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Lambda State Orientation for Chapter Leaders Communications Committee 2012.

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1 Lambda State Orientation for Chapter Leaders Communications Committee 2012

2 Welcome! Sue Spurgetis, Chair Lambda State Communications and Publicity Committee Pat DeWitt, Editor Lambda State Newscaster Jean Tulin, Lambda State Webmaster

3 International web site on p. ii and page 33. Table of Contents on pages iv and v Availability of Graphics Disk/CDs on page 2 Duties of chapter communications chairs and committees on pages 4-5 Newsletter information on page 7-8 and 13-17 Chapter yearbook information on page 18 Electronic Communications information page 19-22 Public Relations information page 23-27 Copyright and Libel Laws on page 28 Facts about Delta Kappa Gamma beginning on page 29

4 Guidelines for State Organization and Chapter Communications and Publicity Committee Chairs revised 2012 What should chapters communicate? p. 1-2 History, structure, and purposes of the Society (yearbook, website) Information of all activities and programs of the chapter and its members (newsletter, yearbook, website, submissions to the Newscaster) Recognition of honors and achievements by members (newsletter, website, yearbook, Newscaster) Timely information about Society opportunities or legislative matters (newsletter, website, email alerts or reminders) Information about innovations in the profession and the classroom (website, newsletter, submissions to the Bulletin) Information about DKG and your chapter for prospective members or the public (international brochures, chapter brochure, media articles)

5 Duties of Communications Committee Chair May include these activities: (p. 4) Meet with your committee to decide which activities you will pursue and who will be responsible Keep the membership informed of all functions, projects and activities of chapter, state, and international events Utilize technology as an optimum communication tool Assume responsibility, directly or indirectly, for providing the chapter newsletter and, if possible, a chapter website

6 Duties of Communications Committee Chair (p. 4 cont.) Send Chapter Newsletter to Executive Secretary Nancy Polios ( and also to your Lambda State Communications Committee contact member (she will contact you later this summer with her email address.) Note: this information is different from international guidelines p. 4 Publish a chapter yearbook and/or brochure. Publish chapter news with local media, when possible. File the “Communications and Publicity Committee Biennial Report – Chapter” on time (Feb. 1) in even-numbered years. Submit chapter news for the Newscaster to Pat DeWitt. (see enclosure)

7 Please send Chapter News, New Initiates and Coordinating Council News to: Pat DeWitt, Editor 5159 Norwich Dr. Rockford, IL 61107-2427 Phone: 815.621.1330 E-mail Pat at: Deadline Dates: May 1 – August 1 – November 1 – February 1

8 Print communication Newsletter Brochure Yearbook

9 Graphics Disk/CDs – page 2 CD from Society Headquarters Download from Society Web site (Library -> DKG Graphics) Right-click – save image as

10 Newsletter on page 7-8 One of the most important ways a chapter can maintain good communications is through a regularly published newsletter. Members want information fast – a newsletter should be a quick read. Use headings so readers can scan quickly for information. Write it right – get to the point, use active verbs, find a dynamic way to say the same thing. TIPS for WRITING COPY on pages 13 – 14 Newsletter Style Sheet on pages 15 - 16

11 Newsletter on page 7 - 8 Contents of newsletter A chapter newsletter might include some or all of the following: A header that includes – The society name – The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International – The Mission and Vision Statements – Chapter, Lambda State, Illinois – Date – Volume and issue number – Editor’s name

12 Newsletter, cont. p. 7-8 Meeting information – location with directions, date, day and hour, program, special events, hostesses Other important features – Chapter president’s name and message – Committee reports (consider using an email loop of officers and committee chairs, and requesting information 2 weeks before newsletter is sent) – Red roses for honors and awards to members – Birthdays – Legislative update – Photos that tell a story – Important dates and deadlines – Membership changes – Lambda State happenings – Articles about Society programs and projects, e.g. scholarships, conventions, initiatives – Previous meeting notes

