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RightNow Product Roadmap

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1 RightNow Product Roadmap
September 2007

2 Agenda Building on your investment Customer trends
RightNow’s approach to CRM RightNow version 8 overview What’s new in 8.2 What’s coming in RightNow November 07 Q&A

3 Multi -Channel Service
Building on Your Investment Drive Sales Profit Center Drive Demand Multi -Channel Service Proactive Engagement Agent Assisted Service Customer Choice Value Self - Service Innovation Simple Escalation & Consistent Answers Transition: So, lets start with looking at the history of our offering and the value it has brought to our customers -entering a relationship -mutually aligned interests Self Service – cost savings, customer enablement Agent Assisted Service – sometimes SS won’t do it, escalation to from SS, customer choice, consistent answers from a single KB Multi-Channel service – there are many more channels than just the web and . Voice still constitutes 60+ percent of interactions, chat, skype, sms Drive Demand – customer communications for proactive service, special offers, analytics across channels, single conversation Drive Sales – the idea of turning a support organization into a profit center, create opportunities Cost Savings Customer Satisfaction 3

4 New Agile Product Process
Building on Your Investment: 2007 New Agile Product Process Now on Quarterly releases w/ Service Packs Receive feedback earlier Deliver new features faster Reduce risk Increased predictability Supported for 24 months Dev & Feature Test Q Releases 8.1 Transition: Now, lets talk about 2007 specifically and what RightNow has brought to market, but before we look at the specific releases, there I want to make sure everyone is aware of our new Product Process Although the release of 8.0 was a major milestone for RightNow and customers feedback has been solid, one item that the customer base brought up with us was that they wanted to see more smaller releases rather than major ones. We took this to heart and put our Product Management and Development teams together at the end of 2006 to make our product process overall more agile. Key points Quarterly release process: every Feb, May, Aug, Nov you will see a release from us Service packs: applied automatically with no upgrade required Will be announcing a 24 month product support lifecycle will increase our ability to provide service due to fewer supported versions Will increase our ability to add more to the product 8.1 8.2 System Test 8.2 8.3 8.3 2008 Q1 2008 Q2 2008 Q3 2008 Q4 4

5 Building on Your Investment: 2007
Feb (8.0) 2007 May (8.1) 2007 Next Generation Enterprise Desktop Productive agent workspace User configurable views Powerful end user analytics Vertical solutions Enterprise Integration Framework Expanded integration options with RightNow Connect Integration Framework Developer Toolkit Developer Community Interactive Data Dictionary 2007 started with a bang became generally available and is the platform that is allowing for accelerating functionality into the marketplace The primary idea behind 8.0 was that the person using the application inside your organizations walls needed an On Demand platform that was more productive than what a web browser allows for. After extensive evaluation, the new technology platform for our OnDemand Desktop was chosen and we re-immplemented our core desktop capabilities in this environment The results Highly productive environment. All the usability of a heavy client, with the deployment flexibility of the browser. Initial feedback is outstanding Configurability – ability to easily configure views for your different users, showing only the content and capabilities that they need. Further improving usability and ease of training Phenominally powerful analytics tool, allowing end users limitless possibilities when looking at the data in the system, all without a programmer involved Vertial editions aggregating best practices across industries, improving our already strong time to implementation value Many, many other additional features. 5

6 Building on Your Investment: 2007
Feb 2007 May (8.1) 2007 Next Generation Agent Desktop Productive agent workspace User configurable views Powerful end user analytics Vertical solutions Enterprise Integration Framework Expanded integration options with RightNow Connect Integration Framework Developer Toolkit Developer Community Interactive Data Dictionary Transition Open standards-based SOA architecture 6

7 Building on Your Investment: 2007
August (8.2) 2007 November 2007 Broadest and Deepest Multi-Channel Contact Center Support Extending knowledge across the web Chat for the enterprise Voice routing based on customer info Automatic insight from feedback best practices Next-Generation Web Self-Service Experience Web 2.0 self service experience Distribute KB answers throughout website Global customer experience with 33 languages Expanded platform and OS support 7

8 Building on Your Investment: 2007
August (8.2) 2007 November 2007 Broadest and Deepest Multi-Channel Contact Center Support Extending knowledge across the web Chat for the enterprise Voice routing based on customer info Automatic insight from feedback best practices “Knowledge Everywhere” Knowledge syndication widget Improved end user experience Global reach with 33 languages Expanded platform and OS support 8

