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Smart Solutions for Healthcare From. Fellowes has the answers! Problem Solution Slide.

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1 Smart Solutions for Healthcare From

2 Fellowes has the answers! Problem Solution Slide

3 Fellowes – Smart Solutions for Healthcare Commercial and High Security Shredders Affordable Workspace Ergonomics Storage Solutions

4 Be Smart - Know the Facts Privacy legislation such as HIPAA requires the healthcare industry to destroy confidential information before disposing of it Identity theft costs businesses $50 billion annually Dumpster diving is the easiest way to steal proprietary information from businesses Protect your patients! Shred confidential records!

5 Shredders

6 Legislation Breakdown LegislationTargetPurpose HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act) HealthcareTo protect patient information HIPAA HiTech Act Healthcare Requires 3rd party vendors to comply with HIPAA regulations NIST 800-88 (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Government & Healthcare Provides specific guidelines (including cut size) for the destruction of various media Non-compliance risks: Lawsuits, Fines, or State and Local charges

7 Commercial Shredders for Medical Offices 3140C Cross Cut Shredder (formerly 480C) 2326C Cross Cut Shredder (formerly C-325ci) 2127M Micro Cut Shredder (formerly MS 470ci)

8 High Security Shredders for Medical Offices HS 440 Shredder – Security Level 6 HS C-525C – High Capacity Cross Cut Shredder

9 Workspace Ergonomics

10 Smart Workspace – Affordable Ergonomic Products Fellowes offers ergonomic products that benefit: Medical office employees Patients

11 Smart Workspace – Privacy Filters Privacy Filters have two benefits: 1.For Patient – privacy protection of information 2.For Employee – ergonomic support by reducing eyestrain

12 Smart Workspace: Keyboard Managers Benefits: Adjustable height and tilt for neutral hand/wrist position Gel wrist support ensures hours of comfortable typing Reduces neck strain and shoulder tension Reduces Back Tension Designed for Fellowes® by Humanscale®

13 Smart Workspace – Desk Supports Premium Monitor Riser Desktop Copyholder with memo board Benefits: Helps reduce neck strain and shoulder tension Helps reduce eyestrain

14 Smart Protection- Exclusive to Fellowes Stop Microbes in their tracks with Fellowes® Products featuring Microban® antimicrobial protection

15 Smart Workspace – Computer Accessories Go beyond comfort with our patented Health-V™ Channel Products Benefits: Relieves wrist pressure to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome Microban® antimicrobial protection keeps product cleaner

16 Smart Workspace – Keyboards and Mice Microban® Slimline Cordless Combo Keyguard cover kit Microban® Cordless 5-button optical mouse Benefit: Keeps workspace cleaner

17 Records Storage

18 Smart Storage – Bankers Box® Bankers Box® Stor/File – End Tab Bankers Box® R-Kive – Heavy Duty

19 Smart Tools & Marketing Fellowes Website - Sell Sheets for all products Customizable Flyers Jpeg for HTML Eblast available upon request Fellowes Healthcare Brochure

20 Contact Info Fellowes Tech Data Account Manager Lexie Antonio 630.671.8462

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