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Company and Product Overview An Introduction to BEA and Our Products.

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1 Company and Product Overview An Introduction to BEA and Our Products

2 Company Founded February 1965 Leading Manufacturer of Presence & Motion Detection Sensors For the Automatic Door Industry Worldwide Representation Parent Company Halma Holdings Market Capitalization $1.5B Over 3,000 Employees

3 Global BEA USAEuropeChinaJapanBrazil Pittsburgh, PA Los Angeles, CA Liege, BelgiumBeijing Hong Kong Shangai TokyoRio de Janeiro

4 BEA Product Segments Pedestrian –Products for High Energy Pedestrian Doors, including Sliding Doors, Swinging Doors and Revolving Doors Low Energy –Products for Low Speed (low energy) automated handicap accessible entrances Industrial –Products for automated Industrial Entrances (high speed and low speed rolling doors, gates, automated freezer doors, loading docks and specialty factory access areas) Security –Entrance security solutions for Employee Entrances, Retail Secured Doors, Industrial Secured Doors, Warehouse Entrances, Access Control Points and Interlocked Clean room entrances

5 BEA World Class Support Sales Support - Pre and Post Sales - US, Canada, and Mexico 24 / 7 Technical Support - BEA will support all your customers - 800 number on every product sold National Distribution - East and West coast stocking warehouse - 99% same day shipping

6 Security & Access Control Products As of October 2011

7 Low Energy Products Works with low energy operators Push Plates for activation Hard wired and wireless REX buttons Adds safety to low energy doors

8 Low Energy Products Wide range of standard and specialty mounting options Wireless RF transmission Touchless activation for clean/sterile applications Single units or package options

9 Security Products Exit Sensors (PIR) Logic Modules Maglocks (indoor & outdoor applications) Push Plates, REX Buttons and Key Switch Products MS08U “Magic Switch” hands free wave to open Wireless Interconnects RF 300/390/433 MHz available

10 Push Plates - Round 6” round Text only, text & logo, plain, logo only 4.5” round Text only, text & logo, plain, logo only Weather ring available Surface mount and flush mount boxes

11 Push Plates - Square 6” square Text only, text & logo, plain, logo only 4.75” square Text only, text & logo, plain, logo only 4.5” square Text only, text & logo, plain, logo only

12 Push Plates - Additional Single gang – 2.75” by 4.5” Text & logo, logo only, plain Vestibule push plate Low profile pharmaceutical plate Combo plate (push plate & key switch products) PBS Brass series Text & logo bright brass plated Text & logo satin brass plated Panther Plates – NEMA 4, (plate, box and 433MHz transmitter) 4.75” round, 6” round, 4.75” square

13 Push Plates - JAMB PBJ Series 1.5” by 4.75” Text only, text & logo, plain, logo only PBJM Series 1.5” by 4.75” Text & logo, logo only PBJMS Series 1.75” by 4.5” (hardwired only) Text & logo, logo only

14 Push Plates – LPR36 Height: Overall 39”, Activation area: 36” Width: Overall 6”, Activation area 6” Low Profile 1” Depth Can be activated from any angle.

15 LPR36 – What is it? Knowing act device Low-profile, hi-low touch activation Provides easy access with one touch anywhere on the entire 36” x 6” stainless steel surface –Capable of being activated from any angle by disabled persons

16 LPR36 – Why do we use it? Common applications –Schools –Universities –Hospitals –Rehabilitation Centers Any facility where accessibility needs are increased Exceeds California Building Code –Section 1117B.6 Exceeds Ontario Building Code –Section A- (17) –Section A-

17 Push Plate Packages Push Plate 1: includes (1) plate, (1) mounting box, (1) transmitter, (1) receiver Push Plate 2: includes (2) plate, (2) mounting box, (2) transmitter, (1) receiver Push Plate 3: includes (1) JAMB plate, (1) mounting box, (1) transmitter, (1) receiver Push Plate 4: includes (2) JAMB plate, (2) mounting box, (2) transmitter, (1) receiver Panther 1: includes (1) any style panther push plate, (1) 433MHz receiver Panther 2: includes (2) any style panther push plate, (1) 433MHz receiver Vestibule Package: includes (1) vestibule plate with mounting box, (2) round or square plates, (2) mounting boxes, (4) 3V 433MHz transmitters, (2) 433MHZ receiver

18 Bollards Available in Black, Bronze and Silver 41 ½” H x 6 ¼” W x 4 ¼” D Powder-coated carbon steel (inside & out) Push plate options: 4 ½, 4 ¾ square, 4 ½ round & vestibule plate ABS plastic cap for wireless transmission

