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Baltimore International Academy

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1 Baltimore International Academy
IB PYP Exhibition Baltimore International Academy

2 What is a PYP Exhibition
Students exhibit projects that are the results of their research Students engage in in-depth , collaborative inquiries To provide an authentic process for assessing student understanding To demonstrate how students can take action as a result of their learning to unite students, teachers, parents in a collaborative experience that incorporates the essential elements of the PYP

3 Setting up the Exhibit

4 Students get their Briefing…..

5 French & Spanish Immersion-4th/5th Grades “Misusing natural resources can endanger the planet “

6 All Displays were made from Recycled Paper

7 Making Paper from Recycled Magazines

8 Making paper is a Team Effort!

9 How Many Trees are cut down for Paper?

10 How Many Trees are cut down for Pencils?

11 How many trees are cut down for Pencils?

12 How much food do kids throw away at lunch

13 Recycle, Re-use! Board Games Anyone?

14 Water Pollution….it’s a problem!

15 Russian and Chinese Immersion: (4th/5th Grades) “Human interaction with the environment can interfere with the balance of ecosystems”

16 The “Domino Effect” of Eco-Abuse

17 4th/5th Grade Students with their Exhibit

18 Cutting Down Trees

19 Climate Change and Global Warming

20 Parents review their children’s work

21 Parents review other children’s work…

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