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Moderator: Kirk Aranda Presenters: Kirk Aranda Dolores Tejada Ray Uzeta.

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2 Moderator: Kirk Aranda Presenters: Kirk Aranda Dolores Tejada Ray Uzeta

3 What is Disability History? Disability History is the history of the Disability Rights and Independent Living movements, and the significant historic contributions of people with disabilities in society.

4 What is Disability History? “By teaching disability etiquette and sensitivity, you will not learn disability history, but disability sensitivity can be learned by teaching disability history.”

5 Why is Disability History Important?

6 What is Disability History Week? Disability History Week in California is celebrated during the 2 nd week of October. Part of a national youth-led movement to increase awareness of disability history, Disability History week encourages schools and colleges to highlight the Disability Rights Movements and disability leaders.

7 What is the FAIR Education Act? The Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Education Act. – Who decides what students will learn? – What kind of things might students learn about under the FAIR Education Act? – When did the FAIR Education Act go into effect? – How does the FAIR Education Act positively impact kids?

8 History Lesson with Ray Uzeta An example of what would be taught in your schools.

9 What’s Next? Textbooks in 2015. – Opportunity to organize and educate to get your voice heard.

10 What Can You Do? Community outreach and education. – Holding local school boards accountable to implement the FAIR Education Act. Make sure it happens.

11 Get Organized Who has the power to make decisions on what gets taught in your community? Key Decision Makers Connecting with Community Allies Taking Action

12 Resources Decision Makers California School Districts County Offices of Education

13 Resources 2 Key Allies Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPAs) GSA Network

14 Resources Disability History Resources Youth Organizing! Disabled & Proud

15 The Advocating with Dolores Tejada An example of the process of getting out there and advocating.

16 Questions and Answers

17 Contact Us ! YO! Disabled & Proud California Foundation for Independent Living Centers 1234 H Street, Suite 100 Sacramento, CA 95814 866-296-9753 Toll Free 800-900-0706 Toll Free TDD (916) 325-1690 (Voice) (916) 325-1699 (Fax) (916) 325-1695 (TDD)

18 Contact Us! Kirk Aranda, Youth Advocate (916) 325-1690 ext. 342 Ted Jackson, Statewide Community Organizer (916) 325-1690 ext. 337

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