19 600 lb single and double 1200 lb single and double L&Z Brackets, filler bars, spacers & U-brackets (glass door installs) UL/CUL listed, 0-90 seconds hold open timer, LED for bond status, door position relay, lifetime warranty, 12/24V DC field selectable 1200 lb multi-use Maglock Nema 4 rated, weather resistant housing, 12/24V DC With conduit fitting for face mount, without conduit fitting for side mount Magnetic Locks

20 Delayed Egress Maglock System UL listed Delayed Egress Kit – signage, sounder, lock, resettable keyswitch Built-in sensor detects when pressure is applied to the door 12/24V DC auto sensing Built-in Security Condition Sensor (SCS) 1200 lb holding force Field selectable to meet a large variety of building codes

21 PIR – Passive Infrared (Fly Kit) 12/24V AC/DC, mounting angles 0 to 180 degrees Request to exit applications for manual and automatic doors Push to exit button Illuminated in Green or Blue 12/24V DC input voltage Single gang stainless steel Keyswitches products 3 styles: Single gang, Jamb & Combo Plate Momentary or maintained contact, stainless steel Additional Products

22 Br3 – Programmable 3 relay logic module –Key Security functions highlighted Used to sequence locking device release with auto operators. Used to sequence locking device release with auto operator and additional output for alarm connection. Security man trap functions. Wet and dry inputs/outputs 12/24V AC/DC Built in surge suppression Only module you’ll need on your truck 10 Simple Timer, 0 to 60 second time delay 11 Ratchet, Push to open-Push to close 21 Inhibitor with Door Position Input, Approach sensor inhibit for Knowing Act 22 2 Relay Sequence Inhibitor with Door Position Input, Approach sensor inhibit with Make and Break for Knowing Act 25 2 Relay Sequence, Make and Break Delay Module for locking devices 28 2 Relay Sequence with Door Position Input, MC25 function with the ability to reactivate door at any portion of door cycle. 29 Relay 1 Deactivation Timer, MC25 Function with the ability to delay locking device until fully closed position. 35 3 Relay Sequence, One-way vestibule sequence with make and break for locking devices. 50 Interlock Timer with Door Position Inputs, Security Man Trap– Sally Port 55 Interlock Ratchet with Door Position Inputs, Push to Open- Push to Close Security Man Trap/Sally Port 65 2 Way, 2 Relay Sequence, 2-Way vestibule sequencer

23 Additional Products Keypads – indoor and outdoor versions 4 independent outputs, 4 independent timers Keypad programmable, 120 individual user codes 12/24V AC/DC MS08 - Touchless “Magic” Switch Microwave motion sensor used as a ‘contact free’ activation switch Doppler radar technology allows for use in sterile environments, clean rooms, hospitals, food processing plants, etc Pattern depth from 4 to 24 inches Available in single & double gang face plates White, Black and Cream

24 RF – Wireless Communication BEA offers three radio frequencies: 300 MHz, 390 MHz & 433 MHz 300MHz: Analog radio control, transmitters and receivers connected through dip switch settings. Over 1,000 unique codes. Hand held 1, 2 and 4 button options. 390 MHz: Digital radio control, transmitters and receiver is set up with a ‘learn code’ button. Hand held versions or prewired flag connectors plug directly to the BEA push plates. Up to 7 transmitters per receiver. 433MHz: Digital radio control operates with a unique rolling code for each activation. Multiple applications built into the receiver such as vestibule sequencing and ratchet relay with delay or no delay. Up to 100 transmitters per receiver.

25 Safety on Low Energy Doors Automatic door industry data reports over 150,000 low energy operators shipped annually and are typically installed to meet the minimum requirements of ANSI 156.19 – add an option for safety on every quote – Your competition is !! BEA recommends installing, at minimum, a door-mounted Superscan on the approach side of the door which allows for reactivation during the closing cycle. Protects elderly, disabled or slower moving people from a closing door. Reduce damage when moving objects through door Save energy by reducing door hold open time

26 Safety & Shorter Hold Time Knowing Act Low Energy Door –Safety is important! Hold open set to minimum of 5 sec. –Sensor sees wheel chair and re- activates –Regular traffic clears threshold within 5 sec. –Without sensor, typically 14 sec. hold time required Safety HVAC Reduction / Energy Costs CO2 Emissions Reduction Superscan I

27 Safety on Low Energy Doors Superscan I Focused active infrared technology provides safety on a moving door; including swinging, bi-folding, revolving, and low energy doors. Unique design allows the Superscan to be mounted at the top of the door, eliminating damage from shopping carts and hospital beds. 12/24V AC/DC Perfect addition for added safety and energy savings. Superscan can be cut to fit any door width.

28 R. K. Security Distributors Support Contacts BEA Technical Support 800-523-2462

29 Questions ?? Call Joe or Mark for any pre & post sales questions. Call or send us an email for a BEA catalog and a current price list. Thanks for using BEA solutions !!

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