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February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW1 TALLAHASSEE COPE.

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1 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW1 TALLAHASSEE COPE

2 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW2 TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE WORKSHOP OVERVIEW Introduction to Tallahassee COPE Community Engagement Grant Process Description of Available Funds Community Engagement Grant Guidelines Mini-Grant Application Details

3 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW3 INTRODUCTION Tallahassee COPE is a coalition that includes parents, nonprofit organizations, universities, public health agencies, schools, park and recreation departments, and other community stakeholders that have partnered together to make decisions on what is needed in the Tallahassee/Leon County, Florida community. The coalition agreed on the following issue, goal, strategy and outcome: Issue: Childhood obesity in Tallahassee/Leon County, Florida Goal: Reduce Childhood obesity Strategy: Develop a Call to Action Plan Outcome: Announce a Request for Proposals

4 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW4 DESCRIPTION OF FUNDS The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Foundation awarded approximately $200, 000 in Community Engagement Grants to support Tallahassee-based projects The range of the Community Engagement Grants is $1,000 - $10,000 There is no set number of organizations that will be awarded these funds The targeted geographical area is Tallahassee/Leon County, Florida and the targeted populations are children ages 4-18 years of age While projects will be funded for one year, they must be completed within 18 months of the award date The Community Engagement Grants Process is four (4) months in length This is multi-year funding for up to 2 years contingent upon your program completing its first year deliverables

5 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW5 DESCRIPTION OF FUNDS (CONT.) We are seeking applications that: Support local organizations, community coalitions, or faith-based organizations to provide community education and outreach on the importance of good nutrition, physical activity, and healthy weight for children and their families. Increase community access to physical activity opportunities and activities. Increase access to healthy food and nutrition. Increase the consumption of healthy foods and the amount of physical activity children receive. Develop or strengthen collaborative efforts to implement local public policies that promote physical activity and healthy eating. Continue their involvement with Tallahassee COPE Coalition.

6 DESCRIPTION OF FUNDS (CONT.) 7 Strategies for Success Target interventions with at-risk communities and low-income children Increase access to healthy food Promote changes in parenting and families Promote changes in childcare and school settings Promote changes in the environment Address marketing and advertising practices Address health care providers and systems February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW6

7 DESCRIPTION OF FUNDS (CONT.) You must also address one or more of the following Tallahassee COPE Call to Action themes and recommendations: Call to Action #1 - Engage and support best practices, data gaps, and policies Call to Action #2 - Design, implement and evaluate local community-based health and wellness programs Call to Action #3 - Engage and support of school-based wellness programs and youth leadership initiatives Call to Action #4 - Engage and support early childhood development education and parental and family involvement and engagement Call to Action #5 - Engage and support access to local healthy foods Call to Action #6 - Engage and support physical activity and access to visual and cultural performing arts for local youth February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW7

8 DESCRIPTION OF FUNDS (CONT.) Preference will be given to projects that: Address health disparities, cultural barriers, disadvantaged communities, and the engagement of youth, parents, seniors and families. Demonstrate sustainability and contribute to the sustainability of the Tallahassee COPE Initiative. Engage community members in the implementation of strategies that launch new or expand existing programs; and/or Collaborate among different organizations, especially across sectors, to operationalize approaches addressing childhood obesity. February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW8

9 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW9 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT GRANTS GUIDELINES (CONT.) Eligible Organizations 501 © 3 Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organizations State Government City and County Government Schools, Colleges and Universities School Districts Public Safety Neighborhood Associations Shelters Health Organizations Faith Based Organizations

10 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW10 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT GRANTS GUIDELINES (CONT.) Ineligible Organizations Individuals Fundraising events or celebrations Political or lobbying organizations or activities Fraternal or social organizations Religious organizations for religious purposes Private foundations Type III Supporting Organizations

11 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW11 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT GRANTS GUIDELINES (CONT.) Allowable Costs and Activities Salaries for staff Program supplies Conferences or symposia Equipment Printing, publications or media projects Office supplies Support of health professional training and workforce development Travel Indirect expenses Existing operating costs Support for community education activities that are consistent with building a healthy COPE coalition and the mission of the Project Advisory Council Consulting projects to help an organization improve its capabilities, capacity, efficiency and/or effectiveness

