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Teaching Science With Balloons Nick Pugh

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2 Teaching Science With Balloons Nick Pugh

3 Scientific Investigation Data Collection Temperature Change with Altitude Graphing Wind Drift Radio Critical Thinking If Your Brave Public Relations While Having Fun

4 SOAP BOX * Taiwan Produces More Engineers Than the US * If Your Children are to Have Jobs in the US * If You Want to Collect Your Social Security Then You Need to Train Your Students To Invent Products

5 As Teachers You Have a Fantastic Vantage Point To Spot the Next Bill Gates (Microsoft) Coral Sagan (Astrometry) Madam Currie ( Discovered Radium) Jolson Bell (Discovered Pulsars) Light Their Fires Send the to UL We Will Finish the Job

6 Project Called Cricket Sat The Guy Who Dreamed This Up Professor Bob Twiggs of Stanford Google Cricket Sat You Will Get 100’s of Hits Bob Presented a Webinar Yesterday No Lesson Plans Yet ???? Opportunity to Publish

7 Demonstration








15 Temperature = M*Frequency + B meetersFeettempretureFrequency 002534.4 1032.818.229.3 141462.4822.832.7 6102000.82030.7 12183995.0415.727.5 27138898.6410.623.7 335310997.845.920.3 426713995.76-0.315.7 487715996.56-4.412.7 584019155.2-10.78.0 657321559.44-15.74.3 701022992.8-19.91.2 Feet to MettersMB 3.281.355-21.556

16 So Expose Them to Fun Projects Teach Science With Wands On Balloons are Cool to Kids

17 References Bob.Twiggs@Stanford.Edu

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