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Chepping View Primary Academy Year 2 Meeting

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1 Chepping View Primary Academy Year 2 Meeting

2 Welcome Year 2 team: Mrs V Morris (Year Leader) Miss A Kelly
Miss S Ali Miss H Spittles (TA) Miss E Gibson (TA) Mrs I Naheed (TA) Mrs K Gurney (TA) Mrs K Andrews (TA)

3 Chepping View National Support school Staff working in other schools
Visitors from other schools International visits Funding Chepping View school improvements Chepping View extended management team

4 Chepping View management structure
Mr.Millington- executive principal Mrs.Melero-Smith- principal (day-to-day running of the school) Mrs.Frantom- Vice principal Mrs.Morris, Miss.Mirza, Mrs.Elliott and Mrs.Tayler- Assistant vice principals (day-to-day running of phase groups) Year Leaders

5 Attendance Absences – Please inform school either by telephone or letter Late arrivals – time will be noted and a record is kept Please keep absences to a minimum.

6 Attendance Please avoid booking holidays during term-time
95% attendance is the national average- (10 school days) Recorded on end of year reports Tracked by the educational welfare officer- high absence levels in a half-term period, persistent absence.

7 Afternoon routine Y2 children can be collected by older Chepping View siblings/cousins Parental permission to go to FS/Y1

8 Parking No cars on site except staff
Considerate of our local community- parking across driveways, in private roads (Verney Ave)

9 Uniform Please name everything inc. shoes
Correct colours- blue, black, grey or white Shoes not boots Correct PE kit including plimsolls and socks. Vests. Sent home for washing each half term Jewellery – please no jewellery at Key Stage 1 including earrings Watches

10 Food Lunch - Please no fizzy drinks and only one chocolate bar/biscuit/cake, no sweets, boxes are not refridgerated Water bottles in class (no juice, no flavours- ants!) – clearly labelled Juice drinks or flavoured water etc for lunch boxes.

11 Medication No unsupervised medication in school
Medical conditions- antibiotics Box and label Parents must fill in a form before the medicine can be given Check the expiry dates Parental responsibility Head lice

12 Behaviour Assertive Discipline Smiley Face Chart
Recorded in class book Parents will be kept informed

13 Year 2 Curriculum Maths English Phonics
numbers up to 100 adding and taking away 2 digit with 1digit 2 and 10 times table solving simple word problems English reading common words spelling common words accurately writing clear sentences using interesting words neat handwriting, starting to join Phonics spelling and reading small words

14 Year 2 Curriculum Science ICT PE Studying different religions Topic
Autumn topics : Transport and Journeys, Big Events

15 Homework & supporting your child at home
Reading with an adult – 10 minutes a day, any book (books changed once a week) May get two books as we get to know the children. New reading book system

16 Reading- book banding NEW READING SYSTEM
Matches comprehension ability as well as reading ability Does not follow the ORT stages all the time.

17 Homework & supporting your child at home
Reading with an adult – 10 minutes a day, any book (books changed once a week) Maths- written homework every 2 weeks plus number bonds, counting, basic tables, money Handwriting- please supervise, use pencil Other homework Cutting practice

18 Esafety ESAFETY At school children are protected from inappropriate websites which are automatically blocked. Their internet use is closely monitored. They are taught never to reveal their usernames or passwords for any sites used at school.

19 Assessment Certificates National tests- Spring term
Teacher assessment is reported at the end of the year

20 School Trips Mop End Environmental Study Centre- visited twice, usually about £12

21 Our Aims We aim to give your child every chance of success by working in partnership with you We are here to help- appointments Communication – newsletters, Choodle, Facebook (Chepping View Primary Academy Official Page), Twitter View) and texting. Important to keep contact details up-to-date

22 Thank you for listening!
Data sheets- please sign and leave them with us before you go. Volunteers to help in school would be welcome!

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