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The success of your entire season will depend on it…

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1 The success of your entire season will depend on it…

2 Leadership Job Description Student Athlete Leadership Job Description Wanted: A caring and nurturing individual willing to exemplify the highest standards of character and duty to team, school and community. Must conduct yourself on and off the fields of play with behavior that is an example to others. This individual must possess high level communication skills and be willing to confront any behaviors of concern or violations of standards of student athlete code of conduct among peers. Must act as a conduit between team and coach. Must be willing to bring any serious concerns to the attention of adult authority. Must be willing to hold team meetings to discuss chemical health and behavioral issues. Must act to insure and inspire team goals and effectiveness. Any previous violators of athlete code of conduct need not apply.

3 LEADERSHIP IS CHARACTER Definition: Character is the pattern of behavior or personality found in an individual or group. Moral constitution. Moral strength. Reputation. WHAT IS CHARACTER? Your character is reflected most by those you choose to be with…

4 THE ABILITY TO JUDGE WHAT IS RIGHT KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING Do they know and understand what is expected? TO CARE DEEPLY ABOUT WHAT IS RIGHT VALUES AND PERSONAL COMMITMENT What are the normative beliefs? TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT POSITIVE BEHAVIOR (Even in the face of pressure from external sources or temptation from within) STANDING ALONE

5 We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them


7 I value this opportunity enough to live the life of an athlete.


9 Social Responsibility LEADERS should find healthy activities for the team instead of going to parties where drugs are available Do things together as a team, pizza parties, movies team pre-game dinners etc. Set up drug free activities through the booster club or supporters groups Ask teammates for weekly suggestions for social activities

10 Am I willing to be responsible for my teammates?

11 Situations you will face Workshop Task When you lead others, you will face situations and dilemmas that will require you to make decisions for yourself and your teammates. Potential student leaders should assess the situation and report on how they would proceed. What would you do?

12 I know some of my teammates are using drugs, but why should I be the tattle tale. Am I supposed to tell someone? My teammates aren’t pushing hard enough, am I supposed to motivate them?

13 What would you do? Student Athlete Leaders must determine a course of action that they would take if an incident arises and they are put in a situation where leadership is necessary and can impact the team.

14 A teammate, who is one of your best friends, tells you he/she was drunk at a party over the weekend and asks you not to tell the coach… What would you do?

15 A hazing incident is taking place when you walk into the locker room. Upper class kids are abusing young athletes...

16 What would you do? You go to a party with teammates and meet more at the party. You soon discover many partiers are drinking and smoking pot...

17 What would you do? You find out on Monday, that many of your teammates were drunk over the past weekend...

18 What would you do? During the summer break your teammates are not training at all...

19 What would you do? You hear some teammates talking about their parents going away and plans for a huge house party after the upcoming game...

20 What would you do? You discover one of your teammates is taking steroid precursors and giving them to other members of the team...

21 What would you do? You hear some teammates planning to go to a rival school and vandalize the stadium and school...

22 Any serous behavior of concern must be brought to an adult authority This is an obligation for a leader


24 It was my choice to become a leader…

25 I will step forward and act in the best interest of the team

26 I will be held to a higher standard of conduct…

27 A team leader realizes that setting an emotional agenda, rather than following one, can dictate whether a positive or negative climate exists in a team’s overall morale on or off the playing field…. I can make things happen

28 You must have the highest levels of trust and communication with your coach

29 The team leader must meet regularly with the coaches to discuss many aspects of team dynamics. These meetings are facilitated most effectively by an established weekly time and place ex. leaders breakfast. Team morale and feedback on training can also be valuable for coaches.

30 It is more about you and your teammates than it is about your coach and the team

31 BE DEPENDABLE – A dependable LEADER is loyal to school and to team. Your dependability exhibits itself in many ways: school attendance, getting to practice on time, knowing your assignments and a host of other things. Coaches are reluctant to play someone who cannot be depended upon regardless of their ability. You as a LEADER must be dependable and you must enlighten the coaches with those who are not, for the good of the team’s success.

