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DRIS/BP Task Group Report, Madrid, 5-7.11.2012 Sergey Parinov, TG leader Barbara Ebert, deputy TG leader.

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1 DRIS/BP Task Group Report, Madrid, 5-7.11.2012 Sergey Parinov, TG leader Barbara Ebert, deputy TG leader

2 Topics of BP/DRIS TG meeting November 6 th, 10:00 – 13:00 10:00 – 11:00 –Mission, workplan, work done to-date, topics for discussion 11:00 – 12:00 (joint with CRIS-IR TG) –DRIS demonstration (about 30 minutes, Ed Simons) –Discussion: necessary improvements for CRIS and IR forms, roadmap for launch, topics for a work program 12:00 – 12:30 Breakout in small working groups –CERIF-CRIS Repository –DRIS technical platform –… other topics t.b.d. 12:30 – 13:00 Closing discussion –Results of breakout –Updates to TG work program

3 Mission and goals Demonstration of web pages from

4 Last results of TG’s activity (after TG’s meeting in Bath, Feb. 2012) There are a web forum, a mailing list and updated TG’s web pages Best Practice (Barbara): –the first group of selected materials (4 document) –an experience of approving materials –updated BP web page at –not done: publishing BP materials DRIS: –the 1 st release of DRIS application (create, view, update) –the 1 st stage of testing and evaluation of the application (results on the web forum) –updating DRIS page at

5 Topics for a discussion We need more tools/services, but we are not able to create them all at –should we ask CRIS vendors to give us an ability to use their tools for free? –should we produce a review of vendors’ tools? –needed functionality for TG’s activities ? –how to do this technically and a general policy –how a data created by vendors’ tools will come home to Suggestions on topics from members?

6 DRIS application demonstration Ed will do this

7 1. From Sebastian Herwig: would it be possible to mark the "name" field as mandatory or to also make the acronym as link to the profile view of an entry? 2. From Sergey Parinov: - In the DRIS submission policy ( we have: "The DRIS/BP TG can submit data to DRIS about RIS of external organizations on their request." So a DRIS administrator should be able to type manually a name of organization in the DRIS submission form. - DRIS administrator should be able to exclude and/or delete some records from DRIS database. - Maybe all new submissions to DRIS should be validated by DRIS admin before they will be publicly available? 3. From Viera Hudechkova: - The group of fields "Official contact information" - a user should be able to correct default data by typing a name/contact of another person who is a real contact. - The field "Coverage of the CRIS" - there should be an option "Other" with an additional text field to type other options not listed in the field - The field "Usage" - there should be specified in what format the numbers can be typed (e.g. xxx xxx xxx, or, etc) - The group of fields "Relation between CRIS and IR" - if the radio-button "Is there a link between the CRIS and IR" is "No" the radio-buttons below should be hidden - The view page with a CRIS should have -- fields in the same order as input forms -- buttons "Update" and "Back to DRIS catalogue" - We need a button "Update" for data about IR - Several times I was able to save my data in the CRIS online form only after two attempts

8 We should make a decision on current DRIS application Can we open it for public as is or with minor improvements? –what minimal improvements have to be done If no, how we act, since Ed will have low resources to develop DRIS more?

9 Topics for discussion in BP breakouts Realization of a Best Practice bibliography/repository Development of documents for a Best Practice catalogue (selected materials) –Four documents donated by AA and KJ Use cases …..

10 Topics for discussion in DRIS breakout Current basic DRIS application – necessary improvements and proper startup, how to make changes faster A list of use cases for basic DRIS Extended DRIS –new use cases, requirements, a concept –supported types of interoperability –a technical platform for experiments –a request to vendors for providing us tools

11 DRIS concept (in brief) DRIS has to be supportive for building a research DIS and to develop e-infrastructure, e.g. as Pan European (or wider) Research Portal Basic DRIS – proper visualization of CRISs characteristics with focus on CERIF based interoperability and interests of other TGs Extended DRIS – a unit of global research e- infrastructure (e.g. information hub) served to reuse CRIS artifacts outside parent systems

12 DRIS usefulness Visualization of CRISs landscape and potential benefits of interoperability among CRISs Registration of CRIS artifacts for its using outside parent systems CRIS artifact types: 1)content, 2)software (tools/services), 3)sem.linkages, 4)indicators, … DRIS new features: give away data on what CRISs have: –semantic linkages for the selected information object –specific indicators and/or services to produce necessary indicator over selected information objects

13 DRIS Use cases Basic DRIS – similar to IR lists, like ROAR, DOAR, etc. –to get a picture about CRISs landscape –to investigate a resource of possible CRIS interoperability –to find out needed content, metadata, etc. Extended DRIS – –a list of CRIS artifacts (more details about CRIS) –a support of interoperability for CRIS2CRIS and CRIS2Humans

14 Storing semantic linkages for outside using of information objects Storing necessary data (URL/protocols) for CRIS artifacts using Visualization of CRISs landscape and potential benefits of interoperability What CRIS has for outside using: content, software, linkages, indicators

15 TG’s main activities on 2013-2014 (a proposal) Best Practice materials: –Making available existing literature – CERIF & CRIS bibliography, deposit in repository –Best Practice catalogue: euroCRIS documents: submission & selection policy, request to other TGs to recommend materials DRIS: –Official launch of the current DRIS application –extended DRIS as research e-infrastructure unit –requirements, a concept and technical platforms –funded projects, partner organizations and a consortium

16 Work Plan for 2013-2014 Launching the DRIS application –there are about 15 suggestions to improve DRIS (see it in the forum) –we should decide with Ed what have to be done before we launch the DRIS DRIS instructions, classification? of fields, data validation A program of actions to collecting data into DRIS for members and non-members Anna’s group suggested to design “from the scratch” a concept of CRIS related information exchange mechanism Best Practice: –to publish 4 approved documents –to ask other TGs give us their recommendations on BP materials –CERIF CRIS Bibliography – launching euroCRIS repository

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