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RI Workshop: Tools for TCE Substitution

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1 RI Workshop: Tools for TCE Substitution
Hands-On Training from the TURI Lab Jason Marshall – Laboratory Director Heidi Wilcox – Research Associate March 14, 2008 CCRI-Warwick Knight Campus Warwick, RI Funding from EPA Region 1

2 Workshop Agenda 8:30 - 9:00 Registration and Refreshments
9: :05 Introduction & Overview 9: :15 Choosing an Alternative 9: :25 Past TCE Work 9: :35 Success Stories from RI 9: :15 Other Resources Available 10: :20 Break 10: :25 Hands-on Cleaning 12: :30 Next Steps

3 Introduction & Overview

4 TURI-Lab
Information on cleaning basics Past projects Capabilities of lab Future workshops - projects Database link

5 Choosing an Alternative
Don’t shift the risk From worker to environment OR From environment to worker Ex. Replacing flammable solvent with a ozone depleting chemical Want to select a product that is safer for one or the other Would be best if safer for both

6 What are Indicators at TURI’s Lab?
The lab uses five criteria for screening products Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Global Warming Potential (GWPs) Ozone Depletion Potential (ODPs) Hazardous Material Information System/ National Fire Protection Association (HMIS/NFPA) pH

7 Why These Five Indicators?
Worker Health & Safety VOC, HMIS, pH Environmental Safety VOC, GWP, ODP, pH

8 Guidelines VOC content (g/l) GWP Values ODP Values 0-24 Good 25-49
50-74 Okay 75-99 Fair 300 Poor >350 GWP Values GWP = 0 Good GWP = 1 (CO2) Okay All others = Poor ODP Values ODP = 0 Good All others = Poor

9 HMIS/NFPA Point Assessment
Guidelines pH 0-1.0 Poor Fair Okay Good 13-14 HMIS/NFPA Point Assessment H-0 F-0 R-0 Good H-0 F-0 R-1, H-0 F-1 R-0 H-1 F-1 R-0, H-2 F-0 R-0 H-1 F-1 R-1, H-2 F-1 R-0 Okay H-3 F-0 R-0 Poor H-2 F-2 R-0, H-1 F-2 R-1  H-1 F-3 R-0 H-2 F-2 R-1 Fair H-1 F-3 R-1, H-2 F-3 R-0 H-2 F-2 R-2  H-3 F-3 R-0  H-3 F-3 R-1, H-3 F-3 R-2

10 Example Screening Values
Product Name Indicator Value Comments Perchloroethylene VOC 1620g/l Poor GWP Good ODP HMIS H 2 HMIS F Okay HMIS R pH NA Solvent Alkaline Aqueous Product Name Indicator Value Comments Brulin Formula 815 GD VOC 1.1 g/l Good GWP ODP HMIS H 1 HMIS F HMIS R pH 11.6 Okay

11 Find a Safer, Effective Alternative
CleanerSolutions Database Used to identify safer and effective products Safety Scores VOC, ODP, GWP, HMIS/NFPA, pH Matching Performance Contaminant, substrate, equipment, current solvent

12 CleanerSolutions How it works -

13 Search

14 Results

15 Past TCE Work TURA Work in MA EPA Grant in MA EPA Funding in RI

16 TURA Work in MA SSL Testing (1993-2003)
Worked with 21 companies trying to replace TCE in cleaning applications A wide range of industries were represented Aircraft Electronics General Mfr Metal working Optical Plating

17 Contaminants Removed Conducted over 100 experiments
11 Contaminant types Abrasives Buffing Compounds Coatings Fluxes Grease Inks Paints Cutting Fluids Lubricants Oils Waxes

18 Previous Testing for TCE Replacement
Abrasive 1 Company in semi-conductor industry Ceramics parts for a company that manufactures parts for the Buffing compound 2 Companies Metal working shop Light manufacturer Brass and silver parts Coatings 1 Company - tool manufacturing Steel surfaces Immersion

