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ICT and Environment TIA David Su, NIST DOCUMENT #:GSC13-PLEN-28 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:TIA AGENDA ITEM:Opening -- Agenda 6.9 CONTACT(S):David Su and Dan.

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Presentation on theme: "ICT and Environment TIA David Su, NIST DOCUMENT #:GSC13-PLEN-28 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:TIA AGENDA ITEM:Opening -- Agenda 6.9 CONTACT(S):David Su and Dan."— Presentation transcript:

1 ICT and Environment TIA David Su, NIST DOCUMENT #:GSC13-PLEN-28 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:TIA AGENDA ITEM:Opening -- Agenda 6.9 CONTACT(S):David Su and Dan Bart Submission Date: July 1, 2008

2 TIA’s ‘Green’ Drive Environmental Regulatory Tracking TIA’s Green Initiative includes an Environmental Intelligence Analysis service, EIATRACK, which monitors, translates and analyzes product-oriented legislation and regulation worldwide. The service covers: RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances WEEE – Waste of Electronic and Electrical Equipment REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances EuP - Energy using Products DfE - Design for the Environment Energy Efficiency Packaging and Labeling Tracking and analyzing environmental regulations worldwide

3 TIA’s ‘Green’ Drive Environmental Regulatory Tracking (cont.) The legal expertise provided by EIATRACK is worth millions The cost of compliance with European regulations alone is estimated to be nearly a trillion dollars The cost of noncompliance could cost millions – the fines that the EU gives to noncompliant companies can be upwards of $50 million EIATRACK content valued at over $5 million More than110 international jurisdictions covered Subscription cost is revenue based as low as $4,500 annually EUROPE Prof. Lucas Bergkamp AMERICAS Paul Hagen ASIA-PACIFIC Tad Ferris AUSTRALIA, AFRICA Andrew Sweatman

4 135 subscribers and growing TIA’s ‘Green’ Drive EIATRACK at

5 TIA’s ‘Green’ Drive More about EIATRACK at Content delivered through alerts, special reports, bulletins, white papers and webinars 2009 webinar schedule: March: United States : New CPSC Product Mandates China WEEE Update April: Latin American Region Outlook 2009 May: Product Stewardship Regulation Updates in Europe June: Australia Energy Efficiency July: United States : A Look at the New Administration’s Role in Product Stewardship August: A Look at Japan’s Environmental Regulations September: Middle East : Are Product Stewardship Regulations Heating Up in This Region? October: Energy Efficiency in the United States November: South Korean Update December: Global Look into the Product Stewardship Regulatory Landscape for 2010 Electronic Components Certification Board Now in collaboration with CEA, ITI and ECCB – others planning to join

6 TIA’s ‘Green’ Drive Market Intelligence – Green Addendum TIA produces annual ICT Market Review & Forecast New ICT Green Addendum gives trends, stats and facts on current environmental issues Forecasts future directions Provides ICT industry business case for going green Green Addendum to publish in August ICT Market Review & Forecast available now online and in limited print quantities and

7 TIA plans to launch an ICT Green Virtual Event in February 2010 Highly interactive online experience offering: –Virtual exhibits, discussions, networking, business opportunities –Online sessions and training –Companies save on travel, lodging and shipping costs –Greatly reduced environmental impacts Trends favoring virtual events –Global transformation with the full power of the Internet, globalization and innovative new technologies coming together –Companies working on initiatives to reduce carbon and gas emission footprint –Economic downturn causing companies to cut travel across the board –Customers have adopted social networking and Web 2.0 platforms –Virtual events are proving their performance in delivering RoI TIA’s ‘Green’ Drive ICT Green Virtual Event

8 Sponsoring Green Planet documentary with Telecom TV Sponsoring DOE Report: Vision and Roadmap for Routing Telecom and Data Centers Toward Efficient Energy Use Developed a Green Product Stewardship Statement through TR-42 TIA’s ‘Green’ Drive Additional Initiatives

