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Strategic Intelligence, Intelligent Strategy Hanasaari 7.9.2006 Mika Aaltonen Ph.D. (Econ.), Adjunct Professor (Foresight & Complexity)

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1 Strategic Intelligence, Intelligent Strategy Hanasaari Mika Aaltonen Ph.D. (Econ.), Adjunct Professor (Foresight & Complexity)

2 StraX – the research unit for strategic intelligence and exploration of futures -Mika Aaltonen, Head & Chairman of the Board StraX, HUT -Matti Alahuhta, CEO Kone, Chairman IMD, Board Member BT -John L. Casti, President The Kenos Circle -Rolf Jensen, Chief Imagination Officer, Dream Company -Michael S. Loescher, CEO Copernicus Institute -Dave Snowden, Director Cynefin Centre, Editor E:CO

3 Intelligence Mining… ·TimeAdventurers´ Club ·Dream Company, Brandstory, BT Applied Research & Technology, Kaospiloterne, e-Cultura Net… ·AC/UNU Millennium Project ·Peter Bishop, George Gowan, Jerome Glenn, Theodor Gordon, Shinji Matsumoto… ·E:CO ·Peter Allen, Jeffrey Goldstein, David Snowden, Michael Lissack, Bill McKelvey, Gareth Morgan... ·European Regional Foresight College ·Michel Godet, Philippe Destatte, Eleanora Masini... ·The Kenos Circle ·John Naisbitt, John Casti, Robert Prechter, Michael Loescher, Keith Fitz- Gerald, Harry Swain… ·The Royal Society of Arts ·Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawking...

4 Targets ·Seeing things that people did not see before – shift your perspective ·Not to tell what to think, but lure people to think differently – teach people to practice possibilities ·Push the boundaries, the habits and prejudices, to the limits where new ideas have to be put forward ·Complex, uncertain, confusing, even bizarre scenarios/possibilities, and running people through them


6 Planes of Influence ·Terrestrial. Geopolitical domains of air, sea, undersea, and land, as well as physical concentrations of wealth. ·Space. The world of satellites and future space platforms. ·Spectral. Eletromagnetic spectrum, frequency management, and sensing. ·Virtual. The global world of networks and connectivity. ·Psychological. Media and conduits used to influence the hearts and minds of people.

7 Insights ·Starlight: the role and nature of time in analysis ·Sanctuary: the propensity to hide in an open world ·Small stuff: software, bio, nano ·Veracity: the challenge of truth and knowledge ·Herds: people and ideas on move ·Wealth: moving past money ·Power: clout and who or what has it ·A Parallel Universe: from networks to cyber life ·Bedfellows: the significance of teaming

8 Interaction Between Entity and World PASTSPRESENTFUTURES thinking perceptionaction rememberingimaginating

9 Challenges Knowing the changing global strategic landscape Increasing IQ as competitive advantage in the knowledge economy Improving capacity to decide Ubiquitous computer constant decision changes Improving your improvement system Developing strategic consciousness (not just strategic plans) Personal information management

10 IQ as Competitive Advantage (I) ·Responding to feedback - ICT and ubiquitous computing ·Personal Information management, and guessing journals ·Consistency of love and diversity of environment ·Stimulate the brain by being around intelligent people (including in cyberspace too) and playing intellectual games ·Company memes (intelligence is sexy) ·Improved nutrition, studying logic, philosophy, futures research ·Nootropics, brain-computer and other bionic enhancements ·Physical exercises from yoga and martial arts to juggling

11 IQ as Competitive Advantage (II) High Concept: · Detect patterns · Create emotional beauty · Craft satisfying narrative · Combine unrelated ideas High Touch: · Empathize with others · Understand human interaction · Elicit joy in others · Pursuit purpose and meaning

12 Conclusion What was the most important idea that came to your mind?

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