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Virginia Online Officer of Election Training Don Palmer, Secretary, SBE.

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1 Virginia Online Officer of Election Training Don Palmer, Secretary, SBE

2 Training Modules: – Getting Started – Voter ID Requirements – Elections 101 – Elections 201 – EPB 1.x – EPB 2.x – EPB 2.x Administrator – ExpressPoll – Election Paperwork, Forms, & Envelopes – What If – New! – Voting Equipment: DREs – Voting Equipment: Scanners – Sensitivity Program Localities can choose which classes to offer on their individualized training sites. The following modules are offered à la carte: ***Some of these modules are in production, thus they are not currently available on the training site.

3 Descriptions of Training Modules: Getting Started: – Guides users through preparing their computer settings, navigating the lessons, and successfully completing the training Voter ID Requirements: – Explains which IDs are acceptable, how the provisional process has changed, and how to process a voter who does not have proper ID. Elections 101: – Provides the learner with a complete understanding of the necessary groundwork to be ready to assist voters on Election Day. Elections 201: – Provides the learner with more advanced knowledge to assist voters in specific situations on Election Day. Usually for Chiefs and Assistants.

4 Descriptions of Training Modules: EPB 1.x: – Instructions for setting up the EPB, checking in voters, and closing the polls. EPB 2.x: – Instructions for setting up the EPB, checking in voters, and closing the polls. EPB 2.x Administrator: – Instructions for configuring and deploying EPBs. At an administrative level. ExpressPoll: – Instructions of setting up the ExpressPoll, checking in voters, and closing the polls.

5 Descriptions of Training Modules: Election Paperwork, Forms, & Envelopes: – Comprehensive explanation of the forms and envelopes that are commonly used on Election Day and step-by-step guide to filling out paperwork. What If: – Comprehensive explanation of the What If document. New!: – Discusses legislative changes that affect elections.

6 Descriptions of Training Modules: Voting Equipment: DREs: – Instructions for setting up the machines, addressing voter issues, and closing the polls. Voting Equipment: Scanners: – Instructions for setting up the machines, addressing voter issues, and closing the polls. Sensitivity Program: – This course explains successful communication with all voters for a smooth and successful Election Day. It explains best practices for working with people with diverse needs and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and related laws.

7 Benefits of Locality Sites: Supplement in-person training and reduce costs Offer convenience to OOEs by allowing them to chooses when and where to take classes Personalized URL: http://yourlocality.vatraining.us Administrative privileges: – Run reports – Personalize training for individual officers of elections by assigning specific courses – And more!

8 Login screen for Virginia Beach, with personalized URL:

9 Login screen for Clarke, with personalized URL:

10 Statistics: Approximately 1000 people signed up for training before the November election. Over 25 localities have contacted SBE for more information and have participated in training webinars to learn more about the online platform. Ten localities currently have their own sites and are working on personalized configuration that best fits their individualized needs.

11 To learn more or sign up for the program: Please contact Victoria Baldwin, Director of Training, SBE

12 Voting Systems (Present & Future) Election Assistance Commission (EAC) uncertain future and slow certification process Virginia is moving forward with own certification regime tied closely to EAC and testing labs but not absolute to give us flexibility as necessary. Virginia: Aging voting systems (DRE primarily) Reached end of life span – “double overtime” Several failures across state DRE ban not likely to be removed and no new market

13 Voting Systems in Virginia Electoral infrastructure needs to be upgraded and strengthened. DRE vendors running out of screens and parts availability is no longer there. Need to transition from DRE to optical scan New certified equipment meeting latest standards is optical scan, no new DREs on horizon even if no DRE BAN. Transition optimally would occur in 2013-15 before General Election Cycle. New systems should be in place by Jan. 1, 2016.

14 Voting Systems in Virginia Voting Manufacturers are not thinking Electronic Voting or DREs. Smaller Number of DREs will not solve the “line issue” – it will only exacerbate it. Used correctly, the optical scanners handle more voters more efficiently than DREs. Cost to transition the state: $10-20 million dollars. Why transition by Jan 1, 2016? – Voters need to be educated, familiarized with new equipment. – “Fill in the Oval”

15 Voting Systems in Virginia Why Jan. 1, 2016 and General Election cycle? – Train OOEs on new equipment – Storage issues with additional paper with Clerks. – Organize and plan equipment transportation issues prior to Election Day. – Paper ballots will require new procedures to deal with the handling of paper ballots.

16 Voting systems in Virginia: The Transition Need Electoral Board Members to ???? – Generate a buzz about the need to upgrade and replace our aging voting systems and the infrastructure of elections. The fundamentals have to come first. – Be strategic in discussing the issue with your Board of Supervisors and your political party leaders on the local level. – Talk to your Delegate and Senator about the larger issues here – not a political issue, a basic infrastructure issue, the absolute need to replace aging equipment. – Your GR needs to make the transition.

17 Voting Systems in Virginia Your locality cannot out weather the storm!!! There are no new DREs in some promised land without a DRE ban with the milk and honey flowing. An Ark is being built with 2 of every kind of optical scan but when the flood resides there will be no DREs. Please spend time with the vendor and the equipment NOW to familiarize yourself with potential new systems – regional meetings, personal one by one meetings. Make a determination of “what will fit in your world” so you are comfortable with your choice.

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