13 Newsletter, cont. p. 8 Distribution – Regular postal mail Prepaid envelopes Make labels for the year Email buddy – Email Make one list for chapter and one for state mailing Use Adobe pdf format – School Mail – Publish on chapter web site Use Adobe pdf format

14 Newsletter, cont. p. 8 Who should write/edit the newsletter? – Defined in Chapter Rules – Communications and Publicity Committee – Designated editor – Secretary – President (not recommended by International)

15 Chapter Newsletter 2010-2012 biennial report indicates that 57 of 60 reporting chapters (out of 78 total chapters) have a newsletter. Most are distributed via email or USPS mail. Some are distributed during the meeting. Time for sharing your newsletter format.

16 Chapter Brochures 28 Lambda State chapters have a chapter brochure or fact sheet. A brochure can be easily set up in MS Word, using 2 or 3 columns in landscape Get Society information from the websites Use pictures and DKG graphics for more of a punch Keep prospective members in mind – tell about your programs or projects as well as Society opportunities Sharing time ……..

17 Yearbook – page 18 Include the following – The Society name – The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International – Chapter and Lambda State name – Current biennium or year date – Date of organization – List of officers – List of committees

18 Yearbook – page 18 Include the following – List of members, addresses, telephone, e-mail, type of membership – Meeting dates, time, place, map or directions, and program – Past chapter presidents – Chapter projects – Birthdays of members – Mission Statement – The Purposes – Other information that would be helpful

19 Yearbook – page 18 Consider including the following Lambda State information, which can be found on the state website, – List of Lambda State organization officers and state organization committees (Society business > directory) – List of Lambda State organization founders (History) – Dates for Lambda State organization meetings (Society Business > Calendar)

20 Yearbook – page 18 Consider including the following international information – List of members of International Administrative Board – List of Founders – Date the Society was founded – How to communicate with the Society via mail, phone, fax, Web site, E-mail – The Delta Kappa Gamma Song – Dates of next International convention and regional conference

21 Yearbook – page 18 What size of book? How to publish? – Self-publish – Professional – Who will collect information? – Possible timeline

22 Break - 20 minutes Take care of necessities! Fill out your survey Browse through newsletters, brochures, or yearbooks

23 Public Relations – Goals and Benefits p. 23 Create familiarity with and good reputation of the Delta Kappa Gamma name Create awareness of activities and good will in the community Cultivate good will with news media Help attract and retain new members

24 Public Relations – Suggestions p. 23-27 Establish a personal contact with media representatives and acquaint them with DKG Note the names of education reporters of local newspaper and TV stations Invite media representatives to attend Society events, especially those dealing with topical issues or involving high profile experts Prepare a “Press kit” (like a sales packet, except for media contacts) p. 26-27

25 Public Relations - Suggestions, cont. Learn to write an effective press release (p. 25-26) When speaking with the media, give short, succinct answers. Never go “off the record” or make light of a serious situation. Follow guidelines for the best times to contact media representatives (p. 27) Don't forget local school district newsletters as places to publish

26 Objectives of Electronic Communication To provide information about the Society and its events to all members To encourage and exchange ideas and information To enhance visibility of the Society as a presence in the international community

27 Chapter Web watcher Encourage chapter president to appoint a web watcher who is to check the Lambda State and International websites regularly and report at meetings. (See enclosure)

28 Chapter Web watcher Facilitate the availability of the two issues of Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin that are available online as well as the online summer issue of Delta Kappa Gamma News. Copies of this particular issue should be made available to members without internet access.

