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Internationalization of the Undergraduate Curriculum.

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1 Internationalization of the Undergraduate Curriculum

2  Quality Enhancement is at the heart of the philosophy of Accreditation  Each institution seeking Reaffirmation required to submit a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)  Must engage wider academic community in this process

3 A Quality Enhancement Plan is a carefully designed and focused course of action addressing a well-defined topic or issue related to enhancing student learning

4  On-site visit by professional peers who will assess educational strengths and weaknesses of the institution.  Professional peers will  Help improve programs  Refine the QEP  Provide basis for accreditation decisions

5  Included an International Focus Self-Study  International Focus Self-Study included four overall Recommendations for UF

6 1. International Center will ensure campus wide coordination of all international activities 2. Each College will develop an action plan around internationalization 3. UF will continue to increase proportion of international students attending UF and support interactions of native and international students. 4. UF will encourage overseas sabbaticals and competitive leave support

7  Thriving International Center with Study Abroad and other programs being coordinated for campus  Multiple international programs (e.g., PIRE, Operafestival di Roma)  Research Centers  UF Beijing Center UF Beijing Center  IEC - International Education Center IEC - International Education Center  Center for European Studies Center for European Studies  Center for African Studies Center for African Studies  Center for International Business Education and Research CIBER Center for International Business Education and Research CIBER  Center for Latin-American Studies Center for Latin-American Studies

8  Not focused on specific campus wide initiative  Not focused on specific student learning outcomes for all students  Limited assessment/accountability

9  Clearly defining campus wide initiative  Clearly defined goals  Student Learning Outcomes  Accountability

10  Focus on topic for enhanced student learning  Campus wide participation  Define scope of topic  Define specific competencies  Define measurable outcomes

11 Internationalization is the conscious integration of intercultural and global competencies into student learning.

12  Creation of Internationalization Task Force in January 2011 to create the QEP  Communications Working Group defining stakeholders and developing plan to include all stakeholders in QEP

13 Internationalization focusing on enhancing undergraduate student learning

14  Global Citizenship - Students comprehend the trends, challenges, issues and opportunities that affect the global community, and apply this knowledge responsibly and effectively in local and global contexts.  Intercultural Communications – Students interact with members of other cultures with sensitivity and respect.

15  Content : Demonstrates knowledge of global issues and the interdependency among nations  Critical Thinking :Applies knowledge, diverse cultural frames of reference, and multiple perspectives to think critically and interpret global issues.  Communication : Communicates accurately and appropriately with members of other cultures.

16  Communication :  Identify stakeholders  Develop plan to obtain campus wide involvement in QEP  Plan current events to increase “buy in”

17  Campus activities :  Identify activities to reach SLOs  Develop timeline for implementation  Develop budget for implementation

18  Literature review :  Review empirical and theoretical literature on internationalization : rationale and best practices  Review international efforts at other campuses including other QEPs

19  Assessment :  Provide baseline data to show need (needs assessment)  Develop accountability measures of SLOs  Evaluate psychometric properties of assessments

20  Writing : Write QEP working with other Working Groups

21 Thank you! Questions?

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