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What is a WIKI? Brief introduction to the tool for participatory document writing.

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2 What is a WIKI? Brief introduction to the tool for participatory document writing

3 A group of 10 scientists spread all over the world working together on a joint proposal… A group of program administrators developing common procedures on how to handle programs or office visitors… A secretary assisting five scientists, organizing and facilitating their travel and work plans... Laboratory technicians developing manuals of laboratory procedures… How do they handle these tasks (at CIMMYT)? Imagine the situation:

4 Now, imagine the situation: …all members of the group have instant access to the most up-to-date version of the document… At any moment in time they can: make changes see who is making changes be alerted whenever the document is changed recover any of the previous versions attach any reference materials (files) link to other pages / documents / files print, send and export the document in a user- friendly format

5 …all that without knowing much about web page creation, languages, technical issues, etc…

6 A wiki is a collaborative website which can be directly edited by anyone with access to it. Public Wiki x Private Wiki A wiki is essentially a program (database) that allows users to create, comment on and change one another's text in a simple markup language using a web browser. Development started in mid 90s. Today wiki is increasingly adopted by businesses as collaborative software. Some companies use wikis as a replacement for static Intranets. Common uses include project communication, Intranets, and documentation, initially for technical users. Wiki can help!

7 What do wiki critics say? “These systems could be easily tampered with.” “ It sounds like offering free spray cans next to a grey concrete wall.” But is it really happening? Is there a way of protection? What do wiki proponents say? “The community of users can catch malicious content and correct it immediately.” “ There are enough examples that it works very well.”

8 What does that mean for CIMMYT? CIMMYT’s wiki is a private one. (Do you already have your username and password?) A critical mass of users is needed. If you DON’T HAVE serious commitment of all group members to use wiki (instead of email attachments), than don’t use wiki.

9 Wiki is not a repository for documents … Some examples of public wiki spaces: The most well-known wiki website: Join wiki family! Become a happy ‘wiker’ !

10 To login into CIMMYT’s wiki go to: To learn basics about CIMMYT’s wiki see the flash tutorial !

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