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Us Girls Alive – Health Motivators Emma Oliver & Claire Wheeler.

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1 Us Girls Alive – Health Motivators Emma Oliver & Claire Wheeler

2 Session Summary This workshop shares the extensive knowledge gained by Us Girls, it looks in to more detail at the health implications of young women and the motivations which effect young women to engage in a sporting lifestyle.

3 Introduction to Us Girls Alive Funded by Department of Health: Health and Social Care Volunteering Fund (3 years) Started September 2012 (phase 1) and September 2013 (phase 2) Support development of 120 young female volunteers as Us Girls Alive Motivators Delivered in 18 areas of deprivation 30 Us Girls Alive Clubs 600 female participants engaged Volunteers and participants aged 16-25 years New and existing Us Girls partners Evaluation throughout by British Heart Foundation

4 Us Girls Alive Clubs & Motivators Meet regularly to offer health and wellbeing opportunities alongside physical activity sessions Interactive feel and lead by participants needs and interests Sessions are led by young female volunteers (Us Girls Motivators) Act as peer motivators for other young females Links to StreetGames Volunteering Programme – providing Us Girls motivators with opportunity to attend volunteer residential as well as other training opportunities.

5 Key Learnings - The Volunteer Role Learning from Us Girls that some females were not attracted to the traditional sports volunteer pathway Hard to commit to a role or activity every single week Cost is a barrier to training and qualifications Unable to commit to / not attracted to lengthy training courses Positive opportunity to assist with or lead on wellbeing element of session delivery specific to the needs of the participants and local community

6 It was clear early on that Us Girls Alive sessions were attracting a different type of “Us Girls Girl” Attracted those that didn’t want to attend sports sessions but were motivated to improve their health and wellbeing Excellent way to introduce health and wellbeing topics through fun and informal activities Success in firstly building trust in relationships and increasing individual confidence in order to engage and motivate young women to participate in physical activities and sport Understanding some motivations and barriers to retaining participation such as accessibility, timings and frequency of sessions, low body confidence, lack of suitable clothing, the need to trust others or come along with a friend etc. Key Learnings – Attracting different Girls

7 Key Learnings – Meeting Health & Wellbeing Needs

8 Case Study – Hat-Trick Project What type of girls are coming to your sessions? Why do they say they come to Us Girls Alive over other sessions? What activities are they asking for? What’s the best thing about being a motivator? What challenges do you face? What impact are your Us Girls Alive Clubs having on local young women and girls?

9 How to get involved Express your interest by leaving your contact details Support will be provided to tap in to local funding including health commissioning opportunities Franchise opportunities are available.

10 Questions?

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