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ADARSH SEUJ PRAKALPA A success story. Adarsh Seuj Prakalpa At a glance.

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1 ADARSH SEUJ PRAKALPA A success story

2 Adarsh Seuj Prakalpa At a glance

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6 Every year a general meeting is heldin ASP with prominent citizens of Digboi. In these meetings, activities of ASP are discussed at length. General Meeting Presiding Officers L-R:.Dr. U.Sharma (Principal, Womens’ College, Digboi), Mrs. U Baruah (President of RC Digboi_07-08), Shri Manik Hazarika

7 Mrs. Peggy Carswell handing over resource materials to local farmers. Local farmers are trained on Organic Agriculture and also provided with resource materials in Assamese and English

8 Trainings are imparted both at ASP site as well as nearby villages. Training to IOCL(AOD) Malis Farmers’ training at Bakul Farmers’ training at Borjan

9 Pictures of few other trainings organized by ASP

10 Cultural Program Cultural Programs We Also celebrate To bring people closer

11 In 2006 a 4 day training on organic farming was organised at Chennai where ASP volunteers were trained by officials of Center for Indian Knowledge System IRULA farm in Tamilnadu

12 In 2007 ASP volunteers were sent to Viratnagar, Nepal to learn SRI farming methods District Agricultural Office SRI farm In the farm with Dr.Rajendra Uprety

13 In September 2008, ASP volunteers participated in an organic cum certification training programme at Guwahati. Training By ICCOA at Guwahati Mrs. Pramila Rani Bramha, The agricultural Minister Govt. of Assam

14 Transplantation in SRI method Implementattion of SRI farming techniques in nearby villages

15 Time to time we organize different entertainment as well as educational programs for children Play based on environment Drawing competition Folk danceGo as you likePlay based on environment Showing school students about botanical preparation

16 Farmers training at Kothalguri village Mushroom cultivation training in ASP

17 Fruit preservation training for women is imparted at Local SHG Selling fruit Juice Class on food preservation process Class on fruit processing

18 Students from Cumoson College, Victoria demonstrating improved farming techniques.

19 2 1 3 International Women's Day celebrated in 2007

20 Working with Self Help Groups

21 Drying seeds

22 Students from various schools and high schools are sent to the garden to learn about organic agriculture D.H.K University students D.P.S school’s student OIL Valley school Digboi Women’s College


24 You Thank

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