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2 Up Close and Musical UTAH SYMPHONY CONCERT


4  The Utah Symphony musicians love their work playing in an orchestra. They look forward to playing for you.  Onstage, they will be dressed all in black and white. They appear quite serious and they are! They concentrate because they always want to give the best performance possible. UTAH SYMPHONY MUSICIANS

5  This is their full time job so they spend a lot of time each day practicing, rehearsing and performing music.  Their lives off the stage are much like everyone else’s.  They garden, read, do sports, drive kids to soccer practice and ballet, help out at school, and enjoy life on the Wasatch Front. UTAH SYMPHONY MUSICIANS

6 Brant Bayless, viola & David Porter, violin Walter Haman, cello Louise Vickerman, harp Jeff Luke, trumpet Judd Sheranian, violin Alex Martin, violin David Langr, violin Carl Johansen, viola Nick Norton,, Trumpet

7  When you come to the concert, you will see the musicians on stage warming up.  Each of them will be playing different music and it will sound like a bit of a jumble.  You may notice our stage crew making some last minute adjustments to chairs or stands.  The audience and musicians will get quiet and still when introductions are made. A SYMPHONY CONCERT

8  The musicians need to make sure their instruments are in tune with each other.  The oboe plays a certain note (an “A”) and the sections take their turn tuning their instruments.  Next, the conductor comes on stage and the concert begins! A SYMPHONY CONCERT

9  Our concert is titled “Up Close and Musical.”  Here’s another example of music you’ll hear at the concert. (Fauré: Sicilienne excerpt)  You will learn about the different sections and instruments of the orchestra as well as several elements of music. Those are the tools composer use to write music. UP CLOSE AND MUSICAL

10  As you listen, see if you can hear instruments from the different sections playing. Woodwinds BrassPercussion Strings Other Flute French hornTimpani Violin Harp Oboe Trumpet Bass drum Viola Piano Clarinet Trombone Cymbals Cello Bassoon Tuba Triangle Bass Tambourine Snare drum Many more SECTIONS OF THE ORCHESTRA

11 Here’s a chart showing where the instruments and sections sit on stage. See if you can find where each of the sections is seated when you attend the concert. ORCHESTRA DIAGRAM

12  Our concert program will feature eight pieces of music. Many of them will be new to you.  Applause at the end of each piece of music lets the musicians know you enjoyed the music and their performance.  When the conductor drops his arms and turns to the audience, the piece is ended.  It isn’t necessary to applaud after the shorter demonstrations. CONCERT ETIQUETTE

13  Sitting still and quiet while the orchestra is playing lets everyone hear and enjoy the performance.  If you need to leave your seat, please try to do it during the applause. This is the same for returning to your seat.  Please do not take pictures during the concert. And remember, recording of any kind is not allowed.  Food and drink are not allowed in the concert hall. CONCERT ETIQUETTE

14  If you hear something you really like or are curious about, wait until the applause or after the concert to mention it to your neighbor. People stay quiet during a concert so everyone can hear everything.  And of course, you’ll be able to talk about everything after the concert. CONCERT ENJOYMENT

15 A symphony concert is a great place to use your imagination while listening to the music. How does the music make you feel? Can you imagine a story to go with the music? Can you imagine a movie scene that it might accompany? CONCERT ENJOYMENT

16  We’re pleased to be able to perform for you soon. Your teacher has the music for some of the pieces that can be played before the concert and after.  If you haven’t been to a symphony concert before, you’re in for a big treat. Professional musicians playing live music is pretty exciting.  We would love to get letters from you letting us know what you think of the concert. ENJOY! UTAH SYMPHONY CONCERT

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