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What is your Sports Medicine IQ?. Number 1 Name the longest bone in the body.

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1 What is your Sports Medicine IQ?

2 Number 1 Name the longest bone in the body.

3 1. Femur

4 Number 2: What are the smallest bones in the body? Hint: There are six of them.

5 2. Malleus, Stapes, Incus

6 Number 3 Name the longest muscle in the body.

7 3. Sartorius

8 Number 4 Fast twitch and slow twitch refer to which type of body tissues?

9 4. Muscle Tissue

10 Number 5 Normal blood pressure for an adult:

11 5. BP of 120/80

12 Number 6 Most common type of sports injury is…

13 6. Sprain or Strain

14 Number 7 Name a specific type of heat illness.

15 7. Heatstroke Benjamin Poole, Royal Marine, 26 – After 3 weeks of day and night exercises, went on punishment run – 55-lb pack, 18 miles, 2.5mph, 7hr max – Dead of heatstroke

16 Number 8 What ingredients are found in an ideal sports drink?

17 8. Electrolytes

18 Number 9 What is the ACL and where is it found?

19 9. Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Knee

20 Number 10 Who is Stephen Strasburg and what body part did he have surgery on?

21 10. RH Nationals Pitcher, elbow “Tommy John” ulnar collateral ligament

22 Number 11 What is the difference between a sprain and a strain?

23 11. Muscle-bone(tendon) vs. bone-bone (ligament)

24 Number 12 Define Contusion

25 12. Bruise

26 Number 13 Why is the statement “Don’t hit with your head down” important, and what sport does it pertain to?

27 13. The only case where shouldn’t use your head…, football 5o 5o $75,000 fine

28 Number 14 How did Gatorade get its name?

29 14. Florida Gators 1966 – Florida Gators Coach Ray Graves and the Orange Bowl Kansas City Chiefs 1983 – Official NFL sports drink

30 Number 15 What body movement do the hamstring muscle perform?

31 15. knee flexion and hip extension

32 Number 16 What major league baseball player recently recorded his 3000 th career hit?

33 16. Jeter

34 Number 17 What does RICE stand for?

35 17. Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate Recommended for immediate treatment of soft tissue injuries

36 Number 18 In general who has the higher percent body fat, men or women? What are the ideal ranges?

37 18. Women; W:19-26, M:10-20

38 Number 19 What bone is fractured in a boxer’s fracture?

39 19. second and/or third metacarpal transverse neck fracture

40 Number 20 How many chambers does the human heart contain?

41 20. Four

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