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Exploring the Health-Learning Nexus Urban Strategies Council Alameda County.

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1 Exploring the Health-Learning Nexus Urban Strategies Council Alameda County

2 Urban Strategies Council A social impact organization working to eliminate persistent poverty

3 The Health and Learning Nexus

4 How are we defining health?

5 Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

6 Healthier Places to Live, Play, and Learn Healthier Child and Youth Development Higher Educational Achievement and Attainment

7 OUSD Student Eligibility to Receive Free or Reduced- Price School Meals, by Eligibility Status: 2011

8 OUSD Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity: 2010-11

9 How do health issues affect learning? Hinder development Social Emotional Physical Cognitive Restrict opportunities to learn

10 Sample Learning-Related Health Issues

11 Children below Poverty Level (2005-2009) U.S. Census

12 Children in Fair/Poor Health (2009) California Health Interview Survey

13 Children Feeling Safe in Neighborhood (2009) California Health Interview Survey

14 OUSD Students Diagnosed With Asthma, by Race/Ethnicity and Gender (2010-11) Oakland Unified School District 2010-11

15 Mothers with Psychological Distress in Past Year (2009) California Health Interview Survey

16 Sample Learning-Related Health Interventions February 11, 2011

17 Breaking the Link between Asthma and Absences  Mitigating triggers in school environment  Equipping school staff to handle asthma  Linking to asthma services

18 Addressing Widespread Trauma  Reducing exposure to trauma  Educating community/school about trauma  Intervening with affected children and families

19 Applying Two-Generation Approaches  Maternal mental health and young children  Early childhood education and post- secondary education & training

20 What health issues and interventions do you see affecting children’s literacy? February 11, 2011

21 Thinking about a health priority: Small groups February 11, 2011

22 Questions to Discuss:  Which health issues would we like to learn more about?  Which health issues do we see having the biggest impact on children’s literacy development? Are we already addressing any? How?  Which of the health issues we are considering as priorities lend themselves to low-cost or no-cost strategies, or to efforts already underway?  Which issues are most ripe for action?

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