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North Carolina District Royal Rangers Continuous Learning Module 23 Jan, 2014

2 General Adult Training
NC ADULT TRAINING General Adult Training

3 NC ADULT TRAINING Feb 21-22 Fort Myers, FL
NRMC – National Rangers Ministry Camp May Kenly, NC Discount Deadline: Mar 30 Jun 6-8 Forestburgh, NY Aug Payson, AZ Aug Goodlettsville, TN Sep 5-7 Whiteford, MD Sep Crestwood, KY Oct 3-5 Wamic, OR NEEC – National Elementary Education Conference May 2-3 Pittsfield, MA May Estes Park, CO Oct Waxahachie, TX WCO – World Class Outpost Seminar Feb Fort Myers, FL Feb Okeechobee, FL Apr Murfreesboro, TN May Montgomery, AL May Dublin, VA Aug 8-9 Fort Meade, FL

4 NC ADULT TRAINING NA – National Academy Sep 10-14 Eagle Rock, MO
NAA – National Advanced Academy Sep Eagle Rock, MO JBEI – Johnnie Barnes Excellence in Leadership and Ministry Initiative Jan Harrisonburg, PA Apr 4-5 Kansas City, KS

5 NC ADULT TRAINING Online Classes ( Ranger Safety
Outpost Chaplaincy Preventing Child & Substance Abuse Outpost Coordinator Working with Boys with Disabilities Frontiersman Camping Fellowship Classes Available from Local Certified Instructors Royal Ranger Orientation Classroom Management (2013) Discipleship 1 (2013) Discipleship 2 (2011) Ranger Kids Activities (2011) RK Skills (2011) RK Day Camps (2011 DR/AR Activities (2013) ER Activities (2011) Presentation Skills (2011) Your Legacy (2011) NC District Modules

6 BOY SCOUT TRANSITONS Adult Leaders – must meet the same criteria as current Royal Rangers leaders & enroll and complete the Outpost Leaders Advancement Levels. Entire Unit Transition – church must meet current chartering requirements. Uniforms – Royal Rangers uniforms are to be used. BSA patches are not to be worn on RR uniforms.

7 Advancements –To help Boy Scouts transition into Royal Rangers,
BOY SCOUT TRANSITONS Advancements –To help Boy Scouts transition into Royal Rangers, credit for each Scout merit earned Will be credited toward advancement in Royal Rangers as elective silver skill merits. This will also be true when a young man has earned A Boy Scout merit Royal Rangers does not offer. Boy Scout merits can be applied toward Advancement in Adventure Rangers (6th-­‐8th) or Expedition Rangers (9th-­‐12th) at the time He transitions into Royal Rangers. A merit-for merit exchange is not done. Example 1: High school Boy Scout transitions with 6 skill BSA merits. He will receive ‘credit’ for six silver merits. Example 2: One of the merits is the cycling merit. He will not receive the RR cycling merit, just credit for a silver merit. If he later does the requirements for the cycling merit he can receive the RR merit.

8 Cub Scouts & Webelos. Webelos (4th-5th grade) may have their
BOY SCOUT TRANSITONS Example 3: The boy is a middle school student transferring into Adventure Rangers. His merits will be credited as green skill merits. Cub Scouts & Webelos. Webelos (4th-5th grade) may have their activity badges credited for blue skill merits in the Discovery Rangers. No Equivalency exists for Cub Scouts or Tiger Cubs. Venture Scouts. Boys Only. The same transition plan as Boy Scouts. Also a silver merit credit in Expedition Rangers for each of the eight core requirements and/or electives completed.

9 Policy on Time of Transition and Duplicate Requirements
BOY SCOUT TRANSITONS Policy on Time of Transition and Duplicate Requirements When a scout transitions to Royal Rangers, the equivalency (crediting) will ONLY be established at the time he joins, not later or concurrently. This encourages the boy to get on with the Royal Rangers system and not be distracted with prior work. When Royal Rangers requirements are similar to previous work done in the BSA, the young man should be asked to demonstrate their knowledge by repeating duplicate requirements.

10 BIBLE MERITS Bible merits have changed from “named books of the Bible” to “numbered” orange or brown merits. Old way required 24 orange and 24 brown Bible merits. New way requires 12 orange and 12 brown (one per advancement). Three extra orange and brown merits available for “buffalos.”

