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November 3, 2011 Bookshare at ORAHEAD Increasing the Availability of Accessible Materials and Textbooks for Postsecondary Students in the United States.

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2 November 3, 2011 Bookshare at ORAHEAD Increasing the Availability of Accessible Materials and Textbooks for Postsecondary Students in the United States

3 ORAHEAD Conference November 2, 2011 Cannon Beach, Oregon  What’s new at Benetech and Bookshare?  Who qualifies for Bookshare?  How do I find the books students need?  How do students access and read Bookshare books?  What’s next on the horizon? 2

4 Benetech & Bookshare Innovation. Scale. Collaboration.  Bookshare is an online library of accessible media for readers with print disabilities  Accessible books as digital text used as audio, electronic braille, text + speech, enlarged text 3 Bookshare believes that people with print disabilities should have the same ease of access to books and periodicals that people without disabilities enjoy.

5 What’s new at Benetech and Bookshare?  150,000 student members  Close to 130,000 books in the collection  6 new publishing partners  Sage Publications, Ltd.  University of North Carolina Press  Wesleyan University Press  Duke University Press  Cornell University Press  National Academies Press  1-year OSEP award: Leveraging Impact through Technology (LIT) 4

6 5 Who qualifies for Bookshare?

7 The Chafee Amendment  Authorized entities have a copyright exception  No permission or royalty requirement  Can serve people with bona fide print disabilities  Severe dyslexia  Blindness, low vision  Mobility Impairment  With content in specialized formats  DAISY – Digital Accessible Information System  BRF – Braille Ready Format 6

8 7 Who is Eligible for Bookshare? DisabilityQualified/Not Qualified Examples of Certifying Professionals Visual Impairment (VI), such as blindness or low vision Qualified A family doctor, ophthalmologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, optometrist, physical therapist, or other medical professional. Teacher of the visually impaired, special education teacher, learning disability specialist, school psychologist, clinical psychologist with a background in learning disabilities, resource specialist or other educational professional Certification from the National Library Service Proof of membership with RFB&D Physical Disability (PD) which affects the ability to read print, such as inability to hold a book or turn pages Qualified Severe Learning Disability that affects the ability to read standard print Students with a severe enough disability, and a professional certifying that the disability is severe enough and the individual needs accessible formats. Autism Emotional disabilities ADHD Not qualified, unless accompanied by a visual or physical disability, or a qualified reading disability that has a physical basis Not applicable Other Learning Challenges ESL and ELL

9 8 How Does Bookshare Get Digital Books? Publishers Proofread Universities Bookshare Scan Chop Volunteers

10 135 Publishing Partnerships 9 MIT Press

11 University Press Partners  Cambridge University Press  Columbia University Press  Cornell University Press  Duke University Press  Gallaudet University Press  Harvard University Press  Hong Kong University Press  MIT Press  NYU Press  Princeton University Press  Stanford University Press  University of British Columbia Press  University of California Press  University of Chicago Press  University of Michigan Press  University of Minnesota Press  University of North Carolina Press  University of Ottawa Press  University of Wisconsin Press  University Press of Colorado  Yale University Press  Wesleyan University Press 10

12 University Partner Schools  Alliant University  Arizona State University  Boston University  College of New Jersey  College of San Mateo  De Anza College  George Mason University  Georgetown University Law Center  Hadley School for the Blind  Indiana University  Landmark College  Loras College  Michigan State University  Monterey Peninsula College  Mohawk Community College  Ohio State University  San Diego Mesa College  Santa Clara University  Santa Monica College  Santa Rosa Junior College  Southern Illinois University, Carbondale  Stanford University  Texas A&M University – College Station  Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi  University of Arizona  University of Arkansas  University of California, Berkeley  University of Idaho  University of Montana  University of Texas, Austin  Utah State University  Whittier College 11

13 How Do I Find the Books Students Need? 12

14 13 Explore Bookshare’s Website

15 14 Use the Right Search  Quick Search  Google-like search results  Helpful tool for high-level view  Standard Search  Google-like search results  Helpful tool for research projects  Advanced Search  Title and author searches  Refined search results  Helpful tool for specific book search

