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SOFIMUN ‘2008 Sofia International Model United Nations.

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1 SOFIMUN ‘2008 Sofia International Model United Nations

2 Sofia, BULGARIA, 20 – 27 July 2008  We have the ultimate honor to announce you that in the beautiful capitol of Bulgaria, Sofia will be held the first edition of S SS SOFIMUN- Bulgaria’s first International Model UN conference!  We have the pleasure to address you all to take part in this amazing event- everyone is invited!

3  Want to know more and more about UN?  Want to be delegate of a country in UN council/program and take important decisions for the world?  Want to shape the world?  Want to collaborate with top students and young professionals?  Want to meet people from all over the world? Then, the MUN conferences are just made for you!

4   The first International MUN conference in Sofia, Bulgaria- SOF-I-MUN !   One week UN councils/programs simulation conference with over 100 top students and young professionals from all over the world!

5 Which UN councils/programs will be simulated? UN Security Council (UNSC) UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) UN Environment Program (UNEP) UN Conference on Disarmament (UNCD) UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

6 As participant, you will be provided with:  Hotel accommodation  Halls for every council  Conference materials  Additional program events  Special diploma for participating in the conference.

7  Organization Committee of SOFIMUN  Executive Committee  The first Bulgaria's youth media “SvetU”  The UN Association of Bulgaria  Our Secretary General Mr. Marcel van der Stroom  Our International chairs  Our National chairs

8  Check out our website at w ww  Read the information you need  Check the c cc conditions for application and participation (participation fee, documents, etc.)  Apply using the on line form for registration! ALSO: See our forum at w ww

9 UNISCA UNISCA (United Nations International Students Conference of Amsterdam) ZAGIMUN ZAGIMUN (Zagreb International Model United Nations) GIMUN GIMUN (Geneva International Model United Nations) THESSISMUN THESSISMUN (Thessaloniki International Model United Nations) MILMUN MILMUN (Milan International Model United Nations) MUNUSAL MUNUSAL (International Model United Nations, University of Salamanca, Spain) VIMUN VIMUN (Vienna International Model United Nations) MUNEX MUNEX (Model United Nations at the University of Essex)

10 The UNDP program in Bulgaria The Faculty of Journalism and Mass communication, Sofia University Web studio “SvetU Design” THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


12 BULGARIA - meet you there!  Land of roses, wonderful sea and mountains.  1 11 13 ages of history.  Amazing folklore and opera music and traditions  World popular and world champion in many sports.  Unique culture with 9 UNESCO protected objects, over 22 000 museums, 50 theatres and 54 universities.  Homeland of the yogurt, rose water, the inventor of the computer and the Parkinson vaccine.  Member of European Union since 2007  Member of NATO since 2004  Member of UN since 1955

13 Meet Sofia- the guest city of SOFIMUN!  Capitol of Bulgaria, with 1,349 km² surface area and near 2 million citizens.  A city with 7000 years of history.  Neo-Baroque, Neo-Rococo, Neo-Renaissance, Neoclassicism and Vienna Secession architecture.  Excellent developed public transport, including tramways, trolleybuses, buses, metro.  16 universities, 15 theatres, 15 museums, 50 galleries.  One of the cheapest cities in European Union, but also proud with its high quality of food and drinks of any type.  A nightlife city- great variety of clubs, disco’s and bars.

14  w ww  w ww 

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