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Mining Technology and Standards Forum Panel Discussion CIM 2014 Session Two: Underground Communications Infrastructure.

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2 Mining Technology and Standards Forum Panel Discussion CIM 2014 Session Two: Underground Communications Infrastructure

3 Agenda Safety share: Impact of Cell Phones on Driving Focus of panel: UG Communication Infrastructure Geographic distribution of large and medium scale underground mines Quick overview of small scale and artisanal mines Interactive Q&A

4 4

5 FACTS: 1.Multitasking is a myth. Our brains cannot process two cognitively demanding tasks at once. 2.There is no difference in risk between hands-free and handheld cell phone use. 3.Cell phone users are x4 times as likely to be involved in crashes resulting in injury. 4.Drivers talking on cell phones fail to see 1/2 of the information in their driving environment. They “look” but they don't “see”.

6 FACTS: 5.Adult passengers often actively help drivers by monitoring and discussing traffic, whereas a person on the phone cannot see the roadway and adjust the conversation as needed. 6.Hands-free devices do not offer safety benefits 7.No cell phone call or text is worth a life

7 7 Jason Norling – 38 year old Harris County (Houston) deputy killed by distracted cell phone driver. (October 2007, TX) "We're all real numb right now. The numbness is going to wear off and then the sadness will continue for a long time.” Pct. 5 Constable Phil Camus, co worker Bailey Goodman and four friends – Killed when their car swerved into the path of a tractor-trailer. Records show driver was texting at time of accident. All were cheerleaders who had just graduated from high school. (June 2007, NY) Bailey Goodman, Meredith McClure, Hannah Congdon, (top) Sara Monnat and Katie Shirley (bottom)

8 8 Margay Schee – 13 year old killed when her school bus was rear ended by a big-rig driver distracted by a cell phone. Eight others injured. (September 2008, FL) “Frances "Margay" Schee was a wonderful and beautiful child, Margay only knew friends in her life, if you knew Margay, then you knew she was your friend.” The Schee Family Cady Anne Reynolds– 16 year old killed when another 16 year old driver ran red light while texting on cell phone. (May 2007, NE) Cady’s parents Rob and Shari started the C.A.R. Alliance for safer teen driving early 2008 to take our story directly to teens and talk specifically about distracted driving as a major and highly preventable cause for teen crashes.

9 9 Erica Forney – Nine year old killed by a cell phone driver while riding her bicycle home from school. (November 2008, CO) “My name is Michelle. I am 36 years old. On Nov. 25, 2008, I accidentally struck Erica Forney. Although I do not have a clear memory of the accident, the police tell me I recently finished a cell phone call and may have been distracted...” Michelle Smith Jay & Jean Good – Killed when hit by a tractor-trailer that swerved to avoid a minivan that ran a light, 18-year-old minivan driver talking on a cell phone. (May 2008, PA)

10 12 year old killed when a cell phone driver ran a red light. January 2004. 10 Joe Teater 4/12/1991 – 1/20/2004

11 What You Can Do Lead by example – stop using cell phone when driving (change no answer greeting) Don’t talk with people who call you while they are driving Educate employees, drivers, parents, friends and family Implement cell phone driving bans Support legislation and enforcement 11

12 Country# of large/medium scale UG hard rock mines # surveyed by the GMSG so far Australia134- South Africa95- Canada9216 China68- Mexico58- United States473 Russia44- Peru41- Kazakhstan31- Brazil24- Chile23- India15- Zimbabwe11- Zambia10- Philippines9- Finland91 Argentina9- Others1 Focus of Panel: Large and medium scale underground hard rock mines

13 Small scale mining


15 Artisanal mining


17 Country# of small scale and artisanal mines, all categories % of illegal mines Employment China250,00080%4,300,000 Indonesia70,000?400,000 India10,00040%1,000,000 Brazil10,00090%150,000 Columbia9,60070%150,000 Chile7,000?? South Africa5,500?10,000 Tanzania4,00045%550,000 Guyana3,50030%15,000 Pakistan2,40012%250,000 Mexico2,00050%30,000 Chad2,000?12,500 Peru1,55050%40,000 Bolivia1,00015%100,000 Small scale and artisanal mines, all categories

18 Why do we want to measure? You can not manage what you do not know !! 18

19 Review of overall Data Flow of UG Environment

20 Interactive Q&A!

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