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1 Presenting Great Business Plans For I.C. Stars Waverly Deutsch, Ph. D.

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1 1 Presenting Great Business Plans For I.C. Stars Waverly Deutsch, Ph. D.

2 2 Two Key Elements Semantics – What you want to say Content Syntax – How you say it effectively Structure Slides Delivery

3 3 Content Everything you know about your subject Does not equal your presentation

4 4 Elevator Pitch Purpose: Catch listener’s attention Tools: Two sentences Content: Clear statement of what you do Not good: We have developed a proprietary algorithm that models moving objects as trajectories and uses a dynamic variable to manage uncertainty. Our technology allows companies to optimize their mobile assets in real- time and develop a whole new class of location-based services. Better: Our software dramatically improves a company’s ability to manage mobile resources like trucks, service personnel and equipment. The system builds on standard tracking systems by proactively notifying dispatchers when schedules are off and enabling them to match resources to requirements on the fly.

5 5 Selecting Content Time available Audience Make-up Size Interactivity Theme Key take-aways Data

6 6 The 10 Minute Business Plan Pitch Theme: This is a good business investment Elevator Pitch provides the content Key Take-Aways: We solve an important problem Problem Solution We have momentum Patents/Prototypes Beta customers Management team We are a good investment Market size Revenue projections Barriers to entry/competitive advantage

7 7 Nested Diamond Outline Introduction, Theme and Agenda Key Take-Aways and Supporting Data Conclusion and Summary

8 8 Two Kinds of Transitions Into your first point Between key points Between sections of the presentation To signal the end Between slides  Smooth the flow  Connect the supporting data  Often the one piece of a presentation I script

9 9 Doing Demos Practice your transition into the demo Explain briefly what the audience is about to see Make sure the technology works smoothly Limit the amount of data entry you need to do Show one or two scenarios to get the point across Have one team member run the computer while another talks

10 10 Notes on Slides Less is more. Don’t make your audience work too hard. Bullets are useful... But don’t write out your whole bullet. Always have more to say than is written on your slide. Make sure you use large fonts. A rule of thumb is 16pt minimum for a small room, 20pt minimum for a large room. Use sans serif fonts (fonts which do not have little tails on the letters – exp. Arial not Times New Roman). Style is important… But don’t choose complex backgrounds that make it hard to find your content. Always use either light text on a dark background or dark text on a light background. Red and Green are bad colors for text. Always, always, always double check all spelling – nothing makes you look less professional than spelling and grammatical errors. Graphics add variety... And can make many points better than text. Keep graphics simple and always build them as you make the point of the graphic. Animation, while fun, is distracting to the audience. They stop listening to you and start trying to figure out what is going on. Avoid clipart that doesn’t help you make your point. Decorations are pure distraction Simple style Clear text Meaningful graphics Great slides

11 11 Notes on Slides Intro and Agenda slides Names on Intro slide Agenda slides optional in this kind of presentation Less is more 1-2 minutes per slide minimum Speak to the slide, don’t skip over content High information to ink ratio Informative titles Clean 1-2 line bullets Graphics require time and explanation

12 12 Presenting Financials $ 17.4$ 169.7$ 943.1$ 4,630.9$12,603.0 $ 17.4$ 149.5$ 502.4$ 2,292.0$ 4,584.0 $ 0$ 20.3$ 440.7$ 2,338.9$ 8,019.0 $ 8.0$ 75.2$ 366.6$ 1,500.9$ 4,998.0 $(88.5)$(312.3)$(241.3)$ 264.6$ 2,599.7 20062007200820092010 Total Revenue -1,000 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 9,000 Product Revenue License Revenue Gross Profit EBITDA $ in 1,000’s Product Revenue Licensing Revenue Gross Profit EBITDA Revenue drivers Breakeven

13 13 Delivery Styles EducatorTeachingAcademic settings Business conferences Introducing complex new material EvangelistPersuadingConsultant to client Change maker to management team Legal settings/Some political settings MotivatorInciting ActionKey note speeches Motivational workshops Political campaign speeches SalespersonClosing the DealSales calls, Trade show Fundraising meeting Business plan competition Presenter’s RoleGoalSituations/Material

14 14 Delivery Tools Voice Clarity Volume Pace Body Language Eye contact Movement Gestures

15 15 Useful Practice Techniques Divide up the presentation and practice sections Practice in front of the mirror Recruit at least two test audiences Use tools PowerPoint’s timer Tape recorder Video

16 Handling Q&A When interrupted during the presentation Answer concisely Bring the audience attention back to the presentation Take control of your time After the presentation Really listen to the question One team member take the lead Be concise – answer the question directly Work as a team – a second team member can add a brief comment 16

17 17 Summary: Specifics for your Situation Content – sell the business Versus describing product or service Structure Solution to a problem Momentum evidence Return on investment Slides 7-10 maximum for a 10 minute presentation Graphics to illustrate product and milestones, present financials and market size Delivery Salesperson, closing style Work the transitions, especially the handoffs between team members

18 18 Thank you! Waverly Deutsch 773-612-1188

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