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SalePoint4Us Always We Will Grow!

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1 SalePoint4Us Always We Will Grow!

2 SalePoint4Us Presents a Golden opportunity to achieve Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Security through Marketing Advertising

3 Take positive action TODAY & SECURE Your TOMORROW by working as a TEAM: Together Everyone Achieve More! We invite to join an international Business opportunity

4 SalePoint4Us Introduction:- SalePoint4Us is "A key to financial freedom" who offers Business opportunities in an untraditional way. "We do great because of our customers"… "We do great because of the flexibilities in SalePoint4Us systems"...CUSTOMERS

5 SalePoint4Us started their Marketing operation from Islamabad in year 2009. Before entering in e-commerce marketing SalePoint4Us was involved in Formal Advertisement. SalePoint4Us helps you to build a profitable home based business. Currently, there's a vast amount of interest in work at home programs, so now is the time to get in and start building your own business. In SalePoint4Us, the work you do now will provide residual income for you and your family for years to come.

6 What is Marketing

7 Marketing is a ads business….! Marketing really is a beautiful business and it is all about sales.

8 The Network Advertising industry has a very shady reputation. Many of the people you will talk to feel it is a scam.

9 How it’s possible you can earn 50000 Rs. per day How much capital for invest….! Approx you invest One Million Traditional Business In

10 You don't need a big Capital to invest in this business, to take your "First Step To Be A Millionaire" you only need to select a pakage joining with SalePoint4Us Network Advertising Business

11 Would You Like To…… Spend Your Time Doing What You Really Want To Do In LIFE ? Work At Home And Make Money Online With Your Own Home Based Business…

12 Are you ready to work hard? Do you want to work from Home? Do you want to be your own Boss? Do you want to earn Residual Income, Eliminate debt and Financial anxiety? Do you want to live your Dream Life in Reality? It is Possible !


14 Step 1 : Open The Site In Your Browser Like OlX Click post ad

15 Step 2 : Select The Category Relates To The Ad

16 Step 3 : Fill The Details Given On The Site

17 Step 4 : Check The Confirmation Mail From Site

18 Step 5 : Note The Ad Details In Your Work Report URL,AD Reference Number

19 Step 6 : You Ad Will Be Shown On Site Like This

20 Step 7 : Fill The Details Carefully For The Payment

21 Yes many people make money with SalePoint4Us, And you can too ! Its all up to YOU...

22 Real Home Base Income. Flexibility to fit your schedule. Guidance and assistance from successful leaders of our team. Work less make more opportunity. A Tested Home Based Business Idea…..! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. ( 5 day cooling-off period ) NO RISK WHATSOEVER.

23 MemberShip Packages MemberShip PackagesSalePoint4Us

24 MemberShip Plan PKR1000 /day Your Maximum Income Potential PKR7000 /week PKR365,000 /year PKR30000 /month

25 This is just an example for calculating the potential income assuming that each person who joins SalePoint4Us introduces only two people and it takes them an entire month to do so. But this is not a commitment by SalePoint4Us at any point. SalePoint4UsI does not Promise or Guarantee of any specific income or profit, but believes on! "My success depends on my own efforts"


27 MonthReferels Referel Earning Your earning +Referel Total Earnings 1130003000+3003300PKR 2260003000+6006900PKR 34120003000+120011100PKR 48240003000+240016500PKR 516480003000+480024300PKR 632960003000+960036900PKR SalePoint4Us Potential Income 7 64 192000 3000+19200 58200PKR

28 PAYMENT OPTIONS :- Telegraphic Transfer in your personal bank Account. Chques Request. Easy Paisa Signup through your Cash Bank. Fund Transfer Freedom Customer to Customer. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

29 PAYMENT OPTIONS :- MoneyBookers ( Payaza ( Liberty Reserve 6. 7. 8.

30 We are not mlm we are better than mlm! More likely, one option people consider is a "home based business" but there are many MLM home business ideas out there that promises more than they actually deliver. But not with salepoint4us system! Our advertising plan gives you the flexibility to earn an income on your own time. It gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your family, and at the same time, gives you the increased financial security you deserve. We believe we have discovered a solution that just makes sense! Not A get-rich-quick but A get-rich-sure-opportunity that offers:

31 Always We Will Grow! Always We Will Grow! Email: Email: For Help For Reports 0092-335-004-3947

32 T ogether E veryone A chieves M ore !

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