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Lawrenceville Elementary School

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1 Lawrenceville Elementary School
Back to School Night 2013 Lawrenceville Elementary School Ms. Charlotte Lucey Third Grade

2 Our Class William Alena Monet Mobley Shubham Bhayana Robert Pisano
Sonia Chakraborty Lola Sarno Adam Chihoub Angeni Shahi Terran Chow Katherine Steinmeier Emerson Dalton Maggie Tran Estefan LaCasse Vedhas Vinod Jamar Lane Caleb Wisniewski Marcos Lopez Brooke Zevon


4 Common Core State Standards
Mathematics- In a nutshell, the standards focus on four main areas: Multiplication and division Fractions (especially unit fractions) Rectangular arrays and area Describing and analyzing two-dimensional shapes

5 Common Core State Standards
Reading Standards Key ideas and details Craft and Structure Integration of knowledge and ideas Reading Standards: Foundational Skills Phonics and word recognition Fluency Writing Standards Text type and purposes Production and distribution of writing Research to build present knowledge Range of writing

6 Common Core State Standards
Language Standards Conventions of standard English Knowledge of language Vocabulary acquisition and use Speaking and Listening Standards Comprehension and Collaboration Presentation of knowledge

7 Curriculum Highlights
***IXL, Fast Facts Go Math Addition and Subtraction within 1,000 Represent and Interpret Data Understand Multiplication Multiplication Facts and Strategies Use Multiplication Facts Understand Division Division Facts and Strategies Understand Fractions Compare Fractions Time, Length, Liquid Volume, and Mass Perimeter and Area Two-Dimensional Shapes

8 Curriculum Highlights
Language arts- Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journeys (6 units) Whole group reading Small group leveled reading Phonics Target skills/strategies Spelling- Word Study Handwriting- three times weekly, focusing on 4S (size, slant, spacing, shape) Writing- Writing Fundamentals (4 units)

9 Curriculum Highlights
Science- hands-on, inquiry based learning Human Body- focus on bones, joints, and muscles and how they interact Earth Materials- develop an understanding of earth materials including rocks and minerals Water- observe and explore properties of water in liquid and solid states Social Studies Houghton Mifflin- Communities 6 units- Community and Geography, America’s Early Communities, People Move from Place to Place, Community Government, Making Economic Choices, Celebrating People and Cultures

10 Homework Helps to build time management skills
Reinforces concepts students learn in school Establishes a link between students, parents, and teachers Teaches students to be responsible and work independently

11 Homework Reading Log- 15-20 minutes each night
Spelling- sentences/paragraph using spelling words Time For Kids (TFK)- social studies/science connection Mathematics- 2 workbook pages per night Reading, spelling, and TFK due by Friday

12 Let Me Learn “through metacognitive awareness and self-discovery, students can become more confident and successful learners”- LML Facilitator’s Guide Sequence, Precision, Technical Reasoning, Confluence Learn our patterns and develop strategies to help work through challenging assignments

13 Our Blog Blog! Permission slips Blog Captain

14 Additional Information
Birthdays Field Trips Churchville Nature Center Sandy Hook CAREKIDS- Mrs. Jensen Homeroom parents Halloween Winter party End of Year

15 Contact Me! Call: x6277 Drop in: Tuesday 3:40-5:30 Send a note with your child

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