11 BIBLE MERITS Old way required completion of five lessons from a particular book of the RR Orange/Brown Bible lessons to earn the “named” merit. New way requires completion of eight lessons from a combination of RR Orange/Brown Bible lessons to earn respective “numbered” merit. BIBLE LESSON RECORD Name: ___________________________ OP: ____ LSN-1 LSN-2 LSN-3 LSN-4 LSN-5 LSN-6 LSN-7 LSN-8 Complt’d 1 I Ki-1 1 Ki-2 Da-3 Da-4 Da-5 1-Ch-1 1 Ch-2 VBS Aug 14,’12 2 I Ch-3 1 Ch-5 2 Ki-1 Ro-1 Ro-2 Ro-3 Ro-4 Ro-5 1 Cor-1 1 Cor-3 1 Co-4 1 Co-5 1 Ti-1

12 BIBLE MERITS The commander/leader must keep track of what lessons a Ranger has completed to alleviate repetitions. Name: _______________________________ Op:___ ORANGE BROWN BOOK 1 2 3 4 5 I Kings X Romans Daniel I Cor I Chron Titus 2 Kings x NAVIGATOR can help keep track of lessons. .

13 Junior Leadership Junior Leadership Foundations
Reference Chapter 29 of the Leaders Manual and download JLF from TracClub. Determine local eligibility requirements. Three Requirements: Participate in interview with task Read suggested material Pass a uniform inspection

14 Junior Leadership Positions
Reference Chapters 27 and 28 of the Leaders Manual, handbooks and TracClub.

15 LEADERSHIP MERITS Junior Leadership
Leadership Merits are required for each major advancement level for Discovery, Adventure, and Expedition Rangers.

16 LEADERSHIP MERITS Leadership Merits are part of the requirements for the Trail to the Saber. Earn eight leadership merits of ANY color. Read ALL 72 leadership distinctives (24 per color).

17 LEADERSHIP MERITS Leadership merits are to be taught in the OUTPOST.
Leadership merits may be pre-requisites for a boy to attend certain District Junior Leadership Camps and some action camps.

18 LEADERSHIP MERITS Where is the curriculum located? In the TracClub
What formats are used to teach leadership merits? Weekly Format: Five weekly lessons. Weekend Format: Friday-Saturday or Saturday only. Whatever you need to do to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!


20 RESOURCES Leaders $18.00 Ranger Kids $18.00 Discovery Rangers $31.00
Available at Leaders $18.00 Ranger Kids $18.00 Discovery Rangers $31.00 Adventure Rangers $31.00 Expedition Rangers $31.00

21 RESOURCES Ranger Kids Handbook Royal Rangers Leader Manual –
“Inspire the Journey” Available as an E-Book – Amazon $10.09 – Kindle edition Ranger Kids Handbook Available as an E-Book – Amazon $7.69

22 RESOURCES Discovery Rangers Handbook Adventure Rangers Handbook

23 “A Guy’s Journey to Manhood” RESOURCES - This book is required for the
GMA Capstone project.

24 “Generation iY” “FireBible” “FireBible For Kids” RESOURCES
- Very informative for leaders working with our youth. “FireBible” Youth study Bible with a spirit- filled, pentecostal perspective. “FireBible For Kids” Available as an E-Book – Amazon $7.69 – Kindle edition

25 Trail to the Saber Books
RESOURCES Trail to the Saber Books “A Guy’s Journey to Servant Leadership” (contains 72 distinctives) Available as an E-Book – Amazon $7.99 – Kindle edition “Next Generation Leader” Available as an E-Book – Amazon $9.99 – Kindle edition

26 SERVICE It’s what Rangers Do! Easy start to missions and prayer
A/G – Highlands IPHC – Falcon Children’s Home COG – NC Children’s Home

27 It’s what Rangers Do! Global missions merits SERVICE Required for
Gold Eagle Required for GMA

28 SERVICE It’s what Rangers Do! Missions involvement

29 Frontiersman Camping Fellowship
SERVICE It’s what Rangers Do! Frontiersman Camping Fellowship 50 Hours 100 Hours 150 Hours Gold Pathfinder Trip Silver Bronze

30 What NC Rangers have done!
SERVICE What NC Rangers have done! & will be doing in



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