9 Trends we are seeing Offering multi-channel choice
Move from web self-service to seamless multi-channel service New channels gaining adoption – chat, voice self-service, forums Using contact center as launching point for selling opportunities Do Not Call CAN-SPAM regulations Growth of sales/marketing responsibilities within contact center Quotas Leveraging service conversation to cross-sell/upsell Continued growth in use of remote agents Home-based growing Peak time expansion Specific skills/domain expertise/desirable cost structure Starting to augment traditional agents with domain experts Provide targeted expertise to resolve issue or deliver high value customer experience Growth in community interactions/influence Forums, IM, blogs, and social networking sites Trends we’re seeing across all customers…. 9

10 RightNow Approach to CRM
Sales Rep Typical CRM Approach VP of Service VP Marketing 80% of consumers will never go back to a company after a negative experience 50% want the ability to ‘chat’ with a customer service representative 36% find it most gratifying when messages are answered quickly when contacting an organization 46% find it most gratifying to quickly and easily find the information they need online Customer RightNow CRM Approach Marketing in support of proactive communications Services across all channels Sales in support of inbound and outbound selling Transition: In conjunction with what trends we are seeing, it is important for everyone to understand our view on CRM. It is distinct from many other vendors in the market and it colors everything we do at RightNow 10

11 Our Four Core Product Strategies
eService leadership: Maintain leadership through continuous investment and innovation 2. Multi-channel contact center: Comprehensive solution for the contact center Address all channels used by the customer 3. Consumer Centric CRM: Consumer empowerment and personalization Proactive engagement 4. RightNow technology ecosystem: Simple environment for enhancing RightNow CRM with additional capabilities Easy access to development environment for integration and testing 11

12 RightNow – Q3 2007

13 8.2 August 2007 Release What’s new… Sitemap Protocol Support
Live (Chat) Enhancements CAN-SPAM Best Practices Personalized Voice Routing Usability Enhancements Analytics Feedback

14 Sitemap Protocol Support
What are Sitemaps? Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines such as Google about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. Sitemap Feature Description: Facilitates Google’s (and other major search engines) spidering of your public RightNow knowledgebase content. Benefits: Allows you to control how search engine spiders visit and consume your knowledgebase content. Helps your content be more available in Google/Yahoo web searches. What are Sitemaps? EMPHASISE THAT IF YOU’VE EVER HAD THE JOB OF OMPTIMIZING YOUR WEB SITE YOU KNOW HOW HARD THIS IS! Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site. Web crawlers usually discover pages from links within the site and from other sites. Sitemaps supplement this data to allow crawlers that support Sitemaps to pick up all URLs in the Sitemap and learn about those URLs using the associated metadata. Using the Sitemap protocol does not guarantee that web pages are included in search engines, but provides hints for web crawlers to do a better job of crawling your site. Sitemap 0.90 is offered under the terms of the Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons License and has wide adoption, including support from Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft.

15 RightNow Live (Chat) Chat Benefits
Drives self-service adoption by delivering superior online customer experiences that: Provide agents opportunities to drive customers towards self-service channels Helps build customer confidence in effectiveness and value of online channel Facilitates proactive customer engagement, which increases loyalty Helps drive online revenues by enabling successful transactions

16 RightNow Live (Chat) Enhancements
Improved scalability and customer experience Increased scalability of simultaneous chat sessions Callers are automatically reconnected with agent if chat session is dropped (dial-ups) Additional trending analysis capabilities Business users can see trend analysis on key interaction metrics - # of chat sessions, avg. wait time, avg. duration by agent/group of agents Full integration into the RightNow OnDemand Desktop With Smart Assistant™, agents see suggested answers based upon chat content with a single keystroke Agents can send a standard response with a single keystroke - for speed and consistency Agents can append chat history to existing incident Agents can store chat history for a contact without creating an incident Agents can create an opportunity within a chat session Agents can see the next chat session information automatically displayed in a tab with flashing indicator – “Push” capability

17 RightNow Live Screens Integrated “On demand Desktop” chat controls
Agents can now create incidents during a chat session Agents can now append incidents during a chat session Ability for the agent to elect for wrap-up time after a chat One click “opportunity” generation process for the agent All chat sessions are recorded in the DB – regardless if an incident is created.

