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The First Fifteen After reviewing your formative assessments, I have a few suggestions for you before you begin: –Make sure you have the details correct.

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1 The First Fifteen After reviewing your formative assessments, I have a few suggestions for you before you begin: –Make sure you have the details correct –Title vs. name (Hamlet vs. Hamlet) –Fully develop your ideas A list of observations will only score a 1 –Don’t try to compare apples to rhinoceroses Keep your points of comparison equal –Please don’t puke your thoughts all over the paper Organize them before you start writing –Avoid personal opinion (likes and dislikes) –Don’t mix up the different interpretations –Don’t just summarize the original text; analyze the interpretations and how they represent the original text

2 Not this time!

3 Put Your Thinking Cap on and Get Ready to Work A void the “primrose path of dalliance” (1.3.54) 4—Analyzes multiple interpretations; evaluates how and why 3—Analyzes multiple interpretations; evaluates how 2—Compares multiple interpretations; minimal evaluation 1—Compares irrelevant points; lacks evaluation RL.07. Analyze multiple interpretations, evaluating how each version interprets the source text. You’ll need the following items out on your desk: Pen(cil) Paper—probably 2 sheets to be safe Copy of Hamlet

4 Ophelia in the Hot Seat Scene interpretation analysis vs. character interpretation analysis Pull from prior knowledge –What is Ophelia’s role in the play? –What is her background? Close reading of text: –Act 4.5.1-78 –Act 4.5.178-224 –Act 4.7.187-212 Note it!

5 Close Reading Here are some things to think about as you complete the close reading on Ophelia 1.What internal and external forces have shaped her? 2.What are Ophelia’s needs and wants? Her objectives? (These rise from her needs and wants) Look at her behavior (what she does) Look at what she says 3.What events and items surround her? How do these impact or indicate her character or situation? 4.What allusions are included in these sections? Tempting, but doesn’t help. Close reading means paying close attention to what the text says

6 You will use at least three sources for your analysis: The original text Two interpretations Instructions: 1.Choose a minimum of two interpretations 2.Study the interpretations Take notes on how each interprets the original text 3.Review your notes (close reading and interpretation) 4.Organize your thoughts 5.Write your analysis At least 2 paragraphs MLA format 6.Double check your work for clarity and correctness What?! You really want me to follow the instructions? When did being cute stop being enough?

7 John Everett Millais, Ophelia (1852)

8 Alexandre Cabanel, Ophelia (1883)

9 Odilon Redon Ophelia (1903)

10 Gene Gould Ophelia and Hamlet (2003)

11 “Ophelia”—a poem—by Arthur Rimbaud

12 “Ophelia”—a song—by Natalie Merchant

13 Ophelia I On the calm black water where the stars are sleeping White Ophelia floats like a great lily; Floats very slowly, lying in her long veils... - In the far-off woods you can hear them sound the mort. For more than a thousand years sad Ophelia Has passed, a white phantom, down the long black river. For more than a thousand years her sweet madness Has murmured its ballad to the evening breeze. The wind kisses her breasts and unfolds in a wreath Her great veils rising and falling with the waters; The shivering willows weep on her shoulder, The rushes lean over her wide, dreaming brow. The ruffled water-lilies are sighing around her; At times she rouses, in a slumbering alder, Some nest from which escapes a small rustle of wings; - A mysterious anthem falls from the golden stars. II O pale Ophelia! beautiful as snow! Yes child, you died, carried off by a river! - It was the winds descending from the great mountains of Norway That spoke to you in low voices of better freedom. It was a breath of wind, that, twisting your great hair, Brought strange rumors to your dreaming mind; It was your heart listening to the song of Nature In the groans of the tree and the sighs of the nights; It was the voice of mad seas, the great roar, That shattered your child's heart, too human and too soft; It was a handsome pale knight, a poor madman Who one April morning sate mute at your knees! Heaven! Love! Freedom! What a dream, oh poor crazed Girl! You melted to him as snow does to a fire; Your great visions strangled your words - And fearful Infinity terrified your blue eye! III -And the poet says that by starlight You come seeking, in the night, the flowers that you picked And that he has seen on the water, lying in her long veils White Ophelia floating, like a great lily. Arthur Rimbaud

14 Ophelia was a bride of god A novice Carmelite In sister cells the cloister bells Tolled on her wedding night Ophelia was a rebel girl A blue stocking suffragette Who remedied society Between her cigarettes Ophelia was a sweetheart To the nation over night Curvaceous thighs Vivacious eyes Love was at first sight... Ophelia was a demigoddess In pre war Babylon So statuesque a silhouette In black satin evening gowns Ophelia was the mistress to a Vegas gambling man Signora Ophelia Maraschina Mafia courtesan Ophelia was a circus queen The female cannonball Projected through five flaming hoops To wild and shocked applause... Ophelia was a tempest, cyclone A god damned hurricane Your common sense Your best defense Lay wasted and in vain Ophelia'd know your every woe And pain you'd ever had She'd sympathize And dry your eyes And help you to forget... Ophelia's mind went wandering You'd wonder where she'd gone Through secret doors Down corridors She'd wander them alone All alone... “Ophelia” by Natalie Merchant

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