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Origins of U.S. Govt. Ms. Ramos. Origins of US Government dtewhey/webquest/colonial/13_Colonies_Map.gif.

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1 Origins of U.S. Govt. Ms. Ramos

2 Origins of US Government dtewhey/webquest/colonial/13_Colonies_Map.gif 2005/amrev/declaration_of_independence.jpg we-the-people-us-constitution.jpg Ms. Ramos

3 English Influences Lmtd gov Magna Carta Representative gov English Bill of Rights Ms. Ramos

4 Lmtd gov: –gov pwrs are restricted and individuals’ rights are protected –13 th Century UK Ms. Ramos

5 Magna Carta 1215 –Protected nobles from arbitrary acts by king –1 st attempt to limit absolute pwr monarchy Ms. Ramos

6 Representative Gov –policies are made by officials accountable to people who elected them –17 th Century England –Parliament House of Lords House of Commons Ms. Ramos

7 English Bill of Rights 1688 Free elections No cruel and unusual punishment Rights of citizens-fair and speedy trial _Bill_of_Rights_of_1689.jpg Ms. Ramos

8 Early Colonial Gov Royal Colonies Proprietary Colonies Charter Colonies Subject to direct control of monarchy Given land and power to govern by the king. Powers connected directly to the colonies Ms. Ramos

9 Jamestown 1 st permanent English settlement Property rights Blog_Photos/hiresJamestownGoldUncObv.jpg Ms. Ramos

10 Problems & Unity 1763 –French and Indian War –UK believed Colonies should help pay for protection- taxes –Colonies disapproved Ms. Ramos

11 Colonial Boycotts er/leahy/2005/amrev/izzy_stamp_act.jpg Ms. Ramos

12 Stamp Act 1765 Boston Massacre 1770 Boston Tea Party 1773 Intolerable Acts 1774 –Tax on all printed material –British Soldiers fired upon angry colonists protesting taxes 5 killed –Protested Tea Monopoly –Dumped tea into the harbor –Reaction to the Boston Tea Party Ms. Ramos

13 Colonial Reaction Continental Congress –First – 1774 Boycott of British goods Sent a Declaration of Rights –Second – 1775 Battle of Lexington and Concord Declaration of Independence – 1776 war/political/continental-congress.jpg Ms. Ramos

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