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Luis Borges Gouveia, Feliz Gouveia, Nuno Fernandes UX at UFPUV: Put people using Sakai for their context.

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1 Luis Borges Gouveia, Feliz Gouveia, Nuno Fernandes UX at UFPUV: Put people using Sakai for their context

2 Agenda The context Initial setting Activity Current setting The future

3 UFP location Portugal in Europe...

4 UFP location Portugal in Europe... Established in 24 june of 1128

5 UFP location Portugal in Europe... in south europe near Spain

6 UFP location Portugal in Europe... in south europe near Spain Porto has near 1.2 million people

7 UFP location Porto is in the north of Portugal 2nd portuguese biggest economic center Also known from its FCP football team and Port wine

8 University Fernando Pessoa Small university –5.000 students, 260 full-time academic staff, 140 supporting staff A young institution (started 1989/90, less than 20 years) Three faculties: –Health Sciences –Science and Technology –Social Sciences 20 undergraduate, and 30 graduate courses –(including bologna offers, MSc and PhD programs, post-doctoral offers )

9 A bit of history UFP e-learning initiative UFPUV pilot project UFPUV project UFPUV December 2004 June 2003 October 2005 Setember 2006 Choice of platform and technology Virtual University Use and platform integration Sakai 1.0 Sakai 2.x

10 Efforts to spread the word Creating a brand (UFP  UFP-UV) Create some promotion material & engaging in internal marketing efforts Promote users workshops with any teachers that want to use UFPUV Promote presentations with people from the university board being present Continue to do it when possible in innovative ways...

11 Some marketing A Blog & a Wiki page Stickies for students to place everywhere! A number of open events, workshops and tutorials Posters to place around the university Use of banners and buttons on university sites Create a logo for


13 Evolution of the pilot startDec-04Feb-05May-05July-05Sept-05 Courses21050677285 Projects2512344358 total41562101115143 Instructors15183570105 Students2580400550700938 total26854185857701043

14 What results? Version 1.0 was easy to run and use –Limited set of tools, but communication with students and resource sharing were priority –Assignments was the winner Reliable, stable for simple use Major problems: –I18N, character support, WebDAV issues

15 What was asked? Continuation of the project Integration with SIS, LDAP More tools –Test & Quizzes, Discussion tools –Group work, Grading tools Training, and e and b-learning strategies

16 The “production” phase Moving to Sakai 2.0, CentOS, MySQL 2 “clustered” Tomcat, new hardware LDAP authentication Course and student providers Hiring technical and support staff Getting physical space

17 Hardware...


19 Decisions LDAP for University members, providers for other users (partner Institutions) UFP specific roles for the providers Creation of course sites (upon instructor request); free creation of project sites; Daily sync with SIS, but students are not droped from Sakai

20 Decisions (1) Course names are provided by UFP There should be no “recycling” of course sites (between terms) Members cannot unjoin sites No site archival yet; instructors should unpublish sites

21 Evaluation so far (2.3.x) What was learned from support and meetings: –Need for content presentation (SCORM ?) –Site statistics, summary calendar, what’s new, and to do list tools –Need for Test & Quizzes tool (now we have) Group support and resource management

22 Usage patterns Announcements, Assignements and Resources heavily used Calendar used Chat not used, Discussion little used T&Q starting to be reliable Drop Box used in different (unexpected) ways

23 Current usage numbers Around 40% of instructors Around 60% of the students –Over 2600 students use UFPUV in one or more courses –200 courses with regular usage Around 20% of the UFP administrative staff also use Sakai

24 Access patterns (sample from 01/06 to 08/06) # Users# Sessions 135410 86720 31150 82100 18200 5604 users, 61740 sessions

25 Access patterns report from use --value Maximum simultaneous users (online evaluation) 255 Tools available (default)22-12 Tools available (for choice)28 Non available hours per week (including support window) Less than 1h Day with less accessessaturday

26 Usage patterns (daily use) (sample from 01/05 to 07/05)

27 Usage patterns (2006/07)



30 Some current year stats Unique users with UFPUV login: –First semester: 3335 (223 instructor, 3112 student) –Second semester: 3882 (289 instructor, 3593 student) Total user covered for academic year 2006/07: 87% –4322 (313 instructor, 4009 student) –from 4961 (355 instructor, 4083 student)

31 Some current year stats Created sites: first semester: 199 second semester: 211 total for 2006/07: 411 Assignments created: first semester: 139 second semester: 152 Total for 2006/07: 291 On-line tests (T&Q): first semester: 96 second semester: 111 Total for 2006/07: 207 Submited assignments: first semester: 1658 second semester: 1636 Total for 2006/07: 3294 On-line tests submissions (T&Q): first semester: 3877 second semester: 2581 Total for 2006/07: 6458

32 Requested features Group work, group assignments Student progress tracking Content sequencing and delivery ePortfolios (to come) Communication tools Gradebook settings

33 What’s next? Great pressure for a simple T&Q tool –Surveys are often mentioned Translating to portuguese Provide easier creation of ad-hoc sites (all students of a course, all instructors of a Dept) Bologna support, e-portfolios ? Real usage in blended learning

34 Some remarks UX at UFP –“Part of a major plan” of levering each university actor efforts Provide clear value for all –An institutional portal for e-learning facilities –A mediation platform for teaching staff (managing information) –A one shop stop for students (managing time) –A collaborative tool for administrative staff

35 Future directions Use of Sakai to support e-learning and b-learning initiatives (both at distance and local)

36 Getting positive experiencies Distance education is a challenge and places new demands, both for facilitators and learners Schrum e Hong (2002) propose seven dimensions to be considered when dealing with distance learning environments (to get positive experiencies...): –(1) tool access; –(2) technology experience; –(3) learning preferences / strategies; –(4) own learning study competences (as self-learning); –(5) goals and orientations; –(6) human factors and lifestyle; –(7) personal characteristics.

37 Future directions New tools to support distance learning settings –Enhanced (learning) experiencies –Allow communication between students Track activity synchronisation Track time synchronisation –Reporting distance activity

38 Future directions

39 ...and we want to do it with SAKAI

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