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WS-RF TCFeb 2005 F2F 1 WS-RF Technical Committee Feb 2005 Face-to-face Agenda.

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1 WS-RF TCFeb 2005 F2F 1 WS-RF Technical Committee Feb 2005 Face-to-face Agenda

2 WS-RF TCFeb 2005 F2F 2 Agenda – Wednesday 2 nd 13:00 - Opening remarks, welcome, set up - Chairs (45 mins) –Roll call –Approve last telecon minutes –Review Action items from last telecon –Call for AOB for this F2F (Dinner tonight?) 13:30 - Follow-on planning - Chairs –Set up date and location for next F2F. –Can most folks make the week beginning May 16? Is so, where? –Roadmap for committee drafts of WS-Resource, WSRF-RP, WSRF-RL, WSRF-BF –App Notes and Primer –Interop planning 14:00 Issue resolution - Chairs (Rest of day) –Objective is to close down WS-Resource, RP, RL and BF 18:00 - Close

3 WS-RF TCFeb 2005 F2F 3 Action items (MartinC): Write a clarification of the requirement for issue 64. (Post Schema Validation) –(Carried fwd from 29th Nov.) In progress, carry until Face-to-face. (Bryan) Move issues WSRF 86, 87, 88 to open. –Done. (Interop Testers) Confirm implementations, outlook for availability & contact names via mail list. –Carry fwd until next call. (Bryan) Move issue 66 to ‘deferred’, issue 68 to ‘resolved’. –Done (Charis) Carry forward discussion of issues WSRF72, 64, 79.

4 WS-RF TCFeb 2005 F2F 4 Issues Agenda See Jan 27 IssuePriorities list. – IssuePriorities_27Jan2005.doc Common editorial –WSRF86: WSRF specs need to include the faults from WS-RAP (Resource Unknown) in their portTypes –WSRF89: Document-literal serialization –WSRF92: Update examples to be compliant with the recent version of WS-Addressing WS-Resource related –WSRF77: Clarification needed in WS-Resource embodiment for WSDL (section 3.4) –WSRF91: Resource Access Pattern reaction to the removal of ReferenceProperties

5 WS-RF TCFeb 2005 F2F 5 Issues Agenda – Cont. WSRF-RP related –WSRF55: Define a topic for notifications on the change of any resource property –WSRF64: Post Schema Validation Infoset (PSVI) –WSRF72: Add operation PutResourcePropertiesDocument –WSRF79/ WSRF88: portType composition and properties document rules of assembly –WSRF83: Value change notification clarification

6 WS-RF TCFeb 2005 F2F 6 Issues Agenda – Cont. WSRF-RL related –WSRF19: Allow relative time (duration) in addition to absolute time for TerminationTime property –WSRF57: CurrentTime and TerminationTime types not consistently used by other WSDL/schema –WSRF63: Which lifetime attributes (ala OGSI) should be specified for resource properties –WSRF78: Should resource lifetime require WS- Resource –WSRF85: The WS-ResourceLifetime WSDL portType needs to contain the attribute to refer to the resource properties document –WSRF87: InitialTerminationTime in Add method needs to have stronger guarantee

7 WS-RF TCFeb 2005 F2F 7 Issues Agenda – Cont. WSRF-BF related –WSRF28: ErrorCode element comes close to having platform dependencies –WSRF90: OriginatorReference is ambiguous Model level –WSRF22: QNames as attribute values or text nodes is problematic with signatures/encryption and intermediaries –WSRF37: Version compatibility and specification evolution –WSRF39: Consider creating a WSDL 2.0 rendering –WSRF62: Should the WS-RF specifications be WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 compliant?

8 WS-RF TCFeb 2005 F2F 8 Agenda – Thursday 3 rd 8:30am - App Notes Review (Katy Warr) –Katy to lead review of AppNotes document. 9:30 - Issue resolution – (Chairs) –Continued. 11:00 – oBIX: Introduction and discussion of scenarios (Toby Considine) –Toby is the chair of the oBIX TC. oBIX's goal is to develop enterprise web services interfaces to building control systems e.g. HVAC, Access Control, Surveillance, Elevators, Automatic doors,... oBIX appears to have much in common with WSDM and may be able to leverage WS- RF directly or through WSDM. The purpose of this session is for Toby to introduce the technology and for an informal discussion on potential use of WS-RF. Noon - Lunch (30 mins) 12:30 - Issue resolution – (Chairs) –Continued. 18:00 – Close

9 WS-RF TCFeb 2005 F2F 9 Agenda – Friday 4 th 8:30 – Revisit requirements for reference renewal (Chairs) –A proposal for reference renewal was discussed at the Oct F2F: http://www.oasis- Resource%20reference%20renewal.ppt http://www.oasis- Resource%20reference%20renewal.ppt –The question arose – do we still consider this should be an output of the TC or should we de-scope the charter? The original requirement arose from the desire to map all the function described in OGSI 1.0. The OGSA Naming Design Team produced a document, in Dec 2004, related to aspects of “Naming” in OGSA which states, in its introduction: “This document serves a second purpose in providing input to the OASIS/WSRF TC with respect to requirements for the proposed Renewable References specification”“ – ref: http://www.oasis- naming_December-13-2004.dochttp://www.oasis- naming_December-13-2004.doc –This session considers that document and decides whether to continue to own this problem or not.Noon - Lunch (30 mins) 9:00 - Issue resolution – (Chairs) –Continued. Noon - Close

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