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Irmo International High School for the Arts A look into our Arts Magnet High School and International Baccalaureate Programme…

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1 Irmo International High School for the Arts A look into our Arts Magnet High School and International Baccalaureate Programme…

2 We have a bright past and an even brighter future because we…  Value and celebrate innovation and creativity  Have the best of a traditional high school with the arts infused into each content area:  English Language Arts  Mathematics  Sciences  Social Sciences  World Languages +

3 Biology class filled with art Hanging sculptures, evolution wall art, DNA strands, and STERNGRRR illustrations help students to know the content better than ever before.

4 Biology goes visual with a “model” classroom Student-created models of processes, membranes, DNA strands, muscle fibers and many others fill this room and show students’ understanding of biology in concrete ways.

5 An English Language Arts class illustrates Literacy takes all kinds of forms in this classroom as seen with these written and illustrated student biographies and again when personalized stories are created as a part of a study of graphic novels.

6 A math classroom full of color From the bright school pride bulletin board to color-coded processes and formulas, smart board exercises, students know creativity is welcome in this math classroom.

7 Social Sciences art in class and out of class These collages in the hallway about the diversity of people and cultures show the expected standards of presentation and higher levels of understanding. Students are consistently showing their knowledge visually and through presentations in the class.

8 World Languages has a lot to say Colorful and challenging word walls, photographs and art assist in learning a language in multiple ways, reaching students in new ways. This German classroom’s creativity is not confined by its four walls by expanding into the hallways over lockers and all over their door so students can learn a little German on the way to Science…

9 We have a bright past and an even brighter future because we also…  Have superior visual and performing arts focuses for:  Creative Writing  Dance  Music  Theatre  Visual Arts

10 Band has space to breathe Students warm up with a balloon exercise in their new spacious rehearsal classroom with sound absorption, and instrument storage. They also have separate small group spaces for specialized ensemble practices.

11 Choir for All Students appreciate their new rehearsal space equipped with sound absorption and large enough for a growing choir to sing, a large storage space for performance attire, music storage and an office.

12 Creative Writing happens here, there and everywhere The English language arts department is proud to offer classes on creative writing, poetry as part of the visual and performing arts magnet. We look forward to reader’s theater, poetry nights, and expressive readings of original works.

13 A beautiful new dance studio Student solos and full troupe rehearsals are in full swing in this new studio equipped with flexible flooring, full mirrors and a new audio system.

14 Orchestra has room to work and play The state-of-the art practice space for a full orchestra to rehearse with instrument storage, sound absorption, practice rooms and smart board technology.

15 Smiles and sun light up this new theater classroom The bright new space has students excited to practice improvisation, showing their willingness to learn through body language communication, voice and working together as a team.

16 Photography classes thrive here With a new digital lab on the way and film technology still readily available for use, our photography students explore and express their world as it is seen through the viewfinder and in their minds’ eye.

17 A brand new Visual Arts classroom Our school values students having spaces that invite creativity and this room is so new it is waiting to have students add their new 2- Dimensioanl artworks to it.

18 Visual Arts students at work In this class students are demonstrating their knowledge of traditional tye dye methods, bookbinding crafts and painting.

19 Stained Glass and more Student to teacher ratio is low so that students can concentrate on meaningful designs with meticulous detail for this specialized craft and art form.

20 Space to Create This Visual Arts room is spacious and accommodates large projects such as wide murals, three-dimensional sculptures, as well as functioning as a ceramics studio. Students serious about visual arts have the space and the tools necessary to pursue their visual arts passion.

21 We have a proud past and an even brighter future because we continue to have…  An outstanding International Baccalaureate program with several majors to choose from:  Science and Math  Commerce  The Arts  Business Management  Philosophy

22 No matter your major… The IB experience is rich!

23 We will prepare our 9 th & 10 th grade students for rigors of IB:  Practice Written & Oral Commentaries  Practice Exploratory & Integrative Writing  Incorporate International Mindedness

24 International Mindedness Example If the world was a village of 100 people it would have : 60 Asians, 14 Africans, 12 Europeans, 8 Latin Americans, 5 from the USA and Canada, and 1 from the South Pacific 82 would be non-white, 18 white 24 would not have any electricity

25 University Acceptance Rates University Average Rate IB Rate IB Rate NYU29%76% UC Berkeley 25%60% Penn22%58% Johns Hopkins 33%83% Duke26%50% Cornell27%70% MIT17%42% Dartmouth23%60%

26 IB Benefits  IBers enjoy high school  IBers apply to college as IB Diploma Candidates  IBers receive their IB Diploma the summer after Senior year  Higher university acceptance rates  IBers go to college with confidence

27 Thank you  Thank you for considering Irmo International High School for the Arts as the best choice for your student.  Where the creativity and innovation are valued  Where students have rigorous, standards based curriculum with arts infusion  Where in-depth majors in the visual and performing arts promote opportunities for performances and exhibits.  Where our IB program prepares students for success well beyond our walls with a global perspective.  Arts Magnet Contact:  Shelly Chambers Arts Magnet Contact: Shelly Chambers International Baccalaureate Contact: Diane Padula

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