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Asia BRTS Association (ABA) Suggestions on Formation, Organization and Structure.

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1 Asia BRTS Association (ABA) Suggestions on Formation, Organization and Structure

2 Asia BRT Association – Agenda for Discussion Discuss the Need to form an Association Discuss the possible Core Objectives Membership Types/Criteria Registration of the Body (format/location) Organizational Structure Revenue/Corpus Constitution of a Working Group


4 Background Asia is urbanizing Since 2001, BRTS has been implemented in over 25 cities in Asia Increasingly, BRTS is being seen as the appropriate public transit solution A decade later, it is time to look back on learn from our failures and successes It is also time to look forward to the future, create partnerships and formalize a platform to collaborate

5 Need for an Associating Organization Given this background, there is a need for cities in Asia with BRT systems to associate The Association role, objectives and structure have to be debated and settled This conference seeks to initiate this debate and agree on cooperating for eventual formation of such an Association

6 Initial thoughts on Objectives of ABA An association which Promotes BRTS Exchanges ideas, knowledge and experiences relating to BRTS Organizes BRTS related events across Asia Provides technical support to BRTS cities across Asia Any other?

7 Membership Types/Criteria Any city in Asia with existing/ planned BRTS represented by either the City Government or the specialized BRTS entity Academic Institutions working in the area of Public Transit Associate Memberships open for other stakeholders ▫Other Transport Associations/Organizations ▫Consulting Organizations ▫Manufacturers and Vendors of Buses and related systems

8 Formation Format (Trust/Society/International Format) Registration Two Tier Structure (Indian and Asian) or Only Asian Charter can be adopted after circulation ratified through each member’s own constitutional/ regulatory processes

9 Association Revenues Membership Fees Conference Revenues Technical Advisory Services Data Compilation, Analysis and Dissemination Central/State/City Governments grants and aids Sale of Publications and Journals Support from multilaterals and other sources

10 Organizational Structure Asia BRTS Association General Body of Members Executive Committee (drawn from general body) Secretariat ( Administrative/ Technical) Patrons Body

11 Way Forward Appointment of a Working Group

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