30GB) 1 million hours MTBF* Refer to Channel Family handout for detailed info.

9 Performance and Value driven.
SSDNow V+ Series Drive Performance and Value driven. Target Market: Power users, system builders & integrators, and corporate environment customers looking for an performance class of SSD for their demanding environments. Unique Differentiator: The V+ Series create greater return on investment because of its impressive input and output operations per second (IOPS) and high Read and Write bandwidth that boost higher performance efficiency. Kingston Confidential 9

10 SSDNow V Series Drive Performance and Value driven.
Target Market: Consumers and Corporate End Users looking for performance and reliability upgrade for desktops and notebooks. Product Highlight: Sold as stand alone drives or in Desktop and Notebook bundle kits. Kingston Confidential 10

11 V Series Target Market Consumers & SMB – looking to increase the performance of their system in a cost effective way. Early adopter Enthusiast or more technically astute user who is keen to improve start up times and application loading SMB A small to medium business that needs a cost effective way to improve the efficiency and reliability of desktop or notebook systems. General ‘Home’ user Non technical user who simply wishes to have their machine boot faster and become more efficient User editing video Semi-technical user wanting to improve application loading, and video rendering or editing times. Kingston Flash Memory

12 SSDNow Bundle Kits $75.00 Value!
Kits provides users the ability to add SSD into any SATA compatible system, perfect for any power users and road warriors. The kits offer a full solution to successfully migrating all data from any existing HDD to the SSD with software and hardware provided. V Series Desktop Bundle V Series Notebook Bundle V+ & M Series Bundle V Series Desktop Bundle includes: SSDNow V Series SSD Acronis Cloning Software Step-by-Step instructions 3.5” mounting brackets & hardware V Series Notebook Bundle includes: 2.5” USB SATA enclosure

13 Just Added… 30 GB SSDNow Boot Drive
Consumer and Enterprise focused 30GB Boot Drive Speed: Read Up to 180MB/sec; Write Up to 50MB/sec Rugged and Reliable Bundled desktop upgrade kit with cloning software & 3.5” rails Also available in Twin Pack!!!

14 SSD Target Market Road Warriors
Industrial Mobility Users – Construction, Engineering and Utilities Healthcare & Science Insurance Adjusters Police, Fire and other “highly mobile” municipalities DataCenters – Using Kingston’s E Series Performance based Desktops & Workstations – Media and Gaming, Power Users Everyday Laptop and PC user will see performance enhancements with Kingston's SSD drives

15 Use Case - Field Notebooks -
XYZ Company with 900 field sales reps relying on their notebooks for their business meetings Acme Inc. repairs 2 – 5 laptops a month due to hard drive failures creating downtime for their sales reps, close to $100 in shipping fees and the IT labor to fix the failed hard drive/recover the data. ABC Telecom invests in hundreds of rugged notebooks for their field technicians to take on service calls ABC Telecom spends at least $300 per hard drive failure for data recovery and is frequently replacing failed drives. SSD Disk Replacement: Proactively switch to SSD on all notebooks. The durability of SSD will better handle an extreme field environment allowing reps to keep their “feet on the street”

16 Kingston SSD sales and support info
All drives come equipped with S.M.A.R.T. 3 year warranty and Free 24/7 Tech Support Need more Kingston SSD info? Log on to SMART is a built-in monitoring capability in hard drives and SSDs. It can send out an alert through monitoring programs to alert IT about impending failures or issues. Kingston SSDs will warn if they reach their endurance limit so they can be replaced in a normal maintenance mode, without failing.

17 Kingston SSDNow Product Marketing Information
Contact your dedicated Kingston Tech Data for SSD Marketing Information for your customers Available for all SSDNow’s E – V Series. Datasheets, Product leave behinds, Product Review pieces and Whitepapers

18 Why should you sell Kingston SSDNow?
Help your customers who are being challenged to find ways to maximize their customers hardware investments with new technology. Provide options for your customer’s existing SATA-based systems with SSD performance gains……Significant revenue and margin opportunities for you!..Not a commodity! Performance with faster boot times and faster application loads!! No moving parts….Kingston’s SSDNow generates less heat with no noise, lower power consumption than traditional hard drives. Upgrade Opportunity!!.Offer your customers the ability to upgrade executives, power users and server applications at a fraction of the price of a new system. **Can be tailored to your audience. See other options below** Why will your customers be interested in SSD? Improved System Performance means more efficiency -Increased Read/Write speeds and higher IOPS help result in improved productivity levels of your backroom and workforce Enhanced Durability -No Moving Parts means SSD can withstand greater shock and vibration - greatly reducing drive failures! -Eliminate costs of failed HDD replacement or data recovery efforts. Amazing Endurance and Reliability -Workloads of up to 3.7TB/day for 5 years. -Up to 2 million hours MTBF -Increased drive longevity reduces future IT costs and downtime Power Efficiency and Energy Savings -Lower power consumption per drive -Less drives are required in datacenters thanks to improved performance -In some cases, up to 23X ENERGY COST REDUCTION! Save Floor Space -Less drives saves valuable space requiring less energy to cool datacenters -Do More with Less! – Up to 24X SPACE REDUCTION

19 Contact your dedicated Kingston Sales Account Manager & Support Team:
Lance Pandrock – Kingston Field Sales Account Manager – Derek Krout – Tech Data PSC/Client Systems – x66347 **Please note that I have removed the MSRP’s from the slides. You can add them here for ref. but I didn’t want to put them in and cause sticker shock or have the prices change and perhaps you not be able to update your slides.**

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