18 Client is now HTML – no Java Ability to print the chat dialog
RightNow Live Screens Client is now HTML – no Java Chat Client now able to recover from disconnects (internet service issues, dialup, etc) Ability to print the chat dialog

19 RightNow Live Screens Color changes to help agent manage multiple chat sessions Add additional information via Workspace editor Ability to track end user activity prior to chat within the chat interface Visibility to Incident History through the Chat pane. Toasts used to alert logged in users of incoming chats

20 RightNow Live Screens New Reports for Chat built into the Chat interface Ability to open the chat in Monitor mode Ability for Supervisors to drill into and open active sessions through the reports component

21 Marketing Enhancements
Built in CAN-SPAM best practices for campaigns Automatically tests messages for the physical address in the content, a working unsubscribe mechanism, and the customer’s opt-out preferences Provides a visual checklist of other CAN-SPAM compliance practices that should be evaluated prior to initiating the campaign Enhanced Outbound Customer Communication experience: RightNow 8.2 provides built-in CAN-SPAM best practices checks to help ensure that when organizations proactively reach out to their customers they are doing so in a manner that is inline with customer desires and within regulatory requirements. This is an informative capability and does not stop you from sending the campaign if you do not have a “pass” on all best practices.

22 Voice Enhancements Personalized One-Number Routing driven by phone # (ANI) lookup of contact info: Enhances the customer experience by automatically and dynamically personalizing the voice call flow and questions based on information about the customer. Examples: A “gold” class customer could be automatically routed to the specialized agent queue for gold customers A customer calls in and their last interaction with the company is a closed support incident. The voice system asks them whether they would be willing to participate in a brief survey regarding that experience A person who last purchase was a particular product could be presented with a voice menu with a cross-sell offer We do a lookup on contact record based upon the ANI for that inbound call. If match is found, we can pull back all contact profile info (such as customer class, name, etc.) and then alter the voice call flow based upon that info.

23 Analytics Usability Enhancements
Shared best practices reports Business users can create and save public reports Visually highlighted exceptions in reports Custom images are displayed next to cells in reports to indicate they are above or below pre-determined thresholds. Customizable number of rows on report display Business users can define the number of items they want to display on each report page Saved filter defaults RightNow user can save the last filter they used and store it in their personal preferences. Profile access rights reports Admins can create reports to display profile members and their access to capabilities such as create incident and create survey. Easily find users that have access to a particular capability when changing access rights Create public reports Associated custom visual images with rows in a report that exceed/fall below a pre-defined threshold number. Can now have saved filter defaults at the user level. If I am rep that likes to work incidents from oldest to newest in a list, I can save this as my filter default and that view will appear every time I go into that screen. This is a huge time saver and productivity enhancer. Can now run reports to see all access rights assigned to each profile. Useful for admins who need to make access changes or for compliance/audit reporting.

24 Visual Exceptions in Reports
Lighthearted demonstration of Visual Exceptions in Reports in action. Threshold set for total open incidents in queue. Show happy face if below 5 and show unhappy face if about 30.

25 Feedback Enhancements
Best practice trend reports Identify improvement or decline trends in areas of interest such as customer satisfaction Aggregate survey scores Text survey emotion detection ratings Emotion detection on text survey answers Determine the overall emotional sentiment for a particular text survey question. Gauging level of satisfaction with a newly launched product Monitoring post-call satisfaction trend Now have the ability to do best practice trend reporting on aggregated survey scores. We also now have the ability to do emotion detection on text survey responses using our patented Smartsense technology. Most traditional surveys force consumers/customers to place themselves into arbitrary buckets that are not natural – e.g. I am somewhat happy, very happy, etc. This is not very intuitive to humans. Frequently, the most powerful and insightful information is unstructured. Smartsense provides a mechanism for gaining insights from unstructured information embedded in surveys and permits you to take action upon it in real-time. You can create surveys with text response boxes and the have Smartsense assign a rating on a numeric scale to indicate whether that survey response is highly positive or highly negative based upon a customizable lexicon of terms. This can be coupled with trend reporting to be a very valuable tool for monitoring the overall sentiment of interactions over time if you do surveys after customer interactions…

