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Add : Che Guo Dong Rd. Che Fang Town, SIP Tel : 0512-62386800 Fax : 0512-62386800 Mobile : 18261705090.

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1 Add : Che Guo Dong Rd. Che Fang Town, SIP Tel : 0512-62386800 Fax : 0512-62386800 Mobile : 18261705090

2 Company Introduction

3 Company Briefing  Established in : April,2009  Main Business : Sludge Disposal Waste Treatment Industrial Waste Water Treatment Environment Protection eg.Urban Waste Mgt.  Registered Capital: RMB 8,200 million  Shareholder : CS Public Utilities Development Co.,Ltd SINO FRENCH Water Co,Ltd

4 Powerful Parent Company 核心 业务 Property Development Municipal Engineering Energy Services Environment Tech. Thermal Power GAS WATER

5 Powerful Parent Company SINO FRENCH WATER 25 JVs in 18 cities across China, two of which involve sludge

6 Company Culture Values Pragmatic, Creative, Cooperative, Win-win Our Mission Committed to sustainable development of China’s Environment Social Responsibility low carbon,harmony and public welfare

7 Event Place Date Your Name Project Introduction

8 Project : Phase I of Sludge Disposal and Recycling Project of Suzhou SIP Location : East Che Guo Rd., SIP Main Business: sludge treatment from plant in SIP Capacity : 300 tons of dewatered sludge per day Total Investment : 216 million RMB Technology : 2 phase drying process ( Innodry 2E ) 3 independent production line (100 ton per ) Performance : solid content from 20% to 70-90% Final usage : fuel for power plant mixed with coal

9 Features and advantages of Sludge Drying Hazard-free and stabilization reducing quantity to max extent energy recycling of dried sludge as biomass saving large piece of land 020%40%60%80% Dry content 3300 kcal / ton useful thermal 90%

10 Advanced Technology and Idea (I) Wastewater treatment plant Cogeneration Plant Dry sludge hot water steam wastewater steam Sludge drying plant wastewater SIP Centralized heating/cooling wet sludge recycled water Industry Synergy and Recycling

11 Advanced Technology and Idea (II) Low consumpiton Low temperature Dust free Energy saving, low consumption, safe and reliable Saving 30%heat by reusing heat from process 1 in process 2 0.8 ton steam consumption / ton water evaporation Sludge contact temperature ≤105 ℃ formation of sludge takes place at 55% solids

12 Result of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Water Saving 3,844,800 t/year Emission Reduction Solid waste 10,000 ton per year saving 90,000 ton desalinated water per year recycled water as cooling medium Coal Saving 15,030 t/ year Carbon Reduction 29,543 t CO 2 -eq/year Bottom ash reused as building material … Take dry sludge as fuel Hot Water recycling at thermal plant

13 Event Place Date Your Name Honor Awarded Urban Demonstration Project of Jiangsu Province, July 2010 Suzhou Recycling Economy Demonstration Projects, December 2010 Suzhou High-quality Structures Award, December 2010 Major Project of Taihu Lake Watershed Suzhou industry Park Eco Optimized Major Project

14 Authorities Involvement Visited by Mr. Zhu Guangyao, former vice chief of state bureau of Environmental Protedtion Visited by Mr.He Quan, vice governor of Jiangsu Province Visited by Mr.Wan Bentai, general engineer of National Environmental Protection Dept. Visited by Mr. Zhou Lan, chief of Housing Construction Office of Jiangsu Province Visited by Chief of Environmental Protection Office Group photo of Completion Ceremony


16 Standardized Production

17 Comprehensive labelling

18 Production Capacity June 24th:Max. daily treatment capacity 350 tons June 15th:cumulative capacity 10000 tons May 26th:daily treatment capacity stabilized over 250 tons May 19th:daily treatment capacity exceed 200 tons May 6th:Trial operation of three lines April 15th: Construction Completion Ceremony

19 SINO FRENCH ENVIRONMENT Practitioner of Circular Economy in China

20 Thank You Looking Forward to Your Visit

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