12 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW12 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT GRANTS GUIDELINES (CONT.) Prohibited Costs and Activities Health care services through insurance or other coverage mechanisms General operating expenses Capital projects Conferences Fundraisers Marathons Competitions Building construction Land acquisitions Scholarships Legislation Lobbying

13 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW13 MINI-GRANT APPLICATION DETAILS Application Process-How to Access Application Tallahassee COPE accepts full proposals. If you choose to submit a mini-grant application, you can follow the mini-grant application process through a simple-to-follow five page application. Access will be available through the Tallahassee COPE website at

14 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW14 MINI-GRANT APPLICATION DETAILS (CONT.) Application Requirements Applicants must complete and submit an application form with the following information: I. ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION Name and address of the organization Tax Identification Number (aka – Employer Identification Number) Phone and fax numbers and website address (if applicable) Names, titles and business affiliations of the members of the board of directors/advisory committee

15 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW15 MINI-GRANT APPLICATION DETAILS (CONT.) II. CONTACT INFORMATION Name, titles and contact information for the executive director/organization’s leader and the person completing the application III. PROJECT NARRATIVE Project title and description Project budget and requested amount (not to exceed $10,000) Project need and population to be served Project goals, activities and outcomes (including the timeline) Other funders and/or community partners (if applicable)

16 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW16 MINI-GRANT APPLICATION DETAILS (CONT.) IV.ATTACHMENTS Mandatory - Embrace Line-Item Budget Form Project Budget Narrative Logic Model Staff Résumé's / CV(s) Optional - Job Description(s) Letter(s) of commitment

17 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW17 MINI-GRANT APPLICATION DETAILS (CONT.) Submission of Application When you are finished answering all questions and attaching all required documents, please look over your grant application Review your grant application one last time before submitting it to Tallahassee COPE Print out you a copy of the mini-grant application before you submit your mini- grant application Once your mini-grant application is submitted, a notification is automatically sent to the applicant indicating that it was successfully submitted to Tallahassee COPE Documents must be submitted by 5:00 PM on March 20, 2012 either by e-mail or mail

18 Evaluation of Mini-Grant Application All of the following grant criteria scoring range consist of the following: Unsatisfactory Marginally Acceptable Satisfactory Very Good Exceptional February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW18

19 Evaluation of Mini-Grant Application The Criteria consist of the following : Alignment with the Tallahassee COPE “Call to Action Points. There are six (see Request for Proposal – Approach and Strategy section – page 1) Sustainability Community engagement Collaborative Efforts Capacity with children/youth and families Capacity to work on healthy eating and/or active living February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW19

20 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW20 TAKE HOME TIPS Download and print out the mini-grant guidelines and attachment forms Review the questions and requested documents in the grant application then collect the necessary information and materials Prepare your grant application before starting the mini-grant application process Go to the Tallahassee COPE FAQ if you have any questions or need clarification Allow a minimum of ten hours to complete and submit the mini-grant application and have it fully completed 72 hours before the due date Please do not wait until the last minute to apply for this grant because you may encounter technical problems that will prevent you from completing the grant application on time or by the deadline

21 February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW21 The Grant Proposal Writer ’ s Plea Grant me the courage to write and submit a grant serenity to deal with the denial of the grant the wisdom to know whether to revise and resubmit the grant.... Please Grant Me A Grant!!!! S. Coley & C. Scheinberg

22 Contact Information Sokoya Finch, COPE Co-Director 850.850.3526 or 850.321.0248 Cynthia Harris? COPE Co-Director Miaisha Mitchell - COPE Leadership Team 850.224.8404 or 850.284.0366 Penny A. Ralston, COPE Leadership Team, 850.645.8110, Jennifer Lemacks, COPE Project Assistant, 850.645.8110, Keithen Mathis, COPE Leadership Team, 850.321.5640, February 2012Presenter: Mr. Keithen V. Mathis, MSW22

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