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What Do I Bring to the Table?. Becoming the ‘right person’

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1 What Do I Bring to the Table?

2 Becoming the ‘right person’

3 Preparation for the Blessing

4 Examine, Adjust, Repair Your Self-Portrait






10 Third Realm of Heart

11 Second Realm Of Heart

12 First Realm of Heart

13 Are you capable of building the marriage of your dreams?

14 Self-Reflection Self-Awareness Life Goals

15 Write down three adjectives that best describe your character

16 The most important preparation is internal: 1.Motivation 2.Maturity 3.Capacity to Love 4.Faith

17 1. Motivation

18 What is your motivation to be Blessed?

19 You want someone to love you

20 You think you should

21 You’re lonely

22 You want to be happy

23 How many people are scared about the whole thing?

24 Marriage is our spiritual path



27 Most spiritual growth happens in and thru’ relationships Maturity is measured in our ability to love

28 2. Maturity


30 integrity and conscience

31 self-discipline and self-control

32 managing your feelings

33 How do you handle…… disappointment? loneliness? rejection? stress? anger?

34 How do you deal with challenge?

35 How do you deal with boredom?

36 What tools do I use to maintain my spiritual and emotional health?

37 What do you do when someone hurts your feelings? Or disagrees with you?

38 How are you at forgiving?

39 awareness of others


41 How are you at sacrifice?

42 OMG!

43 deferring gratification

44 marshmallow test

45 Those who resisted temptation were reaching their goals socially competent, embraced challenges, coped well with frustration, confident, trustworthy dependable

46 We have baggage


48 family history

49 past hurts

50 mistakes

51 misconceptions about marriage



54 All our needs will get met, always


56 Bad habits get replaced by good habits as soon as you get married

57 bring them with you

58 Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it

59 “The strongest characteristic of a marriageable person is the habit of happiness.” Dr. M. Landis -

60 Can I be happy even when things don’t go my way? Do I usually count my blessings or do I count what’s missing? Do I often compare my situation to others?

61 We decide how happy or unhappy we will be

62 What kind of person are you ?

63 Attitude of Gratitude

64 Happy couples share exaggerated views of their spouses

65 Maturity is really about being able to take responsibility

66 Responsible Attitude: Committed to growing my heart and maturing my character to its full potential

67 Next Stage… Committed to helping my future partner become the best they can be

68 3. Capacity for Love

69 loving actions

70 acceptance

71 assume the best

72 listen for the heart

73 look for the gold

74 real love

75 commitment

76 Can you stick to something or to someone thru’ thick and thin?

77 4. Faith

78 basic sense of core beliefs

79 What nourishes and inspires me?

80 What do I know is true?

81 life of faith

82 Rely on God

83 compulsion for completeness is at the core of each of us

84 We hope our partners will complete our deep need for significance

85 Not even the most loving and Godly spouse can always fulfill our deepest needs for love and significance

86 need to rely on God

87 God-Centered Marriage



90 develop a personal relationship with God

91 pay attention to your actions and reactions

92 practice loving

93 go beyond your comfort zone

94 work on important relationships

95 Marriage requires flexibility, acceptance and humor

96 life is crazy

97 people always change

98 stuff happens

99 “No matter how good your partner is, you will not find his or her value unless you have within you the quality to do so.” - True Father

100 What am I bringing to the table?



103 always more to learn

104 Fourth Realm

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