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Presented by: Illinois State Board of Education Nutrition Programs Division Webpage: 217/782-2491.

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1 Presented by: Illinois State Board of Education Nutrition Programs Division Webpage: Email: 217/782-2491

2 Agenda  What is CEO?  Overview IL Demographics  Timeline, Outreach & IL Resources  Impacts on Other Programs  Data Comparison

3 What is CEO?  Section 104(a) of the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 amended the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act to provide an alternative to household eligibility applications for free and reduced price meals in high poverty Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) (or districts) and schools.  CEO is a 4-year reimbursement option for eligible high poverty LEAs and schools.  An LEA may participate in CEO for some or all schools in the LEA.

4 To be eligible for CEO, a school must:  Have a minimum level (40%) ‘Identified Students’ as of April 1 in the year prior to implementing the option;  Agree to serve free lunches AND breakfasts to all students for up to four consecutive years;  Agree to cover with non-Federal funds any costs of providing free meals to all students above amounts provided in Federal assistance;  Not collect free and reduced price applications from households in participating schools during the period of participation in the CEO;  Count total breakfasts and lunches served to students; and  NOT be a residential child care institution (RCCI) as that term is set forth in the definition of “School” in 7 CFR 210.2.

5 Non-Federal Funding Sources 5  Only necessary if the total amount of Federal reimbursement through the option does not cover the costs of serving all students free meals.  Any funds other than Federal reimbursement available to the nonprofit school food service account may be used.  The non-Federal funds used to cover any excess meal costs through CEO may not be used to meet other Federal requirements.  Examples: Any portion of State revenue matching funds that exceeds the minimum requirement established in 7 CFR 210.17. Profits from a la carte sales. In-kind contributions funds from outside sources such as volunteer services or a cash donation.

6 What are Identified Students? Identified Students are: directly certified for free meals on the basis of their participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and the extension of benefits to students within the same household. (Electronic Direct Certification System in Illinois) Homeless (certified by homeless coordinator listing) Runaway (certified by runaway coordinator listing) migrant youth (certified by the migrant coordinator listing) Head Start (certified by the Head Start coordinator listing) foster child (certified by means other than Household Application – ex. DCFS) It does not include students who are categorically eligible based on submission of a household eligibility application.

7 Claiming Meals in CEO  Schools in CEO will be provided with a FREE & PAID claiming percentage based on the number of Identified Students as of April 1 multiplied by a USDA established claiming factor.  The school will keep track of daily meal counts and use that claiming percentage to determine the number of meals they claim as free each month and the number of meals they will claim as paid each month.

8 Meal Counting and Claiming  Daily counts of the total number of lunches and breakfasts is required.  Schools participating in CEO no longer will need to track meals by Free, Reduced, & Paid categories.  Complete the CEO Meal Count Edit Form monthly for each school site.  Use the data from the CEO Meal Count Edit Form for each site to complete the Claim for Reimbursement each month.

9 Demographics of IL SY 2011-2012  Sponsors: 1184  Sites: 4413  Total Enrollment: 2,000,000+  Sponsors: 37  Sites: 160  Total Enrollment: 55,704 Total NSLP and/or SBPCEO

10 Timeline/outreach/resources  We have a wide range of resources that we have developed to assist schools in determining if CEO is an option for them and in implementing CEO  Each year we run a list of schools that MAY be eligible for CEO.

11 Timeline:  April 1- determine number of Identified Students  June 30 th – application to participate in CEO is due  Start of 2012-2013 School Year – (if approved for CEO) begin implementation of new CEO program.  The CEO program is for 4 years, however, if after implementing it for 1 school year it is determined that the program does not work for your district, you can withdraw from the program and go back to traditional meal applications, verification, meal counting and claiming.

12 Outreach  Each year we send an email notification to districts with school(s) that MAY be eligible for CEO.  We conduct annual web-based trainings on CEO  Worksheets are available on our website to assist schools in determining if financially CEO makes sense for them.  Additional resources are available on our website.

13 Online resources:

14 IL CEO Worksheet  To assist schools in Illinois evaluate the CEO versus Traditional Method, we have developed a worksheet for schools to use to determine if CEO would be beneficial to them.  Important Note: The worksheet only shows the difference in reimbursement amounts and does NOT identify any added value and/or savings to the school due to the certification and verification processes no longer required. 14

15 15 Blank sample form

16 16 Example to show schools how this worksheet can be used to help them. ***keep in mind this only shows differences in reimbursement, not all costs associated with operating the NSLP & SBP

17 Notification to Households  A sample letter to households for CEO schools is available on our website at: tmls/nslp_hhfka_implementatio n.htm tmls/nslp_hhfka_implementatio n.htm  We also trained that if any school districts had some schools that are in CEO and some not participating in CEO, you are required to provide the traditional letter to households, household application and instructions to each of those households and certify applications as usual at those non-CEO schools.

18 Meal Count Edit Form We have developed a new meal count edit form for schools participating in CEO, which is available on our website.

19 Sample  This meal count edit form auto calculates claim numbers, with some basic info entered into the form by the school.

20 Impact on Other Programs 20  Participation in CEO impacts other areas of schools.  It is important that schools discuss all impacts with their administration/school board/program administrators, so that they are aware and can prepare for such impacts.  Remember, that schools/districts, that operate via CEO, will NOT have a meal benefit application process, and therefore will NOT have an individual student eligibility status based on the Household Eligibility Application for NSLP.  For example, you will not know if Student A is eligible for Free, Reduced-Price, or Paid meal benefits.

21 Impactson Other Programs  Not having individual eligibility for each student MAY impact other programs in your state:  General State Aid  Fee Waivers  Title I Funds  E-rate  Data Collection Example: no individual eligibility to tie with test scores Example: Student Information Systems – tracking of a wide array of info for your State Board of Education

22 Title I, Part A (Title I) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 22  The United States Department of Education issued guidance related to Title I and CEO participating schools.  A copy of the letter is available online at  For question related to Title I, please contact staff in the Innovation and Improvement Division of the Illinois State Board of Education at (217) 524-4832.

23 Title I and E-Rate Information: We developed Q&A’s for schools related to general CEO info and other programs that CEO may impact.

24 Illinois School Fee Waiver Process and CEO Participating School/District 24  Under Illinois law, school districts are required to waive charges for textbooks and other fees for children whose families are unable to afford them, including children eligible for the federal free lunch and breakfast program, and for any other extenuating circumstances for which the school board will waive fees as communicated in its adopted policy.  As CEO participating schools will NOT have eligibility status by individual student, their option are:  Waive all fees  Provide the Alternative Household Form – ISBE developed (see next slide)

25 To assist schools, if they require socioeconomic data, we coordinated with other departments of the ISBE to develop a form for schools. Sample: Alternative Household Form – to be used for gathering individual socioeconomic status

26 Claim comparisons: Data compared total breakfasts claimed and total lunches claimed for CEO schools ONLY, prior to CEO and during participation in CEO. Aug.-Oct. 2010 Aug.-Oct. 2011 DifferencePercent Change Breakfast915,3751,111,520+196,145+21.43% Lunch1,774,0281,982,075+208,047+11.73% ***Data for Aug.-Oct. 2011, does not include all claims (10% of the CEO schools have not submit claims for this period of time as of todays date)

27 Q&A and CEO Webpage link Illinois State Board of Education 217-782-2491 Illinois State Board of Education 217-782-2491

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