16 15 Search or Browse Standard Search by ‘Title or Author’ Browse by…. Author Category Language New Books Most Popular Downloads NIMAC Books Special Collections Newspapers / Magazines Internationally Available Grade Publisher

17 16 Advanced Search  All or part of author’s name  All or part of title  Language (English or Spanish)  Copyright  Category, such as textbooks and children’s books ‘Advanced Search’

18 Search Tips  If you are looking for something with two or more words in exact sequence and you have the exact spelling of the words, use quotes. “I have a dream”  Boolean search:  Using AND narrows a search by combining terms. Portland AND Oregon  Using OR broadens a search to include results that contain either of the words you type in. Portland OR Oregon  Using NOT will narrow a search by excluding certain search terms. Oregon NOT travel 17

19 How to report a book quality issue:

20 19 How Do Students Access and Read Bookshare Books?

21 Flexible Format 20  Bookshare files work with any AT software that supports DAISY text files  Many examples: JAWS, Kurzweil, etc.  Two free ebook readers available to Bookshare members  Works with AT hardware that plays/displays text  Braille displays  Specialized DAISY players (that support text)  Works with standard devices  Cell phones  MP3 players

22 21 Compatible AT Software  Any AT software supporting text-based files  HumanWare Victor Reader Soft  Don Johnston READ:OutLoud Windows and Macintosh  Kurzweil 3000, 1000 (now use Bookshare API – direct access)  TextHelp Read & Write Gold (new web apps - including cloud-based Bookshare reader!)  Freedom Scientific WYNN  Freedom Scientific OpenBook  Gh Player  Dolphin EasyReader  DAISY Consortium AMIS  Nextup TextAloud  Innovative Rehabilitation Technology eClipseReader  DAISY software players - Free versions available for Members! Free for members high-quality Acapela voices Free for members, high quality Acapela voices!

23 22 Compatible AT Hardware  Any AT hardware supporting text-based files  HumanWare VictorReader Stream and ClassMate Reader  Plextalk Pocket  BookCourier and BookPort  Braille displays like the HumanWare BrailleNote, Freedom Scientific PAC Mate, and GW Micro Braille Sense  LevelStar ICON™  Intel Reader  DAISY player for Symbian and Windows phones  MP3 players (educator or Member converts)

24 23 Now in the iTunes store! Read2Go, the most full- featured, accessible DAISY reader available for Apple iOS devices! (Open-source Android app testing now taking place – recruiting volunteers.)

25 What’s next on the horizon? 24

26 Route 66  Literacy instruction for adolescent and adult beginning readers.  Created in partnership with the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies (CLDS) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Benetech.  25

27 DIAGRAM Center Digital Image and Graphics Resources for Accessible Materials  5 year R&D Center funded by Dept. of Ed., Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). Began in May 2010 to change the way image and graphic contnet for accessible instructional materials (AIM) is produced and accessed.  Partners: NCAM, US Fund for DAISY  Leaders in the field are involved in the project  Community participation  26

28 DIAGRAM: Product Matrices  Research

29 DIAGRAM: Content Model Example About this description Author: John Doe, Ph.D. in Water Engineering Target Age: 9-12 Target Grade: 4-7 Summary The image depicts the cycle of water evaporating, turning into clouds, falling back to earth in the form of precipitation and being filtered through sediment. Long Description The image depicts the natural process of evaporation and precipitation and how rain water gets filtered and cleansed through the earth's sediment. On the left-hand side of the image is a lake... A weather event such as a rainstorm eventually returns the precipitation to the ground... The natural filtering agents in the soil... Annotation added by teacher In the winter we get snow instead of rain. Simplified Language Description The image shows how water becomes clouds, then rain, and then gets cleaned by the soil. Tactile Image [Tactile image] In the upper left corner of the tactile… Simplified Image [Simplified image] Moving front the top left corner of the image

30 DIAGRAM: Image Description Tool

31 More Questions? Contact us. Cherie Miller University Program Manager 650-644-3407

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