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Football 3 6 Playtime divided 2x45min + injury time

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1 Football 3 6 Playtime divided 2x45min + injury time
11 players on each side (1 GK) + maximum of 7 substitutes Four referees Set pieces include: Throw in Free kick Corner kick Goal kick Penalty kick Kick off Warnings by referee: -Warning -Yellow card (2x equals red) -Red card 4 11 1 10 8 5 9 2 7 By Sampsa and Tommi The field

2 The field 18-yard box (16,5m) Half line Kick-off spot
Penalty spot (11m) 64-75 metres Goal line Corner spot Side line metres Equipment

3 Equipment Football shoes Shin pads Football socks Shorts Shirt
Gloves (GK) History

4 19 5 15 History 1930 1863 in England (The FA)
Equal rules (hacking, holding, charging, tripping at first) The ball was made of animal bladders, later on leather FIFA World Cup First host, and when? First winner? Most championships? How many times organized? All time goal scorer? 15 19 5 1930 UEFA

5 UEFA The Union des Associations Européennes de Football was established in 1954 Works under FIFA Started with 3 members of staff, now over 340 Develops unity and solidarity of European football Hosts UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League Headquarters: Nyon, Switzerland Current president: Michel Platini Liverpool F.C.

6 Liverpool F.C. Established 1892 18 league titles 7 FA Cup titles 7 League Cup titles 5 Uefa Champions League titles 3 Uefa Cup titles Stadium: Anfield Road (45 276) Biggest rivals: Chelsea, Everton, Manchester United Legends: Ian Rush (Forward, 469 Appearances, 229 Goals) Alan Hansen (Defender, 434 Appearances, 8 Goals) Bill Shankly (Manager, 3 league titles, 2 FA Cups, 1 Euro Cup) Kenny Dalglish (Forward, 355 Appearances, 118 Goals) Bob Paisley (Defender, 253 Appearances, 10 Goals) Champions League Final 2005 Liverpool – AC Milan The Quiz

7 The Quiz How many players can a team bring to a game?
How far is the penalty spot from the goal line? What makes the goalkeeper different from the other players equipmentwise? Which material were the first footballs made of? What is UEFAs purpose? When was Liverpool F.C. established? Roberto Carlos scores amazing free kick

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