26 RightNow– Q4 2007

27 Q4 (November ’07) Release -
What’s new… End User Page Redesign Knowledge Syndication Widget Usability Improvements Analytics Feedback/Marketing Workspace Designer Platform Support Vista OS Support for Agent Desktop 12 Additional Languages Remote Deployment Support

28 New Naming Convention Starting with November ’07 Release, we are eliminating numerical release naming convention (e.g. 8.1, 8.2) Name releases as “RightNow <Month, Year>” Example: RightNow November ’07

29 End User Page Redesign - Home
Updated look and feel for our out-of-the-box end-user pages Given that we’ve been in business for quite some period of time, new technologies have emerged to enable richer web page design and interfaces. We decided that it was time to redesign our consumer-facing web pages by leveraging some of the newer technologies available. The result of the redesign is pages that appear even more familiar to consumers since they resemble traditional web pages and also contain familiar web-based navigation paradigms such as paging through results. Customers can also deploy the “classic” look and feel or the new look and feel in the November ’07 release.  It is a management and configuration option. 

30 End User Page Redesign - Home
Updated look and feel for our out-of-the-box end-user pages

31 End User Page Redesign - Answers

32 Knowledge Syndication Widget
Some typical use cases Embed sales-related KB answers on an e-commerce product page outside the support section of the web site (e.g. FAQs, How Tos, Sys Requirements) Embed support-related KB answers on a partner’s support page Knowledge content dynamically segmented to display the answers that are appropriate to the web page context Displays standard support answers for a particular product ID or product category Can define additional answer categories appropriate to page purpose Define answer categories like “FAQs”, “How Tos”, “System Requirements” and display answers appropriate for an e-commerce scenario Answer search parameters for the knowledge syndication widget: No search query Search query Product and/or Category limits Search query with Product and/or Category limits

33 Knowledge Syndication Widget Example Screen Shot
Can easily change information within knowledgebase without any programming and have it automatically display on the web site after changes are made. Can display or hide the support search box to provide broader access to support content from this type of page.

34 Analytics Usability Enhancements
In-line editing of reports for improved productivity Don’t have to drill into the detail view of each item on list to edit it, save it, and return to the list. Big productivity enhancer in high volume call/work situations.

35 Feedback Usability Improvements
Ability to double-click on page thumbnail in designer to view questions on page Ability to proof a web survey

36 Workspace Designer Usability Enhancements
Ability to Preview workspace Set profile access for a workspace area as read-only Preview in Workspace Designer will enable designers to view the workspace in a dialog with actual data from their site (save will be disabled). This allows them to see how the workspace will behave (field visibility, read-only-ness, required-ness) in the new and edit modes for the current profile. 1. New – clicking this button will invoke the preview dialog for the current profile in the new mode 2. Edit – clicking this button will invoke the preview dialog for the current profile in the edit mode if the id/refno has been specified. If the id/refno has not been specified it will drop the edit split button menu allowing the user to enter the id/refno (see Figure 2 below).

37 Platform and Remote Deployment Support
On-premise platforms in addition to our SaaS offering Linux glibc 2.4 / mySql / Apache 2.0 (SSL) Linux glibc 2.4 / Oracle 10g / Apache 2.0 (SSL) Win2K3 SP2 / SQL Server 2005 SP1 / IIS 6.0 Win2K3 SP2 / Oracle 10g / IIS 6.0 Microsoft Vista OS Desktop Support New MSI installer delivers a single package of all required RightNow installation files Useful for remote or locked down OS permission installations (via network)

38 Additional Languages 12 additional languages will be added in the Q4 -07 release for a total of 33 supported languages and dialects Russian Hungarian Lithuanian Estonian Latvian Greek Romanian Bulgarian Ukrainian Slovenian Croatian Serbian

39 Analytics Usability Enhancements
Additional chart types Funnel, pyramid, donut chart types now available Scheduled excel reports also available in the November ‘07 release.

40 Analytics Usability Enhancements
In-line gauges for progress indication Circular, progress bar, linear gauges with more granularity Previous version of guages only showed course progress – 25%, 50%, 75%. Now we can show granular progress between each whole number – 1, 2, 3, etc.