32 THINK before you act… You are an athlete… You are looked up to.

33 Role Model – Hardworking, committed, dedicated, humble, leader by example, positive attitude, shows respect for coaches, teachers, adults & peers. Exhibits good citizenship – dependable, loyal, trustworthy, unselfish – has a great deal of pride in the team, school and community. Committed to be alcohol and drug free – shows social confidence. Has a strong self image, mature, motivated, good communication skills Good school behavior – Acceptable academic progress Willingness to follow team rules and act as a liaison between teammates, coaches and athletic director.

34 Responsibility to Younger Athletes The younger student athletes are watching you. They know who you are and what you do. The older upper- class athletes are role models for the young athletes that will come after you. Make them proud. Be an example. They will copy you in many ways. Do not do anything to let them down. Set good examples for them.

35 1.KNOW YOUR JOB – Knowledge not only gains the respect and confidence of your teammates but also gives you confidence in yourself. 2.The more informed, however, the better you will be able to act in any situation, which demands a decision on your part. Know what is expected of you, before you take the job…

36 You must be aware of what your teammates are doing on and off the field

37 Teammates involved in deviant behaviors Teammates who use drugs Peers with low personal athletic goals related to athletic achievement, attendance Susceptibility to negative peer influence Who is at risk?

38 2. EXERCISE GOOD JUDGEMENT – Anyone with common sense can exercise good judgment. This good judgment should not only be exercised during the season or on the field but throughout the year. This means in the classroom, with the faculty, the student body, and your community. Being an example all the time…

39 3. USE TACT – This is the ability to direct people without causing ill feeling or giving offense. Individuals think differently, and act differently. Consequently to secure the best cooperation from the people, they must be dealt with accordingly. Be alert never to belittle or embarrass your teammates and do not discuss the merits of your teammates with anyone but your coaching staff.

40 What will I say? What must I say?

41 Student leaders will conduct a classroom meeting with the team to discuss standards and chemical health issues. This is done without adults present.

42 United we stand

43 Athletes don’t share expectations within teams or across teams about what is appropriate behavior… Varied team goals Varied Expectations Where are we going? How will we get there? What do we agree to? COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY

44 LEADERS meeting with TEAM My goal is for every member of this team to follow code, including me, there will be no drinking, no smoking and no other drugs… If I hear of any violations, I will do everything I can to stop you from using drugs and that includes going to the coach Our training rules are important. They make sure we can have the best chances to succeed, and they will help us live like athletes should...

45 Sometimes people feel pressured to make the wrong choices. They drink beer or smoke pot because they are with other people who use those substances. We are athletes and we want a program of excellence. Those things are not part of what we are or what we do. We need to agree to these standards of behavior.

46 “I am asking all of you who want to be successful this year to stand up right now with me and coach and make a commitment to being real athletes.” “This means you are committed to following the team rules and standards especially that we will not use drugs.” “We are all making this commitment together and remember our future athletes will look up to our example.” During the first practice of the year the team leader and coaches ask the team for a commitment. It is very powerful if the frosh and JV teams are also there. Step across the line…

47 DEVELOP ENDURANCE a leader must have physical and mental endurance to command respect. It is a long and demanding road during a season. Day after day you must set the example for your team

48 DEMONSTRATE INITIATIVE a leader accepts responsibility, sees what needs to be done, makes a decision and takes action without hesitation. They do not need to be told what to do or when to do it. This initiative must be taken off the field as well as on, in practice and in a game.

49 BE COURAGEOUS There is moral courage, and there is physical courage. Have the moral courage to stand up for your own convictions. It takes courage to deny an invitation to go out the night before a ball game, to cut a class, to skip a practice session, etc. Be firm in your stand and you will gain respect and admiration.

50 Accept this position as a challenge and an opportunity to take control and impact your teammates. It is an honor to be a team leader…

51 The little things make the big things happen…

52 KNOW YOURSELF AND SEEK SELF IMPROVEMENT – You as a team LEADER must evaluate yourself and recognize your strengths and weaknesses. You must emphasize your strong points and develop your weak points. Are you over weight and out of physical condition? Are you temperamental? Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Are you worthy to be LEADER? Your teammates and coaches thought so. Don’t prove them wrong. With these values firmly entrenched in your mind you must look at the ways and means to present these items to the squad. These are basic leadership techniques that a LEADER can employ to help present him/herself to the team as a genuine leader.


54 Remember being a LEADER is a year round job.. If you don’t want it don’t take it...



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