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JJ Jamieson MIC Chair WECC Board Report March 2014 Webinar.

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1 JJ Jamieson MIC Chair WECC Board Report March 2014 Webinar

2 2 Voluntary Organization Composed of Industry leading Subject Matter Experts Focused on impacts of reliability issues on the markets Focused on market(s) impacts on reliability MIC Overview

3 3 o The MIC is seeking direction on:  Their role and responsibilities under the new Board  The reporting structure between the MIC and the Board Request for Clarification

4 4 o BOD will provide feedback to the MIC on its roles and responsibilities o BOD feels that “at a minimum” the BOD should provide agenda time and an opportunity for the Standing Committees to speak directly to the BOD o Jim Robb asked that the BOD consider tasking the MIC with assessing the reliability impacts of the new EIM Response from BOD

5 Ongoing Activities MIC will continue to assist in any investigation or studies, where allowed, regarding: Potential commercial impacts of unscheduled flow events Potential commercial impacts of Reliability Based Control and any associated proposed standard(s) Potential impacts of market development and implementation Ongoing monitoring of FERC 764 impacts

6 6 The MAC expressed concern that they are not getting enough “lead time” with materials that will be voted on by the BOD o Example was a decision made by the BOD today with the relevant material being supplied to the MAC yesterday WECC MAC

7 7 o Some entities still outstanding who have not provided consent to share information o Does not want to go through anymore consent processes i.e.: supports mandatory data requirements Jim Robb

8 8 o WECC has received a requirement from FERC to develop a physical security standard  Wants a 90 day turnaround on the standard  Asking for more of a process rather than a punitive standard  Expecting to have a fairly limited number of assets that will be identified and as such impacted by the standard Physical Security Standard

9 9 o WECC extended a further 1.5 million dollar loan to PEAK recently o PEAK has paid back around 1.1 million with about 1.2 million still outstanding PEAK Funding

10 10 WIRAB wants “all” information shared and feels that without it WECC cannot fulfill their mission o WIRAB wants mandatory requirements put in place o WIRAB provided no evidence that they will be considering market impacts WIRAB

11 11 o The Board is dissolving the RPIC, EDTSC, WCC o Want WREGIS to have a look at themselves and report back to the BOD in June as to how they think they should move forward  The MAC doesn’t feel that WRGIS should be a board committee o MAC wants more of a presence on the nominating committee Committee Restructuring

12 12 o Looking at employee retention  The room was having difficulties with the idea of additional compensation for employees when they are facing a 65% increase in fees Increased compensation was not specifically identified as a retention tool Employee Retention

13 13 o Focused on sharing the data that it has, not the data it is trying to get o There is a lot of pressure to make FERC and NERC force entities to provide all data “deemed necessary to fulfill their function” (WECC) Data Sharing

14 14 o WECC has developed a mandatory data request process that they have sent to NERC for input  WECC wants to be able to demand data under 215  This has not be considered nor approved by the BOD but staff moved forward with it on their own Data Sharing

15 15 o Draft 2015 budget, to be approved in June by WECC BOD, NERC in July, and FERC in August  4.88 increase in the budget  64.83 increase in assessments As you can imagine this was not well received by the room Acknowledging that this is a problem Amounts to about a $10 million dollar impact to membership May consider billing over the year instead of a single invoice Budget

16 16 o The BOD feels that the new budget is reasonable  The interchange tool may come back to WECC from PEAK  TEPPC budget has been reduced substantially  3 new positions on staff primarily in compliance  Mainly due to loss of DOE revenue Budget (2)

17 JJ Jamieson MIC Chair 503 970 8422 Questions?

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