41 Analytics Usability Enhancements
Additional best practice administration reports All scheduled reports Reports currently/currently not being utilized (in date range) Staff management Account permission access – permission access rights available to each account Permission setting access – accounts/profiles that have access to a particular permission setting e.g. edit incident Account workspace access – which workspaces are being accessed by a specified account Workspace access – which accounts/profiles have access to a specified workspaces Disabled accounts Logged-in users Custom fields – list of custom fields configured on the site Standard responses – list of all standard responses

42 Microsoft Windows Vista OS Support
Vista shops now can tap the power of the RightNow OnDemand desktop Constant productivity whether online or offline Ease of thin client deployment Rich customizable user experience – drag and drop contextual toolbars and menus

43 Thank you!

44 RightNow 8.1 – Q2 2007

45 RightNow 8.1TM Designed to deliver superior customer experiences by …
Providing instant access to accurate information regardless of the interaction channel Enabling a complete view of the customer from disparate corporate systems in an on-demand world Delivering timely and cost-effective means of integration Sharing best practices through an open developer community

46 RightNow 8.1 What’s new… RightNow Connect™
Data, business process, desktop, packaged application, and communication integration Genesys Partnership Announcement Foreign Language Support Interactive Real-time Data Dictionary

47 The Integration Challenge
In order to provide a positive customer experience, all information regarding a customer should be accessible to employees at the point of a customer interaction Customer information often resides in multiple systems making ease of access a constant challenge Larger enterprises have complex IT environments that require a comprehensive approach to integration On Demand applications should use standards-based approaches to integrating into the broader enterprise

48 RightNow ConnectTM is The Answer
RightNow Connect is a standards-based Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework enabling the key integrations performed by our clients Data Integration: Provides the ability to share and pass data between RightNow and other systems in either real-time or batch mode Business Process Integration: Provides the ability to integrate RightNow data or functionality into Business Process Management systems Desktop Integration: Provides the ability to integrate RightNow OnDemand Desktop with other desktop applications Packaged Application Integration: Provides the ability to connect to other packaged applications by using custom or pre-built adapters Communications Adapters: Provides specialized and seamless connectivity for RightNow and prevalent call center technologies. Open Developer Community for sharing best practices

49 RightNow ConnectTM Overview

50 RightNow Connect Use Case Examples
Desktop Integration: An agent handling an inbound call needs to have access to the customer’s order information to see which products were purchased. They are able to view this within RightNow on an embedded tab that displays that customer’s order information in real time. Data Integration: The customer tells an agent that they want to update their shipping address. Through the RightNow OnDemand Desktop, the agent updates this information and RightNow Connect simultaneously updates the information in the order system and the customer database. Business Process Integration: The company has adopted a BPM system to manage the warranty claim process. When a claim is submitted, a contact center agent must follow up with the customer to gather additional claim information to process the claim. The BPM system uses RightNow Connect to create an incident to initiate the outbound call. Packaged Application Integration: A RightNow business partner provides a pre-built adapter for connecting RightNow OnDemand CRM to SAP for order initiation. Communications Integration: The agent accepts an incoming call and RightNow Connect enables the customer record to be identified and automatically presented to the agent. The agent also is able to accept the inbound call with a single click.

51 Genesys Partnership Announcement
RightNow OnDemand Desktop now seamlessly integrated with Genesys as part of RightNow Connect Pre-built adapter for Genesys 7.5 Call control toolbar in agent desktop Screen pops Click-to-dial Agent level CTI analytics Benefits Improved agent productivity Reduced agent handle times Improved caller experience


53 RightNow Connect Benefits
Facilitates superior customer experiences by enabling access to relevant customer information and interaction history at the “moment of truth” Enables the development of seamless processes between RightNow and other enterprise applications Allows quick and efficient response to changing customer and business needs utilizing an Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach Allows enterprises to take further advantage of SaaS time to value and reduced risk

54 Foreign Language Support
Global reach in delivering an excellent customer experience Wide breadth of language support with 21 native languages and dialects supported within the RightNow OnDemand desktop.

55 Interactive Real-time Data Dictionary
Dynamically generated view of RightNow’s data dictionary Provides the ability for programmers and report writers to see the tables, columns, join relationships, and indexes in the RightNow schema. Available real-time.

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