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Changes to Misc Billing rules RAM Chapter A13. KUL – 20-22 Oct 20102010 ICH UG Meeting2 Who is familiar with the RAM?

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1 Changes to Misc Billing rules RAM Chapter A13

2 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting2 Who is familiar with the RAM?

3 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting3 Chapter A13

4 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting4 A13 does matter  Billings for settlement through the ICH are governed by RAM rules  This also applies to Associate Members  Billing currency rules (Para 3)  Rejection and correspondence rules (Para 4)  No formatting is prescribed - all invoicing is assumed to be paper

5 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting5 The new A13 matters even more  Specifies no paper documents  NOTE: This includes baggage claims; the paper stays in operations  Defines how invoices must be split  by Charge Category and country of service delivery/currency  Sets a time limit on original billings  Describes Settlement Method Indicators  E.g. I (ICH), B (bilateral), R (reversal after protest), etc.  Sets minimum values for both billings and rejections  Provides a 90 day transition period for sending paper invoice copies/supporting docs to the billed airline  Use of incorrect exchange rates makes invoice invalid

6 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting6 The new A13 matters even more  Defines how rejects must be entered  Using the same Charge Category/Charge Code as the original billing  Sets a finite time limit to entry of rejections  Attachment A summarises the Charge Categories and their associated Charge Codes  Attachment B describes the mandatory fields required on all invoices

7 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting7 The new A13 matters even more  Attachment C describes the types of data and data options  Explains the differences between Mandatory and Recommended fields  Shows how substitution codes can be used for missing data on a temporary basis  Attachment C also provides instructions for handling of taxes and VAT, including EU reverse charge rules  NOTE: determining applicable taxes remains the responsibility of the billing company

8 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting8 Attachment D  Detailed breakdown of services to be entered in each Charge Category and Charge Code  Listing of Mandatory and Recommended data elements for each business type

9 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting9 Example 4.1 Line Maintenance

10 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting10 Example 4.1 Line Maintenance

11 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting11 Example 4.1 Line Maintenance

12 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting12 Example 6.4 Catering

13 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting13 Example 6.4 Catering

14 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting14 Example 6.4 Catering

15 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting15 Generic fields

16 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting16 Other RAM rules can also apply  A10 Rejections and Time Limits  If you receive a billing or reject through SIS, you have to reply through SIS  You cannot drop back to paper and ICH Web  A9 Invoices and Credit Notes  After 90 days, a SIS user does not have to send paper supports  If you want to see the details, you need to download them from SIS  NOTE: There are no charges for downloading data  If you can’t convert and need original paper, you can ask for it from the billing airline  Problem – you have to pay for shipment, and an admin fee

17 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting17 State of change…  This is the biggest change to hit the interline world since the ICH started  The airlines working on it have covered almost everything  Further refinements can be expected, particularly in A13  If you have queries on the application of A13, contact  If you have problems with the allocation of transactions to Charge Codes, contact

18 KUL – Oct ICH UG Meeting18 Thank you. SIS Website: 

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