19 Previous Testing for TCE Replacement (cont.)
Flux 1 company manufactured brass bellows Flux removal Grease 2 Companies Musical instrument manufacture Tool maker Brass, ceramics & steel parts Immersion and/or ultrasonic energy

20 Previous Testing for TCE Replacement (cont.)
Paint/Ink 2 companies Ceramic capacitor/electronics manufacturer Tool maker Plastic bottles and steel pieces Immersion Oil 8 companies Steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and ceramics Immersion, ultrasonic and mechanical agitation Wax 4 companies Electronics Metal working Aluminum, brass, ceramics, copper, glass and steel surfaces Manual wiping, immersion and /or ultrasonic energy

21 Summary of Alternatives Testing to TCE
21 Vendors 44 Products 11 Product Types Class # of Products Alkaline Aqueous 23 Caustic 1 Ester 3 HCFC Neutral Aqueous 2 Organic Petroleum Distillate Semi-Aqueous Terpene 5 Terpene-Organic Terpene-Semi-Aqueous

22 EPA Grant to Replace TCE & Chlorinated Solvents
Two year grant Conducted with MA Office of Technical Assistance Help small companies move away from TCE & chlorinated solvents in vapor degreasing Work focused on drop-in substitutes Due to capital investment of large closed looped systems Gathered EH&S data for TCE and other chlorinated solvents The chemical classes of the substitutes for comparisons Article in Process Cleaning Magazine on Drop In Alternatives Sept/Oct issue

23 SSL Testing ( ) 8 companies trying to replace TCE/ Chlorinated Solvents in cleaning applications Six joint site visits by OTA and TURI Two site visits by TURI A wide range of industries are represented by these companies Aircraft Electronics-Ceramic Jewelry Metal working job shops Tool Capacitors Wire & Cable

24 Contaminants Removed Conducted over 70 experiments 8 Contaminant types
Buffing Coating Grease Ink/Paint Mold Release/Silicone Oil Resin/Rosin Waxes

25 Testing for TCE/Chlorinated Solvent Replacement
Buffing compound Removal had been conducted for brass parts for ornament industry Coating Cleaning trials conducted for a metal job shop and a tool manufacturer Grease Testing performed for the electronic/ceramics manufacturer Ink/Paint Trials run for the electronic/ceramics manufacturer and the tool mfr

26 Testing for TCE/Chlorinated Solvent Replacement
Mold Release/Silicone Worked with a wire and cable manufacturer Oil Testing conducted for a jewelry manufacturer, a capacitor company, aircraft component manufacturer and the tool manufacturer Resin/Rosin Worked with a wire & cable manufacturer Waxes Testing performed for the electronic/ceramics manufacturer

27 EPA Funding in RI 2006-8 Workshop Fall 2006 Second Grant 2007-8
Worked with 13 companies On-site testing for 6 Second Grant Worked with 4 so far Plus all of you…

28 Success Stories from RI
Types of Parts Cleaned IRA Green Three A’s

29 RI Parts Cleaned Alternative Tested Parts Cleaned Part description
Contaminant removed Process US Polychem Corporation Polyspray Jet 790 XS Brass bracket Buffing compound Ultrasonic Brass rifle pin Thin brass buckle

30 RI Parts Cleaned US Polychem Corporation Polyspray Jet 790 XS
Brass dog tags Buffing compound Ultrasonic Carbon Steel dog tags

31 RI Parts Cleaned US Polychem Corporation Polyspray Jet 790 XS
Brass belt buckle Buffing compound Ultrasonic Alconox Inc Detergent 8 Hubbard Hall Inc Ultrasoak 127 Brass Army pins Low Pressure Spray; Ultrasonic

32 RI Parts Cleaned Hubbard Hall Inc Ultrasoak 127 Brass Army pins
Buffing compound Low Pressure Spray; Ultrasonic Alconox Inc Detergent 8 US Polychem Corporation Polyspray Jet 790 XS Brass U.S. Army pins

