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Project MORE Project Mentoring in Ohio for Reading Excellence.

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1 Project MORE Project Mentoring in Ohio for Reading Excellence

2 What is Project MORE? Scientifically research-based reading intervention program Designed for students with disabilities Volunteer mentors

3 Reading Tutors Resources Focuses on skills identified by the National Reading Panel Provides repeated practice of developmentally appropriate materials Provides instruction: Alphabet Awareness, Phonological Awareness, Phonics, High Frequency Words, Fluency, and Comprehension Reading materials are leveled

4 Lesson Design One-on-one Teacher selects level and prepares notebook Mentors follow lesson plans Lesson plans include: activities for before, during, and after reading Research based Includes guidelines for time Suggestions for follow-up and extension Criteria for success

5 Lesson Design Cold-Warm-Hot Read –Students are timed for 1 minute Cold - first reading Warm - student practices with the mentor Hot - more practice and reading aloud just prior to timing –Students chart progress

6 Building Birds Hippos Families Glooskap Animals Make Fire Geese Start at Level I - Current Level K

7 Year 1 Results 16 students on IEPs with a reading goal in grades 2 through 4 –3 to 4 times per week Additional 15 students in grades 2 through 5 –1 to 4 times per week Approximately 65 high school students participated

8 Year 1 Results GRADENUMBER OF STUDENTS OAT 2009 RESULTS 21NA 3813% Limited 25% Basic 25% Proficient 38 % Accelerated 0% Advanced

9 Year 1 Results GRADENUMBER OF STUDENTS OAT 2009 RESULTS 411 0% Limited 0% Basic 36% Proficient 55% Accelerated 9% Advanced

10 Year 1 Results GRADENUMBER OF STUDENTS OAT 2009 RESULTS 51010% Limited 40% Basic 40% Proficient 10% Accelerated 0% Advanced

11 Year 1 Results GRADENUMBER OF STUDENTS DIBELS ORF 21 38 words / min. gain 38 2 - 140 words / min. gain 411 10 - 63 words / min. gain 510 5 - 42 words / min. gain

12 Year 1 Results 4th grade most consistent schedule 5th grade seen 2 times or less per week

13 Year 1 Results Teachers Report –Improved grades –Gains in reading levels –Positive change in attitude toward reading –Improved confidence –Willingness to practice reading

14 Year 1 Results Elementary students report –I like reading more often. –I like doing the hot read because we get stickers for reading words correctly. Then we get candy for filling up our chart. –Practicing reading helps you become a better reader. –I like the quick check. If I get the questions all right I feel good because I know the story very well. –I like to be around my high school reader because they are nice and helpful. They like reading with us.

15 Year 1 Results High school mentors report –I like to read myself and like helping the little kids learn to read. –They like us coming to help them. –Knowing they are getting something out of it. –I like seeing their progress. –It is rewarding for me to watch them learn. –It makes me feel good to help them.

16 Year 1 Results Parents report –Positive high school role models –Helped motivate elementary students –Improved reading - “My son read his birthday cards out loud to the family during his party.” –Improved reading –Improved attitude

17 Current Implementation All teachers reading teachers K - 5 have a subscription All special education teachers have a subscription Kindergarten teachers are sending packets home with students First grade teachers are notifying parents and sending packets

18 Current Implementation Teachers using resources for intervention and differentiation High school using Cold-Warm- Hot reading

19 Current Implementation Second grade - 9 IEP students Third grade - 11 IEP students Fourth grade - 6 students Fifth grade - 6 students Approximately 41 active high school volunteers

20 Recommendations Service Learning high school credit –3 or 4 times per week for 1/2 credit –5 times per week for 1 credit

21 Recommendations Meeting with board of education Prepared information for board Identified high school teacher of record Course of Studies description Letters for permission to participate

22 High School Implementation Student Attitudes: At first, students were not excited at all about reading these fluency passages. I implemented an incentive system and continually praised them for their increases in fluency, which gradually raised their confidence.

23 High School Implementation Student Attitudes: Their attitudes changed from not wanting to read the passages during intervention to wanting to be the first one out of their group to read during their class period. I attribute this attitude change to their increased self- confidence and just a small portion to the incentive system implemented (given a piece of candy if they had less decoding errors from the previous day or more words read during the one minute time frame).

24 High School Implementation Self Confidence: In a matter of the first few weeks I have seen students’ self-confidence rise tremendously. Seeing from where they began reading and how they progress from week to week, it has been instant feedback for them. They are more comfortable reading in front of me and while other students are in their intervention period with them.

25 High School Implementation Self Confidence: Even though others are engaged in their own work during this period, some students were self- conscious at the beginning of reading slower while others were in the classroom. Now, students are asking me at the beginning of the period, “Are we doing minute reads today?”

26 High School Implementation Impact on comprehension: This reading fluency system has helped student comprehension throughout all of their classes. Not only have their comprehension scores risen in English class with regards to stories they are reading, but other core classes as well, such as history. I think this is because they are reading faster, but more importantly, they are more confident in what they are reading.

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