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... Is right Kiev, 3rd of September 2010 IGF- UA.

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1 ... Is right Kiev, 3rd of September 2010 IGF- UA

2 The role of civil society in the fight against cybercrime: the development of the culture of cybersecurity

3 TaC - Together against Cybercrime Is a non-profit making organisation against cybercrime. The main goal of this organisation is to fight eCrimes at an individual level. The TaC office is based in Strasbourg (France).

4 . Our aim is to inform and help all citizens as individums in all spheres of their lives: in their role as employees in the public and private sectors, in their role as CEO’s of companies, in their role as parents, but also during their free time.

5 Our organisation is a gathering point and a centre for the dissemination of information and expert advice. TaC is a bridge between the gathered information coming from different sectors involved in the fight against cybercrime and our society in order to eliminate and wipe out eCrimes.

6 Cybercrime In Ukraine: Budapest Convention signed in 2001, ratified in 2006, entry into force the 1st July 2006 But: implementation! Training for judges and prosecutors, electronic evidence, international cooperation, jurisdiction, available information about 24/7…

7 The risk of web attacks

8 The fight against cybercrime The need of multistakeholder approach The involvement of civil society

9 The need of the development of the culture of cybersecurity Cybersecurity culture what does it mean? For whom?

10 Why young people? Because they are confronted with problems, needs and very particular specifics with regard to ICT.

11 First phase of the project - How to promote the cybersecurity culture among young people using the Internet?

12 Young people and children represent an important percentage of Internet and ICT users of their group of society

13 We propose to pose some questions as to: How to help young people and children to avoid becoming preys of cybercriminals (as victims or to be recruited to conduct harmful or illegal activities online)?

14 Output 1. Sociological Study “Use of ICT by the young people“ Starting date: September 2010 In cooperation with the faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Strasbourg Methods: quantitative approach crossing the qualitative data

15 Output 2. Young people raise awareness of the safe and responsible use of ICT Target group: Primary schools Colleges (in cooperation with the association D-clic) Lycées (with the help of local democracy tools) Development of the Code of good practices

16 Output 3. Development of the specific trainings for young people and their parents Target group: Colleges (11-15 years old youth) 1h50 trainings

17 Output 4. Youth as active actor of the legislative framework with regard to the ICT Simulation of the UN meetings in the field of ICT policies Making young people an active actor and the actor of legislative framework Target group: 11-15 years old youth

18 . Today TaC is looking for your support!

19 . TaC +33 3 69 73 14 60 +33 6 07 96 25 30

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