29 Chapter Websites 10 Lambda State chapters have websites, 8 of which are linked to International. Steps to a chapter site – Design the site – see Guidelines – Request posting to International server – Request Certification from International

30 Delta Kappa Gamma Society International’s Policy for Electronic Communication Delta Kappa Gamma Society International’s Policy for Electronic Communication The policy provides: – Assistance and guidance in design, implementation, and management of electronic communication Internet and World Wide Web (Website) Electronic mail Databases CD Rom Audio and Visual recordings Photographs Digitized Information

31 Society Websites All websites will contain the Society Purposes and Mission Statement Information will be accurate, current, and useful Websites will not be used for political or religious purposes

32 Society Websites The home page will be dated as to the latest revision of any page Chapter websites will include no direct advertising or fundraising promotions – A one-sentence acknowledgment of donation of an electronic site may be included

33 How much will site cost? $15 (one-time startup fee) $36 yearly fee (10 GB Web site) Each additional 10 GB cost $24 a year

34 Eligibility for Chapter Website to link to International Must adhere to the standards adopted by the Society If in compliance, chapter sites may apply to be linked to International Site

35 Locating the paperwork and fees – Forms -> Web site forms – Web Space Rental Request, Form 74 (MS Word) – $15 setup fee and $36 annual fee for 10 GB – Address will be assigned. – Certified Link Request, Form 72 (MS Word)

36 What can be on a Chapter site? Home page A calendar of upcoming events and meetings A history of your chapter or state organization Online newsletter Program and project ideas Press releases and photos announcing events, projects and programs Member feedback A guestbook (be careful….remember that anyone can sign it!!) An email directory of officers or members Much, much more!!

37 Programs to help make site FrontpageDreamweaver Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Or CutePDF (save files to pdf format) An FTP program to upload to International server IPSWITCH WS_FTP Or CuteFTP

38 Name of Chapter Sites Alpha Delta Alpha Rho Chapter Beta Chapter Beta Eta Chapter Delta Epsilon Chapter m m Gamma Chapter Gamma Iota Chapter Omicron Chapter

39 Other options has a tiny bit of advertising, so no link on International is possible. You can invite members to view and have access at different levels (edit, view on certain pages). Events on calendar will be sent as reminders to those listed to receive email. Use to design a site has no advertising so a link on International is possible. No calendar reminders or setting of access levels.

40 Questions? Evaluation ….

41 Additional Information from Guidelines

42 Duties of chapter communications committees on page 5 Chapter rules should include information about duties of the committee. Duties may include: Support the efforts of chapter members and groups to communicate effectively with one another Seek opportunities to publicize the Society, its Purposes, its programs of work and noteworthy achievements of its members Prepare advance stories about events and activities. Help to arrange media coverage of special events

43 Duties of chapter communications committees on page 5 Help to incorporate news of international and state organization news of the Society into chapter programs Keep a file of state organization and international publications for reference Send news of chapter programs, projects and achievements and members’ honors and achievements to the Newscaster editor, Pat DeWitt

44 Duties of chapter communications committees on page 5 Serve as resource person for the information services administrator by sending names and backgrounds of capable writers for the Bulletin and well-written, interesting and unpublished manuscripts of members for consideration. Encourage members to write articles for the Bulletin and submit them to the Bulletin editor.

45 Duties of Communications Committee Chair Keep membership informed of all functions, projects and activities of international, state organization and chapter events Acquaint members with the opportunities within the Society for personal and professional growth. Promote unity and cohesiveness among the three levels of the Society Maintain a relationship with community resources to promote positive public relations.

46 Duties of Communications Committee Chair Utilize technology as an optimum communication tool. Create quality professional publications. Assume responsibility, directly or indirectly, for providing the chapter newsletter and, if possible, a chapter website. Maintain close, working relationship with the chapter president, editor and webmaster. Disseminate copies of chapter publication (i.e. chapter newsletter) to the state executive secretary and state committee liaison File the “Communications and Publicity Committee Biennial Report – Chapter” on time in even-numbered years

47 Verbal Communication Informal conversation Mentoring members Telephone calls, use of telephone tree Welcoming new members

48 Electronic Communication Chapter website DKGnetwork or other social network Email DKG and Lambda State websites Texting, tweeting

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