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Engemma Oy “Bringing the gemstone business into the 21 st Century”

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1 Engemma Oy “Bringing the gemstone business into the 21 st Century”

2 About Kari Niskanen (IP) Networking background – TeliaSonera, Nokia Networks – Finland, Middle-East, Far-East Graduate Gemologist – 2009 – 2010 at GIA (Gemological Institute of America) – Bangkok campus

3 Starting gemstone business Problems – No sufficient funds – No contacts – No practical expertise on gemstone pricing Solution – www-site for gemstone brokering services

4 The Big Problem Gemstone price is based on several individual quality factors Delivering these quality factors through electroning channels is… The Big Problem

5 Quality factors Quality Factors i.e. Rarity Factors Identity Blue topaz (Blue) Sapphire $20 $2000 Naturalness Ruby, synthetic Ruby, heat treated Ruby, natural $25 $750 $7500 Size (weight) Pink tourmaline, 3.00 ct Pink tourmaline, 15.00 ct $200 $2200 Color Sapphire, strong blue with greenish hint Sapphire, strong blue with violetish hint $1300 $3300 Cut Tanzanite, face-up brilliance 55% Tanzanite, face-up brilliance 75% $750 $1400 Clarity Diamond, slightly included 2 (SI2) Diamond, very very slightly included 1 (VVS1) $4000 $6700 Origin (ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline) Ruby, Madagascar Ruby, Burma (Myanmar) $2800 $3800

6 Assessing Quality Factors 1/2 Method Measure Unaided eyeMagnificationGemology report IdentityYesNo Yes, Round Brilliant Dia. Yes, Fancy Diamond (Yes), Colored Stone Yes NaturalnessNo Yes Weight (size)YesNo Yes ColorNoYesNo Yes, Round Brilliant Dia. Yes, Fancy Diamond No, Colored Stone CutNoYesNo Yes, Round Brilliant Dia. No, Fancy Diamond No, Colored Stone ClarityNo No, Round Brilliant Dia. No, Fancy Diamond Yes, Colored Stone Yes OriginNo N.A. Round Brilliant Dia. N.A. Fancy Diamond (Yes), Colored Stone N.A., Round Brilliant Dia. N.A., Fancy Diamond Yes, Colored Stone

7 Assessing Quality Factors 2/2 Method Measure Unaided eyeMagnificationGemology report Equipment Refractometer Scale Caliper Tweezers Proper lighting Neutral background tray (Comparison stones) Bright Field loupe Dark field loupe Gemology microscope Full laboratory equipments Procedure Identity - Refractometer Weight - Scale HxWxD -Caliper Usually done by the seller Color - slightly rocking between the tweezers Cut - slightly rocking between the tweezers, “on the move” - shape, symmetry and polish from static positions Clarity - Colored stones Separation synthetic from natural gemstones - Identification of “birth marks”, i.e. inclusions Detecting gem treatments -Identification of altered “birth marks”, inclusions - Identification of inclusions created by gem treatments Clarity - Diamonds Provided by a gemological laboratory, e.g. American Gem Society Asian Institute of Gemological Science Gemological Institute of America Swiss Gemological Institute

8 Conclusion Gemstones have to be assessed on site in person in order to evaluate them fully – Requires Training and expertise Exception: Round Brilliant diamonds can be purchased without seeing the product based on a Gemology Report

9 Gemstone trade centers

10 The problem Sufficient and diverse gemstone supply is available only at certain trade centers over the globe Gemstones need to be assessed on site in person for a complete evaluation  Requires time and money consuming trips on sites and browsing numerous wholesalers Exception: Round Brilliant Diamond

11 But what about current gemstone www-sites? e-368934.php e-368934.php Based on photographs or simple videos – Cannot deliver sufficient visual information for complete evaluation – Serious gemstone dealers are not attracated to them

12 The Solution New photography technique provides a remote gemstone assessment with the same functionality and accuracy as with on site – full 3D view and motion control by a mouse – Zoom-in up to 10 times magnification – Bright field and dark field views – Controlled lighting – Plus more: measuring grid, light adjustment, color samples and full depth of field

13 The imaging solution 1. Gemstone is photographed with macro lens in four degree-increment o 4050 separate camera angles 2. From each camera angle several photographs are taken o ~10 000 photographs totally 3.Photographs taken from the same imaging angle are combined using special software o High Dynamic Range (HDR) image o Utmostly sharp o Better color reproduction

14 Post processing Combined photographs are post processed in two ways: 1.The subject is centered o This eliminates a wobbling effect in a final video or 3D-applet 2.A shadow is added for the subject o This creates three dimensional experience in the final video or 3D-applet Both processes are done automatically by an external software

15 Final video and 3D applet Photographs are “fed” to video processing in predefined order – Like creating a movie from still photographs 3D applet on a user computer requests photographs from the server in a stream-like manner as the object (gemstone) is being handled using the computer mouse – i.e. turning, tilting, rocking, rotating, zooming in/out, switching the background between dark field and bright field

16 Why Innofun? Idea from Digipolis (Jukka Auraneva) which provides services for start-up businesses This type of concept has many motion related aspects  video is practically the only media for presenting the concept

17 Video production Straightforwarding – Startp-up meetings information exhange (gemstone and evaluation 101, material) – 1. script wants vs. no-can-dos – 1. version Test audience – 2. script – Final version Test audience Feedback via e-mail – Not the best practise – Face-to-face meeting, video or phone conference better

18 Putting the video to work Investors Subcontractors Partners Customers

19 Benefits Visuality – Motion, motion, motion Time saving – 3 minute video vs. 10 minute power point presentation Some motion related aspects nearly impossible to present using static pictures or text

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