33 RI Parts Cleaned Micro Care Heavy Duty Degreser C Brass Parts
Buffing compound Vapor Degreasing Kyzen Corporation Metalnox M6960 DuPont Vertrel XP 10 Petroferm Inc Lenium CP Warren Chemical Company Sea Wash Blue Steel Parts Oil Ultrasonics US Polychem Corporation Polyspray Jet 790 XS Nickel, Chrome

34 RI Parts Cleaned Bio Chem Systems Bio T Max Stainless steel parts
Buffing Compound Ultrasonics Solsafe 245 Dynamold Solvents Inc DS 104 Kyzen Corporation Optisolv OP 7168 Solvent Kleene Inc D Greeze 500 LO

35 Ira Green - Background 270 employees - Products consist of metal pieces for the DoD Military unaware of TCE use in metal finishing operations Used 12,500 pounds of TCE in 2004 When EPA contacted Ira Green, the company was very close to exceeding permit limitations Already had enforcement action against them by the RI DEM 2003 and 2004

36 Ira Green – Finding an Alternative
EPA collected parts for TURI to test Set up a test tank in Ira Green’s facility Determined that alternative solution works as well as TCE TURI provided free gallon of alternative solution

37 Ira Green Summary One product line completely converted to aqueous cleaning Installed additional soap cleaning tanks in plating area Have done enough hands on shop floor testing to know they can effectively clean % of all products Now working through the logistics, material handling, and queue/work in process issues to make a total conversion Critical to process Clean as soon as possible after polishing Very concerned about drying, watermarks or staining

38 Contact Ira Green Gary Eich x113

39 Three A’s - Background Small, family-owned job shop – 4 employees
Owner wanted to stop using TCE because of associated health risks Used approximately 55 gallons (~690 pounds)/ year at a cost of about $1000

40 Three A’s – Finding an Alternative
EPA collected parts for TURI to test Needed to find an alternative process that would maintain an antique finish on metal parts An alternative was found that will allow Three A’s to retrofit current degreaser with an immersible transducer, saving money on equipment costs Switched to a Steam Cleaner Eliminating TCE from their plant

41 Contact Three A’s Alfred Mekuto III
930 Plainfield St, Johnston, RI 02919

42 Overall TCE Reduction All Companies from 1993-2008 RI 2006-7 RI 2007-8
Used 297,300 lbs Reduced 195,200 lbs 66% RI Used 24,500 lbs Estimated reduction 12,500 lbs 51% reduction RI Used 16,500 lbs Estimated reduction 11,100 lbs 67% reduction

43 Other Resources Available
RI DEM NBC RI DoH EPA How-to-Guide nPB information DoD

44 Grab some coffee while we get set up for the fun stuff…
Break Grab some coffee while we get set up for the fun stuff…

45 Hands-on Cleaning Product Selection Based On
Contaminant removal Substrate compatibility Equipment compatibility Use or Vendor Literature

46 Successful Products Previously Tested
Buffing Compound Magnaflux Daraclean 283 US Polychemical Polyspray Jet 790 XS Oakite Inproclean 3800 Buckeye XL 100 Matchless Metal Polish Co. MC 132 Matchless Metal Polish Co. Buffclean 14L, 125L and 175 Alconox Detergent 8 Magnaflux Daraclean Kx 43 Oils Magnaflux Daraclean 283 US Polychemical Polyspray Jet 790 XS Oakite Inproclean 3800 Brulin Aquavantage 1400 International Products Surface Cleanse 930 Warren Chemical Sea Wash Blue

47 Testing Process Establish Baseline Test the Alternatives
Measure how effective your current process is Compare the alternatives Test the Alternatives Dilutions to use Hot or cold Equipment Time Rinsing Drying

48 Four Phases of Process Phase 1 Testing Chemistry Only
No mechanical energy Phase 2 Add Mechanical Energy Use best cleaners

49 Four Phases of Process Phase 3 Piloting – Lab Setting
Clean supplied parts using best products Phase 4 Piloting On-site Set up cleaning process at your facility and compare directly with current process

50 Next Steps Sign up for lab testing Sign up for on-site testing
Arrange for soils and part pickup Sign up for on-site testing Schedule a visit with TURI

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