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Synthesizing Leadership Principles Classroom Application.

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1 Synthesizing Leadership Principles Classroom Application

2 When did you know that you had become a leader? How did you learn to be a leader? OR, What was the turning point in your leadership development?

3 Six Facets of Understanding ExplainInterpretApply Show Perspective Empathize Display Self- Knowledge

4 Classroom Activities Enduring Understanding and Character Focus on Leadership “Leaders and their decisions have a significant impact on the people they lead and the events they face.” Battle of Gettysburg – Discretionary vs. Nondiscretionary Orders Learning and Applying the 21 Laws

5 Civil War Leadership Writing Assignment Research a Civil War Leader… Students will then write an essay, evaluating whether their figure was an effective or ineffective leader… Analyze at least FIVE laws the leader demonstrated during the war… What areas of your own life are you excelling at a leadership law? Which one could you work on more? What lessons from your chosen leader’s life can you apply to your own? Explain each component. Writing PA CC.9-10.A, B, C, F

6 Carrying The Principles Forward The film Glory – using the laws to follow Shaw’s leadership progression Reconstruction – comparing Lincoln to Andrew Johnson Industrialization – business leadership of Carnegie and Rockefeller Progressive Era – Comparing the styles of Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson Lincoln and the Ownership of History

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