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Back to School Night 2013 Lawrenceville Elementary School Ms. Charlotte Lucey Third Grade 2013-2014.

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1 Back to School Night 2013 Lawrenceville Elementary School Ms. Charlotte Lucey Third Grade 2013-2014

2 Our Class O William Alena O Shubham Bhayana O Sonia Chakraborty O Adam Chihoub O Terran Chow O Emerson Dalton O Estefan LaCasse O Jamar Lane O Marcos Lopez O Monet Mobley O Robert Pisano O Lola Sarno O Angeni Shahi O Katherine Steinmeier O Maggie Tran O Vedhas Vinod O Caleb Wisniewski O Brooke Zevon


4 Common Core State Standards O Mathematics- O In a nutshell, the standards focus on four main areas: O Multiplication and division O Fractions (especially unit fractions) O Rectangular arrays and area O Describing and analyzing two-dimensional shapes

5 Common Core State Standards O Reading Standards O Key ideas and details O Craft and Structure O Integration of knowledge and ideas O Reading Standards: Foundational Skills O Phonics and word recognition O Fluency O Writing Standards O Text type and purposes O Production and distribution of writing O Research to build present knowledge O Range of writing

6 Common Core State Standards O Language Standards O Conventions of standard English O Knowledge of language O Vocabulary acquisition and use O Speaking and Listening Standards O Comprehension and Collaboration O Presentation of knowledge

7 Curriculum Highlights O Go Math O Addition and Subtraction within 1,000 O Represent and Interpret Data O Understand Multiplication O Multiplication Facts and Strategies O Use Multiplication Facts O Understand Division O Division Facts and Strategies O Understand Fractions O Compare Fractions O Time, Length, Liquid Volume, and Mass O Perimeter and Area O Two-Dimensional Shapes ***IXL, Fast Facts

8 Curriculum Highlights O Language arts- O Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journeys (6 units) O Whole group reading O Small group leveled reading O Phonics O Target skills/strategies O Spelling- Word Study O Handwriting- three times weekly, focusing on 4S (size, slant, spacing, shape) O Writing- Writing Fundamentals (4 units)

9 Curriculum Highlights O Science- hands-on, inquiry based learning O Human Body- focus on bones, joints, and muscles and how they interact O Earth Materials- develop an understanding of earth materials including rocks and minerals O Water- observe and explore properties of water in liquid and solid states O Social Studies O Houghton Mifflin- Communities O 6 units- Community and Geography, America’s Early Communities, People Move from Place to Place, Community Government, Making Economic Choices, Celebrating People and Cultures

10 Homework O Helps to build time management skills O Reinforces concepts students learn in school O Establishes a link between students, parents, and teachers O Teaches students to be responsible and work independently

11 Homework O Reading Log- 15-20 minutes each night O Spelling- sentences/paragraph using spelling words O Time For Kids (TFK)- social studies/science connection O Mathematics- 2 workbook pages per night O Reading, spelling, and TFK due by Friday

12 Let Me Learn O “through metacognitive awareness and self- discovery, students can become more confident and successful learners”- LML Facilitator’s Guide O Sequence, Precision, Technical Reasoning, Confluence O Learn our patterns and develop strategies to help work through challenging assignments

13 Our Blog O Blog! Blog! O Permission slips O Blog Captain

14 Additional Information O Birthdays O Field Trips O Churchville Nature Center O Sandy Hook O CAREKIDS- Mrs. Jensen O Homeroom parents O Halloween O Winter party O End of Year

15 Contact Me! O Call: 609.671.5570 x6277 O Email: O Drop in: Tuesday 3:40-5:30 O Send a note with your child

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