9 TIA’s ‘Green’ Drive TIA’s website maintains information for consumers and businesses on recycling centers in their region that accept electronics

10 Data Centers US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) rating system focuses on various Divisions of the Construction Specifications Institute’s (CSI) MasterFormat™ Division List. Cabling is proposed to be addressed in Division 27 - Communications. BICSI has started an effort to get the USGBC to recognize Division 27. TIA is considering teaming with BICSI in this effort. –Increasing scale of computer data centers makes them major users of power. Energy cost is a major component of data center costs. –TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers TIA-942-1 (March 2008) Data Center Coaxial Cabling Specifications and Application Distances Standard contains “green” provisions including: –hot/cold aisles to improve HVAC efficiency –site selection

11 Data Centers -- Future work TR-42 –TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers TIA-942 Addendum 2 – future project. –Expansion of temperature and humidity ranges will allow for lower power consumption and reduction of HVAC capacity. The scope of subcommittee TR-42.3 (Pathways and Spaces) relates to CSI MasterFormat™ divisions 1-10. A task group has been established to consider new “green” projects. –TIA-569-B Addendum 1: Temperature and Humidity Requirements for Telecommunications Spaces – future project. Will allow for lower power consumption and reduction of HVAC capacity. –Coordination opportunity with IEEE. TR-42.7 (Copper Cabling Components) will draft a liaison to the IEEE requesting information on pending “green” applications and how cabling can impact these initiatives. IEEE 802.3az (Energy-Efficient Ethernet) is a task group already working on the application side – this may present another opportunity for TIA to coordinate with IEEE.

12 TIA Standards and the Environment -- Strategic Directions TIA standards allow for more efficient and effective communications. –Better communications alternatives means less travel, less use of energy, less pollution. –TIA is working to improve and standardize Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Intelligent Transportation means less travel, congestion, energy use, and pollution. –Improved battery performance in handheld and mobile devices, i.e., less energy use, more efficient. TIA GREEN Standards initiative: –What standards or projects each TIA group has developed or started that could be termed “green” in some way? –How each committee’s member companies participate in other “green-related” standards activities? BUT, standards are needed in other areas too, including data and measurement standards.

13 Ground, Space, and Atmospheric Optical Measurements Quantify Earth’s Energy Balance Kiehl, J. T. and Trenberth, K. E., 1997 Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 78, 197-208. Understanding Our Environment Measurements, Measurements

14 Sensors are Deployed in Challenging Environments WMO and ITU Handbook “Use of Radio Spectrum for Metrology”

15 Global Climate Observation System (GCOS) Surface Network Under the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Sensors are Deployed Internationally

16 Data for Our Environment Metrics – How and what to measure? Measurements need to be based on units traceable to the SI System (SI = Système Internationale). Calibration - Accuracy of sensors and measuring instruments need to be maintained. Management and Archival of Environmental Data – –“Datasets, and ancillary information such as metadata, must be preserved for decades and stored in ways that promote (1) access as data needs change; (2) reprocessing as errors are discovered or calibration is improved; (3)integration as new data products, algorithms, and data technologies are developed; and (4) user-friendly access tools. Climate research problems will inevitably require that scientists use combinations of datasets from many sources; satellite, aircraft, in situ, and even socio-economic data.” -- Climate Data Records from Environmental Satellites, National Academy of Sciences

17 WMO-CIPM Partnership to Facilitate SI Traceability--2002 World Meteorological Organization (WMO) International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM) “...have agreed to work together to ensure that data related in particular to measurements of state and composition of atmosphere and water resources, coming from the programmes organized under the auspices of the WMO, are properly based on units traceable to the SI through the procedures of the CIPM MRA and the Technical Regulations of the WMO.”


19 Standards Needed for Data Management Data representation for interoperability of tools and algorithms. Data storage for easy access, processing, and integration from multiple sources. Data archival for long-term observations.

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