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Project MORE, Year 1 Fostoria Intermediate Elementary School Grades 3-6 2012-2013.

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1 Project MORE, Year 1 Fostoria Intermediate Elementary School Grades 3-6 2012-2013

2 Copyright 2009 2 Fostoria City Schools District Demographic Information 1857 Student Enrollment Longfellow- Pre-K- K FIES- Grades 3-6 Riley- Grades 1-2Fostoria JSHS Grades 7-12 District 77.83% free and reduced FIES 82.55% free and reduced African American- 5.5%Hispanic- 13.5% Multi-Racial 23.2%White- 57.2% LEP- 2.6%SWD- 11.7% District Buildings Ethnicity FIES FIES Enrollment Economics 571 students

3 2011-2012 OAA Data Reading 3rd Grade- 69.3% 4 th Grade- 82.0% 5 th Grade- 62.1% 6 th Grade- 76.0% Value Added- Met expected growth for grades 4-6 3rd Grade Guarantee Need for all 3 rd graders to score 390 or above Mobility 69 students have enrolled since the start of the year Students who are continuously enrolled in our district score 10% higher than students who move into the district What the Data tells us Copyright 2009 3 Why Project MORE? A NEED FOR AN INTERVENTION DURING THE DAY OAA TEST SCORES

4 95 students were serviced over the course of the 2012-2013 school year Selection was determined based on OAA test scores: Limited and Basic 8 students exited (3 passed the 3 rd grade fall OAA; 5 moved out of district) 4 Copyright 2009 FIES Students in Project MORE 3-6 th graders GradeTotal Students/IEP 3rd35/7 4th18/4 5th16/7 6th6/2 TOTALS75/20=95 students

5 4 day lesson plan Fluency Book Lesson Before Reading During Reading After Reading Graphic Organizer Comprehension check Game 5 Copyright 2009 Our Project MORE Program

6 Recruited EVERYWHERE! Staff Visited study halls Classes that require volunteers (Government, DEKA, CBI, Catholic schools, etc..) Service groups (Kiwanis, Rotary, previous mentors) Letters to parents Older students (4-12 grades) *Teacher recommendation 6 Copyright 2009 Volunteer Recruitment

7 150 volunteers by end of year Staff Parents Relatives of staff/students Community members Volunteers needed for Mentoring Filing Paperwork Copying Making materials Various tasks 7 Copyright 2009 Roles of Volunteers

8 Snacks and drinks Schedule posted Thank you gifts Thank you dinner Newsletters (every other month) End of year party with mentors and mentees 8 Copyright 2009 Appreciating Volunteers

9 Completed levels we needed before we started Retired teacher set up the system Volunteer cleans them out Two volunteers maintain copies once a week One volunteer works on folders almost daily Book and materials, master copies, consumables in each file 9 Copyright 2009 File Cabinets

10 Hanging file for each book, color coded by levels Packets in front, originals, then consumables More copies of ones we use often (H-S) When a student finishes a lesson, we replace the consumables and put it in the front of the file 10 Copyright 2009 File Folders

11 DIBELING Dibeled a student when they were due to begin Benchmarked three times a year Kept in tote to organize (by grade level and teacher) 11 Copyright 2009 Assessments

12 Teachers gave me their first and second time choices I sent out times I had volunteers available Used Microsoft Word to create the schedule (table) Posted the schedule in the room with the monthly calendar Students and teachers got note card with schedule on it Corrected/changed weekly TimeStudentTeacherMentor 9:00Matthew5JMrs. D 9:00Ramiro5JMrs. F 9:00Aryah5JMrs. B 9:30Gabe6WMrs. C 9:30A’livea5LMrs. Z 9:30Cashara5LTimothy 9:30Brian5LZabian 12 Copyright 2009 Schedule

13 Students and/or mentors get their folder Check the schedule Take a seat Students: shade in calendar and practice fluency Mentors: Look over lesson Student absent: we pull another student Mentor absent: we take the student or get another mentor 13 Copyright 2009 Routine

14 Make games cards on thicker, colored paper Ask for help Be organized Be flexible We can not make everyone happy Dibeling takes longer than we plan Have packets ready before we start Schedule a lunch and planning time Volunteers need trained in more than just our program (how to read, hygiene lessons, oral language skills around students) Copyright 2009 14 Things we learned

15 Contact businesses (churches, factories, etc.) and colleges over the summer Create a worksheet and policy for student (4-12 graders) mentors Turn multi-sessions plans into 4 day lessons Buy plastic folders Place labels on the front of each folder (student name, picture, and schedule) Copyright 2009 15 Changes for Year Two

16 Have monthly meetings with snacks that offer the opportunity to retrain or give suggestions to mentors Have meeting with students who are being tutored to establish ground rules Hold informational meeting for parents whose student(s) could benefit from Project MORE to gain volunteers As a student finishes a lesson, complete a parent report and fill in the book tracking form Students who return the signed parent report, will receive a coupon from an area business Copyright 2009 16 Things we learned continued

17 Pam Berrier Fostoria Intermediate Elementary School 1202 HL Ford Dr. Fostoria, OH 44830 419-436-4125 17 Copyright 2009 Questions? Need More Information? Feel free to contact us.

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