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A Parent’s Guide to KS2 SAT’S

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1 A Parent’s Guide to KS2 SAT’S
St. Thomas’ CE Junior School - Featherstone

2 Aims To know what children will be tested on and the format of the tests. What and when the tests are. To know what the levels mean. To know how to help your child(ren)

3 What are SAT’s? Standard Attainment Tests
Taken by pupils in Y2 and Y6 and formerly Y9. They have been around since 1995. Your children will have also been assessed at the end of EYFS against National Criteria.

4 When are the SAT’s? Week of Monday 12th May to Thursday 15th May 2014
Children across the country are all tested at the same time.

5 What do the tests show? The idea is to show what children have learnt and retained. They show progress from one Key Stage to the next.

6 Can my child fail a SAT’s test?
No. The tests simply show what levels the children are working at.

7 What are the children tested on?
English and Maths and possibly Science. English – Reading Test (1 hour) Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and Handwriting Test (2 papers) Writing is assessed by teacher assessment Maths – Three tests ( 2 x 45 minutes) and one mental maths test, (quick fire questions) Science – teacher assessed or sampled in June

8 SEN / Gifted Children Children with SEN may qualify for additional time or use of a reader / scribe. If this is appropriate for your child we will inform you. Level 6 tests for some higher ability children.


10 What do the levels mean? It is expected that the majority of 11 year old children will achieve Level 4 by the end of Year 6. However, for some children achieving Level 3 is a real success for that particular individual. A child achieving Level 5 is working at a high level. They may be entered for Level 6 papers.

11 How can parents help? Attendance in school. Support with homework.
Knowledge of multiplication tables. We’ll prepare the children and inform you of further details nearer the time. SAT’s are just a part of Year 6, for us Year 6 is about preparing the children for High School.

12 Thank you for listening.
Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the tests or any other aspect of Year 6 at the end of the meeting.

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